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Title: Mornin Thoughts....
Post by: Hutch on January 13, 2020, 07:45:33 AM
I've wanted to go to colo. and hunt elk archery OTC for an eternity.[/size]WEEEELLLLLLLLL...... I've put it off and put it off, now here I am turned 46 years this year and im thinkin, crap! I better get my butt in gear if this is gonna be anything more than just a daydream.SOOOooo.....I've got a 2 year plan I'm workin on. Gonna take a while to get gear built back up, get a good solid work out regimine going, that's one of them two fold things for me, been needing to increase my activity level for a while now.Been doing a lot of research also. various states, animals. And basically trying to get a sence of what my annual budget is going to need to be....A lot more than I'm makin at the moment, lol.In fact, Last night I caught a clip of Fred Bear stalking his kodiak brown bear. Thats another critter Ive always dreamed of perforatin.....So anyhow, I get on the Alaska huntin page, looked up the basic info. I was actually shocked that its not more expensive than it is, Now mind you ya gotta have a liscensed guide to kill a brownie....lol, geuss it aint good for tourism when nonres hunters get eat...So there's the extra cost there. But over all it aint that bad as far as cost goes. But what really got me was when I looked up 2019 draw results. They dont give out many bear tags to start with, but the number of nonres tags that werent even applied for period!!SO! I'm thinkin to myself, cracker, this is doable!!Just thought i'd shareHutch[/color]
Title: Re: Mornin Thoughts....
Post by: cohunter14 on January 13, 2020, 02:26:46 PM
I think many folks are similar and assume that hunting is going to be crazy expensive. The biggest hurdle in my opinion for non-residents is just committing. Commit to going and put a plan in place. You don't have to have a ton of new gear to hunt elk, you can probably hunt them in exactly what most folks out east wear when the deer hunt. Have good boots and some layers and a weapon to kill them with and go hunt!
Title: Re: Mornin Thoughts....
Post by: Hutch on January 13, 2020, 03:03:21 PM
Commitment...There's the word of the day!!
Making a conscious decision to accomplish a goal...
Hunting can be a major commitment, or it can be a weekend warrior kinda thing.
Daydreams dont become reality until that decision is made to commit to making it happen...
Like I said earlier, I've got a 2 year plan I'm working on, with some short term goals that can be met easily within that time frame. Kodiak Island...well, that's a long term goal, lol.
I've been spending a lot more time on this puter than I'ld like to admit to, just researching the various states and whats offered, what's required and so on. This particular site is an absolute gold mine of info, big thumbs up to all those that put this place together and keep it running smoothly!!!

Title: Re: Mornin Thoughts....
Post by: Hunt4em on March 01, 2020, 10:11:46 AM
Getting in shape is probably top on the list . As far as gear you probably have most of it bino small first aid kit water and some kind of navigation system . I would probably put good comfortable boots that are broke in at the second of the list.
I spent many years left me you (daydream ) of going .
Best of luck to you.