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Hunting Gear / Questions on Clothing
« on: July 20, 2021, 05:15:36 PM »
Hey there!

I'm looking to pick up a few pieces of gear for my late season hunts coming up this fall in Colorado. I've done most of my western hunting over the last few years in September and have run some pretty light layers from First Lite (Corrugate pants, wick baselayers, klamath hoody, uncompraghe puffy); that's really all I've needed.

This year, as I'll be hunting into the frigid days of late November in CO, I've been looking at some colder weather gear. I've heard great things about the Timberline pants from Sitka as a solid option to get through October/November. Any suggestions on a jacket from either Sitka, KUIU, or First Lite (or anyone else I guess) to pair with the Timberline pants and some good base-layers for those cold, snowy hunts?

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