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May 16, 2017
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New Diaphragm Elk Call From!

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New Elk Call_800x400

As many of you are aware, I have been working with Kurt at Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls to develop a new diaphragm elk call. It has been a long adventure 6 months in the making, and one that we have both taken very seriously. In fact, I think it is probably safe to say that if Kurt hears me say the word “Matrix” one more time, he might not talk to me ever again! But we are close….in fact, we’ve pretty much nailed down every detail of the call and are making the final tweaks to the manufacturing process to make sure it is the best diaphragm elk call ever. And if you’ve signed up for the University of Elk Hunting Online Course, you know how many details go into creating a diaphragm elk call (frame width, latex thickness, latex stretch, latex color, overall design, manufacturing process, etc.)!

If you’re interested in seeing how this new diaphragm elk call was developed, check out the video below. And be sure to watch to the end, as I’m giving you a chance to win a couple of the new diaphragms way before they are available to purchase!

Now that you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below with your choice for the name of this new diaphragm elk call….

  • Josh O’Neal

    Legend of the fall

  • Dave

    “The field of Dreams” we built it they will come.
    The Professor of Success
    1 to rule them all

  • Richard McDowell

    Bull Buster

  • Lisa Romitti

    EZEE – Every Z(s)eason Every Elk
    ECEE – Engineered Call for Every Elk

  • niqhlcrft

    MOAD – Mother of all diaphragms

  • Rocky Epperson

    Elk101- Dialed In

  • Shane Lee Johnson

    The white angel ( for all the halos it will produce!)
    The black Knight

  • Kevin Bush

    Elk Whisperer

  • Kevin Bush

    The Deal Breaker

  • Kevin Bush

    “The Matrix”

  • Isaac Lawrence


  • Greg Doerksen

    The chief
    Adrenaline rusher

  • Mark Gunnell

    That should have read, Imperial

  • Mark Gunnell

    Regal , or Imperia. hope to use the new call on Deseret this year with my son.l

  • Chris Schulz

    Spot On!

  • Jon Delipper

    King of the Hill
    Elk U

  • Michael Livingston

    The Voice
    Triple 7
    Siren 7
    Summons 7

  • Guy Shand

    Agent “007”

  • Darin Tognazzini

    Introducing, The Ivory…

  • Troy

    The coalition or the winner

  • Mike Middaugh

    Irrevocable Bull Magnet

  • warren

    Simply put, The All In One.

  • Scott Willett

    The One
    The Entice
    The Achieve
    The Attained
    The Exact
    The Optimum
    The Ultimate
    The Summit
    The Zenith
    The Ace
    The Champion
    The Inciter
    The Instigator
    The Provoker

  • Zach Draper

    I think this call should be named “Dethroned” as a second choice “The Bring Down” No matter the name, it sounds like a killer!

  • Greg Doerksen

    Call of the wild
    The Ivory collector

  • Lelan Moulton

    Looking forward to trying this new call this coming fall to drive the bulls crazy. The sounds and tons you’re getting out of this call are AWESOME! Looks like I will have a new go to call.
    A couple of possible names could be
    – “September Calls”
    – “Break the morning silence”
    – “My go to call…Drive’em Crazy”
    – “Just pass’in thru”

  • Tony McGlothlin

    “Elk101 Model 1 Diaphragm Elk Call”

    Looking forward to trying it.

  • Lee Rose

    Sounds great…anxious to try one.

    True Tone
    True Lie
    Corey’s Edge

  • JR

    Name it: “Calling All Elk”, that’s what it does!

  • Josh Bryant

    End of the trail
    Monster Matrix
    Matrix Madness
    Mountain Matrix
    Matrix 101
    Elk 101 Matrix

  • Chuck Spoden

    Cory’s Call
    or, Mtn Music

  • Brad

    Wapiti Wacker

  • James

    Definition: the last of a series; a final development.

  • Nick Daedlow

    Transgender 😊

  • Josh O’Neal

    Cloud 9, carpe di bull, pied piper, 101 special, Mountain Siren, or Draw before using

  • Dennis Janecke

    The OCD

    Yeah, obsessive compulsive disorder, think we all have it

  • Ignacio Macias

    Elk Matrix

  • Marty Freitas

    Harem Collector .

  • Maggie McAllister

    King Call. The king of them all.

  • Zack Morton


  • Nature Joe

    Elk Whisperer

  • F Joseph Stockbridge

    Call it TUEC. The Ultimate Elk Call

  • Elkhunter1997 Elkhunter1997

    The 101 “1 and Only 1”

  • Jasen LaRue


  • Ryan Randall

    “Last Call”

  • Adolph Pasternak

    Dad: Elk Whisperer
    Daughter: Phantom Herd
    Mom: The communicator

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