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Long time since I've posted here, but im back on the bandwagon and heading to Oregon in a few weeks to chase Roosies. I switched up my arrow set up this summer, as I wasn't getting the consistency I wanted. I'm now shooting easton axis 340s, with 100 gr annihlator broadheads. Flight is awesome and I'm dialed in and ready, but I have this overthinking problem. I'm pretty sure the set up weighs in around 370 gr. Chrono'd around 280 fps. But now I'm wondering if they're too light and if I need to make a change before I leave.
I'm going to get an arrow scale today and will update if my 370 estimate was way off, but what do you experts think? Change? Or just shut up and hunt?
Correction: I wasn't adding in the weight of my insert, and miscalculated vane weight. I'm coming in right at 400 gr.

I have a similar set up. Same arrows at 29in. Total weight for me with 100gr BH comes in at 422gr with some arrows 2-3grs more.  Curious to hear what yours ends up at.

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At this point I wouldn't worry about changing something. 400 grains will definitely work. You can always tinker next year if you want, but I wouldn't change it up that close to a trip if I was you.

That's where I'm kind of at too. I feel alot better at 400, though I was debating trying that weedeater line thing in an arrow or two and see how it shoots, but not sure it's worth the trouble at this point.

Adding that line is a simple thing to do, but then you'll have to adjust your pins too. If it were me, I'd still just wait until after the hunt to start tinkering.


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