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Trailer for “The Linguists”

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I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share the major film project I have spent the past 12 months working on with my good friends at Sitka Gear! David Brinker (Sitka Gear) approached me last spring (2016) with an idea for a new film that I immediately said yes to. He brought in the amazing talent of Ben Potter and Drew Barefoot from Cana Outdoors, and we officially started filming “The Linguists” last July. It has been an AMAZING adventure, and in addition to¬†footage from our 2016 elk season, the film chronicles the history of elk calls and elk calling through the stories of the elk calling legends – Will Primos, Larry D. Jones, Wayne Carlton, and Rockie Jacobsen.

The official launch of “The Linguists” will be on Sunday, July 30th, and you will be able to watch the full film when it launches at Until then, here is the official film trailer:

Leave a comment below, and let me know what you think of the trailer…and be sure to check out the full film on July 30th when it launches on!


  1. frostop65 says:

    Just watched it on Youtube the other day, good stuff. It was great to see Larry and Dwight in there.
    I can remember renting their video’s along with Mike Lapinsky’s some 25-30 yrs ago.
    Still love to call elk!!

  2. niqhlcrft says:

    Just saw the full film last night and it was awesome! Great work to all of those involved.

  3. Dan Mead says:

    Gotta say. This vid is my life in a Half hour. Loved it Corey… might have even shed a tear. And you got a clip of elk fever on there! Incredibly well done. Cheers to all involved. Thank you.

  4. Scott Page says:

    The trailer is too short!! Excited for this film to come out, looks awesome!

  5. Marty Martinez says:

    LOVE IT !!! Getting all the legends together to tell stories and share there elk knowledge with us. David, Cory you guys have really brought a new level of passion to the sport. Cant wait for what’s next. Keep it up.

  6. Ben E. De Los Monteros says:


    With those gentleman in your circle you will be well beyond your years with knowledge of these beautiful elk. Thanks for the great job!


  7. Ed L Dew says:

    So great to see all these wonderful hero’s together telling their stories.

  8. Fairfield Bain says:

    I love this!!! Great imagery. Great people. I am really looking forward to see it. Thanks!

  9. Trent Meyaard says:

    Can’t wait!

  10. Christopher Benfield says:

    Love it can’t wait!!!

  11. Nate Hanan says:

    Can’t wait for the full feature! Trailer looks awesome.

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