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General Elk Hunting / Central Oregon Elk
« on: February 29, 2020, 10:22:36 PM »
Hi all,
Topic is Central Oregon Elk. Oregon has over 100,000 elk that spread out across vast ecosystems, altitudes, habitats, coastal rainforests, high timber/sub alpine areas and even the high desert.

I have a target unit in mind for elk hunting this season that is in a controlled hunt in the middle of Central Oregon (high desert climate, dry and arid). It used to be general OTC but as of late, has changed to a draw type of management with a very high draw rate. Local word of mouth and forum information I have gathered is the unit is not what is was, it has no elk and if there are they are all on private land. But after researching the most recent survey information (900-1000 elk, 23:100 bull to cow ratio) and calling the local wildlife biologist it seems to paint a different scenario.

After completing the UEH course, I feel confident I have applied what I have learned for e-scouting and identifying areas of interest (food, water, bedding) to go look for confirmation signs of elk this coming summer.  But the course was not specific about certain habitats you can find elk in such as a desert type climate. So, I'm reaching out to any and all who have either hunted Central Oregon or similar habitat (i.e. Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, etc.) to see what worked best for you given the terrain.

Please feel free to ask for more information to provide your best feedback, thanks for taking a look at this situation.

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