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Hunting Gear / Corey's Picks - Elk Call Bundle Question
« on: June 01, 2020, 07:35:52 PM »
Looking to try some new calls this year.  Corey's picks in the store seemed like a good starting point.

Corey's Vital Kit Includes the following and is $64.99

Bully Bull Extreme Grunt Tube with Sitka Subalpine Tube Cover
  • All-Star Diaphragm Call
  • Contender Diaphragm Call
  • Champ Diaphragm Call

  • Corey's Ideal Kit Includes the above and also the temptress Cow call.  It's $87.95
    The temptress cow call on it's own is only $18.

    Am I missing something or does buying the vital kit and adding the temptress end up being the better deal.  Is there a difference between the calls in the package?

    Vitals and Temptress = $83

    Looking further you can get the rocky mountain hunting calls Elk101 kit (bugle tube, temptress, and all star diaghram) for $55.  I could then add the 3 pack of the diaghrams that come with the ideal calling kit for another $19 and be at $75!


Have a few things I need to buy before the hunt this year.  Wasn't looking to buy it all at once though.

Is the code to the elk101 store that comes with the UEH a one time use thing?  Or can I use it a few times over the next few months?


Classifieds / Arrows - HHA and AAE Rests - Hoyt Quiver
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:18:35 PM »
Black Eagle Rampage - HHA Virtus - AAE Pro Drop - Hoyt Quiver
Not sure how to post pics.  Message me a phone # or e-mail and I can send them over.

HHA VirtusBought New in January 2020
Staying with limb driven as I didn't like having to re-time it after I changed stuff up on the bow.Perfect shape minus a little red powder on it from when I was trying to chase down some fletching contact. Shown in pics (under the felt and in one set screw on launcher)
$90 TYD

AAE Pro DropHoyt Tec Riser Mount - I had it on an RX3 Ultra

Older Nock on Version
Comes with all kinds of limb clamps, extra cables, extra launcher, etc.
Great shape but I'm selling the hoyt so I don't need anymore.
$100 TYD

Hoyt Carbon Solo Shorty 4 Arrow Black

Has both riser mounts (long and short)Has the extra rubber arrow gripper
Preferred this to the tight spot but I sold the hoyt so this has to go.
$100 TYD

Black Eagle Rampage ArrowsThese are all cut at 28.25" Carbon to Carbon

The half-outs set in about 7/8" so if you are looking to cut > 1" these would be great for you.
6 - 250 Spine .001 - 3 Bareshaft/no insert (new) - 3 AAE Max Stealth 4 Fletch
4 - 300 Spine .001 - 1 Bareshaft - 3 AAE Max Stealth 4 Fletch
11 - 300 Spine .003 - 3 AAE Promax 4 Fletch - 8 AAE Max Stealth 4 Fletch
Also includes 20 Black Eagle stainless half-outs (2 that pulled out of other shafts, 18 new)Most of these were bought within the last year. A few are older, some have never been shot. All will come with the standard black eagle R-Nocks (orange). I've switched to the HIT inserts for the rampages this year but if I cut these they're too short.
250 Spines - $50 Shipped
300 Spines - $90 Shipped
All Arrows - $140 Shipped

University of Elk Hunting ONLINE COURSE / UEH Discount Code
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:08:01 PM »
Any deals/codes out there worth using over the 20% off?

Last time I signed up there were some codes that got you a gift card to gohunt if I remember right?

Finally drew an elk tag so time to renew again!

I can't find it but I was sure there was more info on time of year/moon phase as it pertains to each years bow season in the UEH than there is in the free article on the homepage?

Am I crazy?  If someone can let me know what module it's in that'd be appreciated!

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