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Hi all,
I am very excited to be going on my very first elk hunt this October!  I have lived in Ohio basically my whole life and am super excited to finally get an chance to hunt the west!  I have an either sex elk tag for GMU 13 for the first rifle season.  I have a very good friend that used to live in Craig and has friends with farmland we will be able to hunt on. 

My question is really what to expect as far as number of encounters (I know weather at higher altitudes plays a big role in this), size of bull, etc.  What size bull is considered representative of elk in that area?   I have never seen an elk in the wild, so I'm sure they'll all look big to me.  Am I better off taking the first legal bull I see?  Wait for a 4x4? I don't want to hold out for a 5x5 if that's a pipe dream in that area.

I'm really viewing the experience of visiting a new area with a great friend as the trophy, but wouldn't mind getting a nice set of antlers for the wall either!

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