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Author Topic: Backcountry and Meat Questions  (Read 1028 times)

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Backcountry and Meat Questions
« on: October 26, 2020, 08:49:20 AM »
More questions. The more I watch and read, the more questions I have. If you go on a backcountry multiple day hunt, and you pack in let's say 6-7 miles on the first day. Do you hike further away on the next day and then even further the next, getting further from the truck each day? Or are you making a loop? I know you are likely going to say you go where the elk and wind takes you, but I can't imagine packing out a bull 7,8, 10 miles out. I know guys do it, but I think that would push me over my limit. Next thing, and I know there are a lot of variables, but how long do you "typcially have" to get that bull on ice? Are there any tricks to help preserve the meat on the way back to the truck? Do you prearrange a freezer location if you need one? Thanks All!
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Re: Backcountry and Meat Questions
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2020, 10:48:52 AM »
Don't make it more complex than it needs to be. Have a plan for meat care to start. Find legal animals. Legal take. Butcher them.

If you're going x miles deep, you better know why your going there and have a plan.

But know the answer has lots of variables.

Temps and a cool place to hang meat definately figure into that plan. If you can maintain cool temps (N face, snow, cool mountain creek) you have more time... Easy season archery it generally is warmer (but not always) , late season rifle you may have cooler temps and snow (but not always). Deep snow is going to make things more interesting for packout.

Are you hiking/packing? Solo you may want to think practically about how much weight you can haul, how fast you can move... 2 people maybe you can go further if you're both off equal capabilities. Have your own pack animals/using a packer?  Now you may be able to go to use a UTV, bike, cart-plan/adjust accordingly.

Predators in the area? Hang/secure the meat accordingly. Use the appropriate protections and care for yourself.

But also know, you don't need to go 3, 5, 10 miles deep...

This last year I had a 3 mile limit hunting solo...i did go that deep and got into animals... Part of that motivation was to get away from other people (lots of recreationalists out this year)... But getting away from people doesn't just mean distance...sometimes it's going where they won't go.

But the cow I shot this year was <1/4 from a 4wd road and died <300yds from the road.

Know your limits. Have a plan. Find animals.


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