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Anybody else have terrible luck in drawing tags?

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Idaho big game draw results came out today and once again I swung and missed. I put in for a really great elk tag so wasn't surprised not to draw that one. I also put in for an extra antlerless whitetail tag and didn't draw that one either. Last year the odds on drawing it were really high. Something like 85%. Everyone I know that put in for it drew it except me. This year I don't know what the odds on drawing were yet but I do know that everyone I know who put in for it drew it. Except me. (9 people)

I've drawn 4-5 extra doe tags but every time I've drawn one the drawing odds have been 100%. I've put in for several others with drawing odds ranging from 75-90% and haven't drawn a one.
I also have been putting in for a buck tag for several years now that statistically I should have drawn 3 times and I've drawn it 0. I also know several people that have drawn that tag multiple times. It's kind of annoying.

I did draw a moose tag after 8 tries that statistically should have taken 8 tries so I'm happy about that.
Anyone else cursed on drawing in areas that have no preference or bonus points?

Army of Dad:
Hmm, I have below average luck in drawing tags most years.

I did draw an Oklahoma cow elk tag this year so maybe my luck is changing...

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Maybe I spoke too soon. I didn't draw that tag two years in a row with draw odds of 75% and 83% but I drew it this year in the second drawing for unclaimed tags. They haven't released the draw odds for that yet but it's usually less that 20% on the second drawing.

I live close to Wyoming elk area 7.  High quality bulls with 20-25% draw odds for residents.  I've drawn it once in 12 years, so yeah...

Army of Dad:
My neighbor and I recently drew a public land Texas hunt. We had roughly a 0.70% chance to draw this hunt. Itís not one of the real glory hunts here, but it is on a State Park and the bag limit is pretty awesome.

4 deer (two bucks-only one forked antler buck)
1 javelina
1 exotic
Unlimited feral hogs

Oh, and they give you tags so we wonít need to use any of our license tags. The only catch is we get basically two days to hunt, but can use bait (which will be needed in that kind of country).

Maybe my luck is changing some after all, now if Texas Parks and Wildlife will just pull my name for the desert bighorn huntÖ

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