September 28, 2021, 07:16:02 AM

Author Topic: What's everyone doing to stay in shape these last few weeks before archery elk?  (Read 10879 times)

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I've been in the gym since December, 3 days a week, and running 2-4 miles at least 2 days per week. I've lost about 25lbs. I've been working my legs more than I ever have. Yesterday was a leg day and I skipped the gym in favor of the Boise foothills. The steep climbing set my legs on fire like the gym is unable to do. Anyone else hitting the hills hard to get the legs and lungs in shape? Every minute of that workout sucked, but I'm thinking it must be my best bet to get in shape these last few weeks.

What's your favorite hills/mountains/in-the-field workout technique?

Today will probably be my final workout before I leave for my NM trip.
I'll probably just take a nice, low weighted, and long walk/hike.  There is a military base near by with about 500K acres of range that we can hike. I'll probably do it out there.
I'm just so ready to be in the woods with a bow in my hand!

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Every time im out i throw my pack on my back and have some weight in it or i throw my 30lb daughter in the kid pack and that helps to simulate what i carry when i hunt so that when hunting season hits im used to my pack.


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