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Last Minute Elk Hunting Prep

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Pre-season Insomnia

Here we are again, counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds before we take to the field to chase bugling bulls. As soon as last season ended, I started wishing away the 335 days leading up to this season. Hopefully, we’ve all used our time wisely and are dialed in and ready for opening day. No matter how prepared I feel I am, however, I always feel the panic of not having EVERYTHING ready.


Here are a few of the things that keep me up at night leading up to opening morning:

  • Do I have the right maps for where I’m hunting?
  • Tags, where are my tags?! Find them, and put them in a GOOD place.
  • Batteries – all my electronic devices/flashlights need fresh batteries and extras.
  • Did I pack the right clothes for every situation – hot, cold, or rainy?
  • Comfort items – Ibuprofen, lip salve, antacid, TOILET PAPER, wet wipes.
  • Bow repair items.
  • Release, dont forget your release! Take an extra…..
  • Have a plan for the meat before you go. Whether you have it processed, or you butcher it yourself, having a cooler to keep it cool in the warm September weather will prevent meat spoilage.
  • Be like Santa Clause – have a list, and check it at least twice, if not more.
  • Make sure you have more elk calls than you think you need. If you are prone to loose them, there is nothing like being 100 miles from the closest sporting goods store and not having an elk call.
  • Be sure your vehicle has been serviced and every thing is in good working order from spare tires to windshield wipers.

We can’t eliminate every possible setback that we may face during elk season, but the better prepared we are going into it, the more efficiently we can react to obstacles along the way. Good luck and have a great elk season!

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