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Idaho big game draw results came out today and once again I swung and missed. I put in for a really great elk tag so wasn't surprised not to draw that one. I also put in for an extra antlerless whitetail tag and didn't draw that one either. Last year the odds on drawing it were really high. Something like 85%. Everyone I know that put in for it drew it except me. This year I don't know what the odds on drawing were yet but I do know that everyone I know who put in for it drew it. Except me. (9 people)

I've drawn 4-5 extra doe tags but every time I've drawn one the drawing odds have been 100%. I've put in for several others with drawing odds ranging from 75-90% and haven't drawn a one.
I also have been putting in for a buck tag for several years now that statistically I should have drawn 3 times and I've drawn it 0. I also know several people that have drawn that tag multiple times. It's kind of annoying.

I did draw a moose tag after 8 tries that statistically should have taken 8 tries so I'm happy about that.
Anyone else cursed on drawing in areas that have no preference or bonus points?

General Elk Hunting / Gate violations
« on: August 30, 2020, 03:53:07 PM »
I'm curious what everyone else does when they encounter someone violating a road closure or trail closure. I don't hunt anywhere that you can have a motorized vehicle unless you happen to be working in the area but I encounter people on these roads that are either on 4 wheelers or side by sides frequently. I have gotten to be friends with the fish and game officer in the area and he want's me to contact him with info about gate violations which I do every time I can but I'm curious if anyone else does anything different.

My 66 year old parents were scouting an area today when a guy came by on a side by side that lives on land that borders the state ground he was riding on. If my 66 year old parents can hike in there I don't see what excuse this guy can have for needing to ride in there other than that he's lazy. There was a good amount of tire tracks from either this guy or others and 0 elk sign.

It does scratch a place off the list for me to go opening day next week.

General Elk Hunting / How'd your season go
« on: September 26, 2019, 04:50:01 PM »
Just curious how peoples seasons went if you were one of the lucky ones who has gone yet. Also if you had posted in the forum that had asked what you thought your chances of filling a tag were.

I posted on that question and I think I said my chances were 75-80%. I still have 3 different seasons to go but I am mostly done with archery for the year and never got a chance to draw the bow. I had a couple cows at slam dunk ranges waiting for a chance at a bull that never materialized. It was a few days before our either sex part of the season was open.

Overall I would say it was a good season but not a great one. I saw several bulls and heard a lot of bugles. Most of the bugles were opening day. Saw 4 mature herd bulls which is 4 more than I have seen the last 2 seasons combined.

The bad things about this season were pretty numerous. Lots of other hunters. The most I have ever seen during archery season. Our best area had 0 elk all season. Only the 2nd time in 30 years that has happened. Our last elk photo on the cameras was the weekend before the season opened. A side by side decided the gates into that area didn't apply to him and he rode all over in there. Maybe a coincidence but the elk left and haven't been back. I've checked it every weekend. I also lost my favorite cow call. Another has been ordered. I also went hiking several times this summer and spring when the weather was nice. Opening day was rainy and that was when I discovered that my binoculars had a broken seal and fogged up completely on the inside. They also had a pretty terrible warranty that ran out years ago. I bought new ones which is a cost I wasn't expecting. Two of our other better areas had heavy logging activity in them. Another had a thinning crew working most of the time. And another had a horse group that rifle hunts in there thinning and opening the trails with chainsaws and weed eaters during the archery season. I appreciate all the work they put into keeping the trails open but wish they did it in May. I would help if I knew who does it and when.

And lastly I don't know if I'm getting old (I'll be 40 this year) but my body has been falling apart. I have an underlying heart condition that flared up a few times while I was out and I don't remember doing anything particular to my right knee but it hurt so bad a few times I couldn't walk. Always while hiking downhill.

I'm still fairly optimistic about my chances of filling this tag. Our Oct rifle hunt has low odds as does the Dec archery portion but if the weather is good our Dec antlerless muzzleloader season can be a good hunt. Or terrible if we don't get snow but with a winter storm warning for this weekend I'm hoping that the snow will come.

I also saw two nice mature whitetail bucks that will hopefully make it through the general elk season when whitetail season is also open. They were together in an area where I deer hunt quite a bit and will go back to looking for them.

For now I am hoping my knee quits acting up because I have to frame a huge roof for the next couple weeks and don't want to sidelined for the rest of my fall hunts. Duck is next for me in about 2 weeks.

Other Big Game Hunting / Deer pics
« on: November 28, 2018, 02:11:48 PM »
My Mom found a big set of non-typical whitetail sheds a couple years ago. I had set out some trail cams in the area hoping to get a photo of him but I never did. This can be kind of a wintering area so there wasn't any guarantee that the deer lived here year round. My parents had a camera out the last couple weeks and look who walked by.

This is either him or one of his kids. My parents pulled there camera but I am headed back tomorrow to look for a doe for my antlerless tag and I'm going to hang my camera over some scrapes that are in this same area and see if I can get some more photos of this buck. A lot of people have been in this area this year. Way more than I am used to. So it would be nice to get some photos of him after the season.

Scouting / Trail Cameras / North Idaho trail cam
« on: August 13, 2017, 09:00:22 PM »
I set a cam out about 3 weeks ago mostly looking for a non-typical whitetail my mom found some sheds from. I got a couple deer and some elk but not anything with antlers. I did get my first mountain lion photos. I thought it was pretty cool to finally get one on camera. I can't tell if it's a big one or not but it looks pretty big to me.

Wondering how many people scout on Google Earth and what kind of areas you have found.

Did they look as good in person when you hiked in there?

Here are a few of the areas I have found.

General Elk Hunting / How I plan to cool meat.
« on: September 02, 2015, 10:41:49 AM »
I am posting this thread about the walk-in cooler my Dad and I built for anyone who may have been thinking of doing the same thing.

The first thing I would do if I were interested in building this is to look at the website www.storeitcold.com. That is the website of the manufacturer that makes the "coolbot". It's an aftermarket controller that hooks to a conventional window mounted A/C unit which is the method we use to keep our cooler cold. There is more info on there website than I would ever want to type.

The next thing I will say is this cost us around $1100. We didn't have access to a reliable place to hang game and we wanted a cooler we could use whenever and wherever we wanted as we butcher all our own meat. We also wanted the ability to hang game and not have to butcher it immediately if the weather wasn't cooperating.

The inside dimensions of our cooler are 48"x87" and 89" tall. I made all the wall and floor and roof panels independent of each other with the idea that this could be disassembled when not in use. It sits on a concrete pad that my parents used to have a hot tub on. If yours doesn't sit on a concrete pad you would have to build the floor different from ours to support the weight of people hanging meat.

All of our framing material was cedar from a deck my parents took down. They were 2x6's that we ripped down to 4" to fit the 4" of Styrofoam we used to insulate the walls. We used 4x8 panels of 2" insulation that had an R-value of 13.6 per panel. We doubled them up so our walls have an R-Value of over 27 as well as the roof. The manufacturer of the cool bot said that if the floor was on concrete that one panel of insulation on the ground with a sheet of plywood on it is all you need. We encased our panel for the floor in 2" framing material with a 1/2 OSB panel on the bottom and a 3/4 OSB panel on top. If your floor isn't on concrete you would probably want to put 2 sheets of insulation in the floor as cold sinks.

We put the 48x87 floor down then wrapped the walls around it and secured the walls to the floor with 8" timber tech lag screws. The end walls are 48" wide and the front one has a 36" door and the back one has the air conditioner hole in it. The side walls are 96" long and when the front walls sit tight to the floor, the side walls sit tight to the floor and are the same length as the floor and end walls. The two end walls have 1x6 boards that overhang the edges so when all the walls are together we screwed through the 1x6 to attach the walls to each other. We stapled a layer of Styrofoam sill seal in between every joint to make things air tight.

If you are making one that is permanent you could probably skip some of these steps and build it with more traditional framing methods.

The roof for ours is also 48x87 and 4" deep. The plywood overhangs the ends by 4 1/2" each way to sit on the end walls and there are more 1x6 boards on the sides to overlap the sidewalls. We had to add a strip of 1/2" OSB to the top of the side walls for the 1x6's to sit flush with the rest of the framing. The roof slips into the the walls like the lid of a cooler and again has sill seal at all the joints.

My Dad had access to some heavy mill plastic that has string woven through it in sort of a chain link fence pattern. We wrapped the inside of each wall and the roof with this before assembly which made the roof slide into place easier. We put this on thinking it would make the insides easy to clean. We are intending to put a tarp or more heavy plastic down on the floor that can be removed and either cleaned or replaced between hanging animals.

We used a 36" solid core interior door for ours because there was a new one for sale at the Habitat for Humanity restore for $50. It only has an R-Value of roughly 3 so we glued the scrap insulation to the back of the door and then screwed plywood to the back to hold the insulation in place. Our door now has an R-Value of about 20. We installed the door backwards so it opens outside and doesn't need to swing in and take up cooler space. Our floor sits 2" higher than the door opening. I put 1" material around the threshold and jamb of the door with weather stripping on it that the door closes into to make it air tight. If you are making one permanent you could use an insulated exterior door and not bother with any of that but I didn't want to pay the money for one and with our floor sitting higher than the door opening I would have had to remove the threshold anyway to get the door to swing out.

I then shot expanding spray foam around the door case. The manufacturer says not to use fiberglass insulation as the cold environment in the cooler will pull moisture through the walls and cause mold issues. We stuffed fiberglass around the air conditioner anyway because I didn't want to use spray foam as that would make it difficult to remove the air conditioner later and I figured that when the fiberglass around the air conditioner molds it will be easy to take it out and replace it.

There are detailed plans on the coolbot website showing how to make an airtight wall system that would allow you to use fiberglass batts in the walls which would be cheaper than the Styrofoam but wouldn't get the same R-Value and I didn't want to worry about potential mold issues.

There is channel metal that sits on top of the walls that have 8 eye bolts run through them to hang game on. We are looking for some sort of metal cart or maybe a wall mounted shelf like a closet organizer that can be easily removed when not needed for hanging setting loose meat like backstraps or tenderloins on. It looks like we can easily hang 2 elk at a time in here but we haven't hung any meat in it yet to see how much room they actually take up. We did turn it on and it got down to 35 degrees in about 20 minutes. I don't think it's supposed to get cold enough to freeze but both the coolbot's thermometer and two separate thermometers that we set in there to check temperature have all been as low as 32.

The only other specs I can think of is that we used a 8000BTU air conditioner. That is within the specs of what the manufacturer requires. My cousin's husband and his dad built a permanent one of these about the same size and they used a 6000BTU air conditioner and they said that if they did it again they would go with a bigger unit.

Cost of this broke down roughly as
460 for insulation
315 for the coolbot
125 for the A/C unit new on Craigslist
80 for the OSB
50 for the door
70 for extras like spray foam, screws, sill seal, eye bolts, and whatever else we needed.

I have been in construction for 11 years so we had all the tools and experience to build this we needed but I think as long as you are reasonably handy this wouldn't be that hard to build. It took us about 24 hours total.

Also I guess a word of warning about ripping the Styrofoam panels on a table saw is that everything I read says they will kick back on on you often but if you are experienced with a table saw you shouldn't have any problems. I didn't have any kick on me but I see how you could bind the blade easy as they are so light but I imagine that even if you did kick one back it probably wouldn't hurt all that much being Styrofoam.

If anyone plans to build one of these and has questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer them. Also I have read from a few other people on here that they have built the same thing so if anyone wants to post pics of there's or has more to offer feel free. I will post the pics I have of ours now and hopefully will update this soon with meat in ours.

General Elk Hunting / Opening day
« on: August 14, 2015, 06:12:21 PM »
Just wondering what everyone is thinking for opening day.

It's been so hot and dry here in North Idaho that unless something changes I will be sitting in a treestand I have on a wallow 4 miles from a locked gate. There are a couple other spots I want to go to as well but with no rain in the long range forecast and dry, loud conditions in the woods I think sitting over water will be my best bet.

I might as well quit working now because my mind has been on nothing but elk for weeks and it's getting worse.

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