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Jason Balazs:
So I have used lowa boots forever. I am not sure the name of the pair that I have, but I have worn them since at least 2007. This year had to be the first year and all of that time that my feet actually got cold. I was wondering, if over a bit of time they start to degrade or is it just my age LOL

Jason Balazs:
Well gearjunkie rated the Crispi Nevada Legend GTX the hunting boot of the year, so I bought a pair yesterday. Going to give them a good ok’ college try.

Is there any firm of good women's boots, I have a few pairs but I'm still not sure if they fit me, my feet don't feel very good in these boots. Please tell me if there are any good companies out there! thank you.   

I bought a pr of Crispi's the Idaho's. Expensive no doubt, but well worth it. Only time I wear them is chasing Sept bulls in Idaho. Liked them so much, I bought a second pr.


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