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New Mexico unit 53 rifle elk


I just drew my elk tag for October 17-21 rifle elk in Unit 53. I have an outfitter hired, but was wondering if someone could give me some insight on this unit and what to expect to see for average bull size. This is my first time elk hunting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Get ready for some steep climbs!  The area north of red river is really nice.  I did the Sep Archery deer hunt in 53 last year and saw no deer but lots of elk.  There are a lot of sanctuaries in that unit but they're all hard to get to.  Lots of road and if you want to get to the roadless areas you gotta walk.  Its tough and thick country.  I've never really been into bull size by score but I did see some pretty big bulls last september. 

I hunted there a few years back during the first archery. Definitely very low elk densities when compared to many areas in NM. However I will say the potential for a big bull can be very good. Iím sure your outfitter will help make it a great experience

Did the diy same tag ast year. Passed on some rags really didnít find anything worth shooting. Also had some issues with hunter harassment there by questa and red river. I think you shoot the first decent 6 point you see fwiw


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