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Hunting Gear / Re: Corey's Picks - Elk Call Bundle Question
« on: June 02, 2020, 01:53:46 PM »
I didn't notice the camo pattern difference.  But definitely wasn't adding up originally.

Thanks for the quick response!

Hunting Gear / Corey's Picks - Elk Call Bundle Question
« on: June 01, 2020, 07:35:52 PM »
Looking to try some new calls this year.  Corey's picks in the store seemed like a good starting point.

Corey's Vital Kit Includes the following and is $64.99

Bully Bull Extreme Grunt Tube with Sitka Subalpine Tube Cover
  • All-Star Diaphragm Call
  • Contender Diaphragm Call
  • Champ Diaphragm Call

  • Corey's Ideal Kit Includes the above and also the temptress Cow call.  It's $87.95
    The temptress cow call on it's own is only $18.

    Am I missing something or does buying the vital kit and adding the temptress end up being the better deal.  Is there a difference between the calls in the package?

    Vitals and Temptress = $83

    Looking further you can get the rocky mountain hunting calls Elk101 kit (bugle tube, temptress, and all star diaghram) for $55.  I could then add the 3 pack of the diaghrams that come with the ideal calling kit for another $19 and be at $75!



Have a few things I need to buy before the hunt this year.  Wasn't looking to buy it all at once though.

Is the code to the elk101 store that comes with the UEH a one time use thing?  Or can I use it a few times over the next few months?


Classifieds / Arrows - HHA and AAE Rests - Hoyt Quiver
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:18:35 PM »
Black Eagle Rampage - HHA Virtus - AAE Pro Drop - Hoyt Quiver
Not sure how to post pics.  Message me a phone # or e-mail and I can send them over.

HHA VirtusBought New in January 2020
Staying with limb driven as I didn't like having to re-time it after I changed stuff up on the bow.Perfect shape minus a little red powder on it from when I was trying to chase down some fletching contact. Shown in pics (under the felt and in one set screw on launcher)
$90 TYD

AAE Pro DropHoyt Tec Riser Mount - I had it on an RX3 Ultra

Older Nock on Version
Comes with all kinds of limb clamps, extra cables, extra launcher, etc.
Great shape but I'm selling the hoyt so I don't need anymore.
$100 TYD

Hoyt Carbon Solo Shorty 4 Arrow Black

Has both riser mounts (long and short)Has the extra rubber arrow gripper
Preferred this to the tight spot but I sold the hoyt so this has to go.
$100 TYD

Black Eagle Rampage ArrowsThese are all cut at 28.25" Carbon to Carbon

The half-outs set in about 7/8" so if you are looking to cut > 1" these would be great for you.
6 - 250 Spine .001 - 3 Bareshaft/no insert (new) - 3 AAE Max Stealth 4 Fletch
4 - 300 Spine .001 - 1 Bareshaft - 3 AAE Max Stealth 4 Fletch
11 - 300 Spine .003 - 3 AAE Promax 4 Fletch - 8 AAE Max Stealth 4 Fletch
Also includes 20 Black Eagle stainless half-outs (2 that pulled out of other shafts, 18 new)Most of these were bought within the last year. A few are older, some have never been shot. All will come with the standard black eagle R-Nocks (orange). I've switched to the HIT inserts for the rampages this year but if I cut these they're too short.
250 Spines - $50 Shipped
300 Spines - $90 Shipped
All Arrows - $140 Shipped

University of Elk Hunting ONLINE COURSE / Re: UEH Discount Code
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:13:57 PM »

Gen tag in WY.  First bull tag in WY (2nd ever!).  Will be first solo elk hunt.  Should be a fun one/steep learning curve.

Last time I renewed it was $40 off but I imagine those promos are few/far between (and probably not right after draw results are issued).  I'll sign up through the Mt Ops promo.  Someone has to win!

Congrats on the tag! Which state are you hunting?

20% off is typically the most you can find as far as a discount goes.

University of Elk Hunting ONLINE COURSE / UEH Discount Code
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:08:01 PM »
Any deals/codes out there worth using over the 20% off?

Last time I signed up there were some codes that got you a gift card to gohunt if I remember right?

Finally drew an elk tag so time to renew again!

That's what I wanted.  Not sure why I couldn't find it myself haha.


Hunt Planner / Re: NM Archery Hunting - Need Outfitter Recommendations
« on: March 29, 2019, 01:06:38 PM »
Who'd you end up applying with?

I can't find it but I was sure there was more info on time of year/moon phase as it pertains to each years bow season in the UEH than there is in the free article on the homepage?

Am I crazy?  If someone can let me know what module it's in that'd be appreciated!

Hunt Planner / Re: NM Archery Hunting - Need Outfitter Recommendations
« on: February 06, 2019, 03:03:32 PM »
Call Tom Klumker at San Francisco River Outfitters.

I hunted with him last season and had a great hunt and was fortunate enough to take a bull (my first animal with a bow).

100% of his bowhunters had opportunities with one guy in my camp sending 2 arrows over the back of a 400ish bull.

His camp, guides, stock, etc. are great as well.

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