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Title: Best CO Unit For 17 Points?
Post by: WChandler00 on January 09, 2021, 08:52:52 AM
Hey everyone so my grandpa has accumulated 17 pref points in Colorado over the years and I am finally making him apply for this upcoming season before he gets too old and can't get around as well as he can now. According to Toprut the best unit to use up all of his points
is unit 49, can anyone attest to that? He wants to go during muzzleloader season so he can take one with his Hawken.  I would appreciate any advice on that unit or any other unit he could get with 17 points. I'm still pretty green when it comes to elk!
Title: Re: Best CO Unit For 17 Points?
Post by: Elk Noob on January 11, 2021, 08:58:55 AM
Is he non-res? Even so, that's more points than i'd ever drop for 49.

Non-res Muzzleloader took 12 points last year (3/13 drew with 12) 13 points was 100%.
Resident was 6 points.

I helped a few friends out in 49 in 2019, it's not a unit I'd be dropping over 10 points on. There are a lot of elk, but not many huge bulls. Unfortunatley, having 17 points puts you in between a bunch of units, I think there are certainly better than 49, but your options are limited.

Edit: Get GoHunt insider, it will help you find a unit that you think will give you the best chance for success. Having said I wouldn't spend 10+ points in 49 doesn't mean it won't be a good hunt. If his goal is to see elk, and potentially get a bull then 49 would be a great hunt, if he's holding out for a 300"+ bull then I certainly wouldn't go for 49.