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May 16, 2017
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New Diaphragm Elk Call From!

New Elk Call_800x400

As many of you are aware, I have been working with Kurt at Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls to develop a new diaphragm elk call. It has been a long adventure 6 months in the making, and one that we have both taken very seriously. In fact, I think it is probably safe to say that if Kurt hears me say the word “Matrix” one more time, he might not talk to me ever again! But we are close….in fact, we’ve pretty much nailed down every detail of the call and are making the final tweaks to the manufacturing process to make sure it is the best diaphragm elk call ever. And if you’ve signed up for the University of Elk Hunting Online Course, you know how many details go into creating a diaphragm elk call (frame width, latex thickness, latex stretch, latex color, overall design, manufacturing process, etc.)!

If you’re interested in seeing how this new diaphragm elk call was developed, check out the video below. And be sure to watch to the end, as I’m giving you a chance to win a couple of the new diaphragms way before they are available to purchase!

Now that you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below with your choice for the name of this new diaphragm elk call….

  • Timmy Miller

    Kill all Wolves!!

  • charles buchanan

    Bulging bob
    All star 2
    Elk All star

  • Rich Hevener

    Allows most of us to speak elk fluently.

  • Rich Hevener

    “THE DR. DOOLITTLE”. You can literally talk with the animals. I would understand though if you were not able to call it that due to copyright issues.

  • Eric Hetzler

    Best sounding Elk call I think I have ever heard; sounds like “The Real McCoy!” Although, I’d probably call it “Shatter Dome” because the top notes are ear shattering! Can’t wait to get my hands on one before Archery season starts up in Washington!

  • Devin Dahlke

    Power of Babel, Pied Piper, or Molecular Level, either way, I really want your call! I met some of your friends in Idaho Falls at the Screaming in the Tetons calling contest years ago (I competed against them) The friend was a cop in Orifino. They introduced me to your family’s calls. I love the calls, keep them coming. Its awesome that you implemented the scientific method,

  • Rick Beckman

    Bull Unique

  • Four N Six

    I’m a little late to the discussion so I apologize if these are duplicates.
    If this call is truly the best of the best, then by default it is the pinnacle and should be so named: The Pinnacle.
    If it is not the best then name it: The Pretty Darn Good Elk Call (lol).
    Third, if those two don’t catch your imagination, then perhaps you might consider: The Infinity for its infinite versatility.
    Hope this helps.

  • Kim Grummitt

    Haram Buster

  • Kim Grummitt

    “Can you hear me now”

  • Kim Grummitt

    It’s CJ’s call

  • Is this available yet?

  • Chase Copenhaver

    “Triple Threat”
    “Game Changer”

  • Lance

    If you want people to remember your site and university keep the name of the new diaphragm simple and call it “elk101” diaphragm

  • Ronnie Carr

    Elk101-masters degree

  • Matthew Epperson

    The Monarch.

  • Jim Tilley

    The Widowmaker

  • Brett Cotten

    Kit N Caboodle
    Single Shebang
    One N Done
    Specialized Expression
    Elk Lingo

  • Paul Kraus

    Elk Spirit Persuader (ESP) because you’re persuading the mighty Wapati that you wanna’ rattle his bones (but you’re gonna collect them instead).

  • Michael Mulligan

    Hopefully it’s not too late!
    Given it’s an UEH call…
    “The Scholar”

  • Nick McKittrick

    The Elk 101 Premier. The Elk 101 Origin. The Elk 101 Apex

  • Ryan Pollard

    The Game Changer

  • Blake Ran

    “TNT” Tried and True

  • Brett Corpe

    The equalizer – puts you on level playing field with herd bull

  • Brett Corpe

    Prime Time

  • Cody Wendling

    deceiver or instigator

  • Trent Meyaard

    when is it going to be for sale corey. I need a new bugling reed. phelps nailed it on the button for cow calling reeds for myself.

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