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CO Unit 561 vs OTC


I am planning my first elk hunt coming from KY. I put in and drew unit 561. Does anyone have recommendations for this unit? I have two spots I was pointed to from someone on a different forum. Thanks in advance.

 I am also being told by some to turn this tag in and go OTC. It does not have the best numbers/success (0 bulls in 2019, 7 in 2018). I would go to units 68/681 if I went OTC. My main reasoning for OTC hunting would be I could really learn a unit while trying to save up preference point.

How many preference points did you redeem for the hunt? It looks like you could have drawn it with zero, which is why I ask.

I drew it with 0 points. This was my first year applying.

If you turn the tag in, you aren't going to get any preference points for this year so the only real reason to not hunt the area would be if you want to learn an OTC unit instead. That one is completely up to you. The nice thing with non-OTC is there are a limited number of hunters in there, but there's also probably a reason you can draw it with no points.


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