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Author Topic: 3 bulls screaming at each other within 200 yards-I couldnt pull one. Advise?  (Read 703 times)

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I'm looking for some advise. Sept 17th I heard some bugles and worked my way within what I thought was 100 yards of multiple bulls screaming at each other.  I got myself equal or slightly lower in elevation.  I attempted to pick out the closest bull and work him, with the goal being pulling him to me.  At least one of the bulls sounded like a large herd bull (which I later confirmed) and possibly several of them were, which would explain some things....I began to cow call, and upon a bugle, would bugle over the top of him-similar to Corey's method in his first Elk Hunt University DVD.  A simple, typically effective (in the past several years) strategy for me- when bulls are active.  After working myself into a sweat and not getting movement, I mixed in raking, some stomping, and continued bugling over the top.  Nothing after 20 more minutes, and I had been working these bulls what felt like an hour at this point, but could have been 40 minutes...all I know is I was sweaty and getting worn out.    What would you have done to break the bull or one of the bulls loose and get him to come in?  I finally stalked in on what sounded like the biggest herd bull and after several cows busted me pushed him.  After I got within 30 yards and 1 step of a what would have been a broad side shot. (a cow litterally saw me move my arm to range him, move to him and nudged him to quarter away.  He looked at her like, what the hell are you doing?  but then acted like the whole thing was weird and move off)....anyway:  What would you have done?  Note:  The bull was 340" class with plenty of cows.  A Monarch.  I've killed a 327" and he was much bigger.  Really fun to see one that big.  It was a draw hunt in a state and unit known for big bulls.

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Sounds like a heck of an experience! Just a guess, but maybe there was a hot cow in there and neither bull was going to leave that cow to come fight you? I think stalking in was probably the only option that was going to work if that was the case.

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Just cow calls might have worked on a satellite bull. It sounds like I would have done about the same things you did. Including sneaking in and getting busted. Thats how it usually works for me.

I've only had marginal luck with decoys but this might have been a good time to try one. I plan to buy one of the ones that mounts to your bow next year.


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