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Author Topic: Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge  (Read 3029 times)

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Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge
« on: August 30, 2016, 10:36:30 AM »
Has anyone here tried the 28 day challenge by WA?  If so what your thoughts?  Pros?  Cons?  Likes? Dislikes?

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Re: Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 11:00:29 AM »
The green infusion is vomit inducingly bad.

I like most of the WA products that I've had, but I think the 28 day challenge is kind of a waste. If you want all of the products in the 28 day challenge then go for it and buy it because you will save some money, but as a "challenge" it is a waste imo.

You still need to have your own meals etc. all that the challenge includes is a protein/meal replacement shake that you take for 2 of your meals, and you are still responsible for the rest. It includes a short 2-3 page "Nutrition guide" as well. I really don't think it's worth it as a "challenge" you can easily do a challenge on your own for much less. I also didn't really care for the WA multi vitamins, but really their Green Infusion is terrible. I would much rather just eat my greens/veggies than have that.

I really like the WA hydrate and Recover, and Energy and Focus. I combine these for a "Superman" and use this as my morning drink when I'm out in the woods.


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