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Author Topic: CO GMU 70 archery  (Read 525 times)

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CO GMU 70 archery
« on: September 28, 2021, 01:55:05 PM »
So we set out for Unit 70 just north of Dolores, CO. Sept 12-24. We camped at the groundhog lake res which if your ever close go there they treat you right.
It was hot every day except last 2. Lowest was 37 I think. We encountered a lot of obstacles which from Texas I don't see this a lot. Here goes. Stay with me and help me.
1st if was pretty warm and most elk we saw were below us in unit 71 as we glassed down below from up high as we could get some days.
We saw lots of bicyclist riding around trails etc. Lots of hunters to include Muzzleloader for 1 week. We tried to get back away further but saw no fresh elk sign or heard any.
ELK activist were camping in the unit moving around every day to new locations. We saw 2 15 passenger vans that were #'d and the Owner of the lake said they came by and they do this every year during archery season. They were camped next to the prettiest water hole in a meadow that had been used. as we tried to go back and sit we walked up on them dancing and singing. I can't make this up.
Full moon was the main culprit I think. There were also CATTLE everywhere in that unit. We had one day of bugling which we got to about 200 yards from 3 and couldn't go any further as a State Land fence stopped us and the bull wouldn't come any closer either. Like he knew it was there haha. Anyway, it was great to learn and got lots of B reel hahaha,. Hope you are all having fun and good luck.
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