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new DIY elk hunters hunting unit 74

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Helllo all. i am planning a hunt in unit 74 for 3rd rifle. I am hoping for some information on the unit if anyone had some experience in the upper hermosa and hermosa wilderness.

hunt info
it will be 2 of us in my group. backpacking out of the truck and sleeping in backpacking tents. any gear info is greatly appreciated. have talked to several guide services and got some info on where they are running camps.

will an atv or side by side be beneficial to pull 22 hrs.

anyone recently hunted the unit?  please send me some info thanks  8)

Elk101 Admin:
Antlerless hunt from Nov 4th- 12th correct?

otc bull tags for those dates in this area. any info is appreciated thanks

anyone got any plans to hunt this unit or have any info on the unit?

I've never hunted 74 unfortunately, but a couple of things I'll throw out there: first, ATV's are not allowed in the wilderness area, so if you are planning on hunting that then there is no need for an ATV. If not, it could be beneficial. Second, I would definitely have backup plans for backpacking into the wilderness in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Third season can bring temps in the 60's or you could be hunting in a foot or more of snow. The last thing you want to do is get caught miles back in the wilderness unprepared in one of those storms, so make sure you prepare for that and plan accordingly.

Hopefully someone with a little more intel on Unit 74 will be able to help.


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