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Hunt Planner / Re: Private property
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:35:40 PM »
King county in Washington??

Or CA?

Probably a couple more of those through the nation  :-D

Hunt Planner / Re: Nevada results are out
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:29:57 PM »
I started making donations to NV this year.  I thought I might get an extremely lucky year one, but I'm glad that I didn't grieve all the legacy donors who have been waiting years upon years to hunt. I look forward to hearing the wins!

Campfire / Re: ThrowBackThursdays
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:30:48 AM »
October 1996, CO, unit 211 near Maybell. 
We were driving to a new BLM area and saw a herd which we learned was being routed by a man in a truck. The herd ran right toward us within 30 yards and made their path like a Tetris puzzle around our truck _|—.   I was with two other shooters and was astonished that they did not fire on one of the few legal bulls near the front of the herd.  Being confident in my shooting and determined to harvest, I picked out a legal bull who was bringing up the rear. I Led him and missed.  Shot again hitting the neck.  He stopped and looked at me as I put him to sleep. 

Being my first encounter with Elk, I was amazed at his size.  The truck which we saw chasing the herd drove over to us.  He was a resident, hunting with his boys and we discovered had shot my bull in the hind quarter—that's why this bull was bringing up the rear of the herd.  The law stated whoever put the animal down had rights to harvest.  Nonetheless, the older men in my group decided we should flip a coin.  I called heads and harvested this bull.  Being a CA resident and life long wild man notorious for being an excellent hunter in our area, my dad dreamed of hunting elk, but never had the resources to hunt them. He was proud to hear that I shot this bull.  Every time it was mentioned he would smile as big as the sun.  He had a indian friend make two matching necklaces with the ivory. The one he proudly wore for years and eventually it went to his meth addiction. I wish He would have answered the call of the Lord and made actions that would have enabled us to hunt more together.  Amazing-Grace-willing, we'll pick up a trail together in heaven.

Campfire / Re: Heads Up Decoy - Giveaway!
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:24:02 AM »
1- No, but I plan to with elk,moose, antelope & when I begin archery
2- Yes, it appears to help peek the right type  attention
3- Stalking.  I also plan on using for antelope in open country

Other Big Game Hunting / Re: 2018 Other Big Game meat pole
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:20:05 PM »
I've hunted boar many years and killed them with my dad and dogs, but this is the first boar I finally connected with rifle.

Campfire / Re: Show us your hunting rig
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:02:36 PM »
I started hunting in my first car, a VW beetle.  Upgraded to a metallic blue '93 ranger.  We got all kinds of looks with that box:D 
Then I had a '04 Ranger which hunted every weekend in college and moved with me to grad school in AR where I hunted the ozarks for a year.  After school and moving back to CA, I sold it to start my design business.
During that time, I was on sabbatical from hunting.
I recently inherited a GMC Yukon that works for now. 

I hope to get a new Colorado or Canyon; leaning toward diesel.  Ideally, I'd love a electric/hybrid light duty truck from the future!

 Timing and length of pronghorn and moose seasons.

[A late season Pronghorn even for a doe would be a nice addition to a non-residents elk hunt.

[]Any additional increase to harvest success for moose is gladly welcomed. 

 Converting over-the-counter (OTC) either-sex (ES) archery elk licenses to bull only licenses in some units of the state.
This topic seems to expose their call for "moderate" discussion:) As the above posts mention, this OTC Archery tag provides security for harvest success—seems every hunter favors this value; unless they fill their value system by watching the failure of others.  As we know, some men make their livelihoods from doing so and are congruent with their methodology by taking delight in the failure of others—I like to graciously think of them as cottonheads, but that's a tangent. 

If Management is trying to pad their revenue potential by making a new tag as well as satisfying the harvest rate; they need to :thewave: Lead-Up and provide clarity to their reasoning with this change.  Seeking more income on the back of archery hunters who use that tag to justify making that difficult-hunt is un-helpful and potentially designates wrong management stewardship.  If the harvest stats during this OTC archery season are expending undue pressure on the herd; then maybe this potential-change is the best option for this policy cycle.  Whatever the source motivator for this topic, Management should clearly communicate what objective and reasoning they have for this potential change.
 Youth hunting opportunities and participation.
Yes!  How about Hunter of a Friend who has kids, but doesn't hunt tag  Seriously though, my friend doesn't currently hunt, but he and his son are learning about hunting and wants to go hunt.  Having a special tag or draw for Party Hunts for the sake of helping Families get a harvest is a great policy.  With qualification that herd numbers warrant creating additional hunts.

Creating additional tags/hunts at the expense of an already highly conditionally-gamed system is not agreeable; nor is it preferable to a system which seeks to maintain a management balance involving Economy & Harvest Success. Non-resident tag, preference points, and all conditions should prioritize herd quality and health then prioritize those who have been paying/supporting the management system.  Whatever new change is proposed, it should focus on creating abundance and prioritizing harvest success across all units and seasons.
Leveraging tags to increase funds is a "scarcity" driven process.  You don't need to make money doing it that way... State your Values—State Your Objective—State Your Method to Align with those Core Focuses.  If your eyes are on the Solution you'll determine if the potential change warrants application. All these topics are so vague :rtfm: gotta love the outdated practice to tip toe around underlying objectives. :help2: Testing the waters for slumbering sheeples and the dosage of dependency that attempts to lead our great democracy.   Of course decision makers are informed and understand hunter values.  Those values are there because hunters shared their process and inform them of what it takes to successfully harvest.  We also do their stat data generation work—let us know the details please. No need to hide behind a translucent glass wall of authority. How about we Share in Success driven policies rather than trying to make conditions harder and/or more stressful for those who actually pay to support the system. 

You don't need to game the shoot-out-of this system.  Share your herd management insights based on our OTC Archery inputs and we'll support the cause which supports herd health, quality, and our ability to harvest with high success potential. Geez, aren't we already conditioned-out in our Country?  Let's avoid the conditional-cancer that shifts the focus from our mutually-expansive-shared-values. Potential and actual change doesn't need to warrant "moderate" input.  Share the stats we already share the mission. 

Campfire / Re: Sitka giveaway!
« on: May 12, 2018, 09:48:22 PM »
Currently run a handmedown Simmons 10x or 12x?

I'm planning my upgrade to 10x42 Nikon Laserforce
 and Leupold 15x56  BX-5 Santiam HD

General Elk Hunting / Re: CO OTC
« on: May 12, 2018, 09:41:56 PM »
I shot a raghorn on 211 back in 1996. Although not archery, I'm in the same position looking for good harvest rate OTC area.
Thanks all the vets offering suggestions!

Hunt Planner / Re: Montana Hunters Res/Non who we got?
« on: May 12, 2018, 09:26:14 PM »
How many we have from Montana?  How many we have hoping to hunt Montana this year?
If I get overambitious at the end of the month I might pay for a Pronghorn tag this year.  I did purchase some Super Tags.  I like helping other states support their conservation budget:) Maybe I'll be blessed someday for my "non-res contributions".  I already help support with my Federal tax dollars, maybe someday I'll be consider more than just a "non-res".  If I don't squeeze a trip up there this year, I know I'll eventually make a hunt there someday:)

General Elk Hunting / Re: 2018 Elk meat pole
« on: May 12, 2018, 08:59:18 PM »
I'll make sure I'm the 1st to share... :-D :-D
I don't think growing'm in Arkansas counts:)

General Elk Hunting / Re: best bow?
« on: May 12, 2018, 08:56:55 PM »
Never look through glass you can't afford. Haha

I like this advice. I've been researching bows from a zero experience level.  As a designer of products & my "prosumer"-minimal-bias, I thoroughly consider as many variables and configurations as possible.  I've only preliminarily researched the top names.  I'm also biased toward innovation and those deserving of the "original".  That is always balanced out by avoiding the slippery slope of who made what first, but if they meet it, I give them the due respect of additional consideration.  From my preliminary search, Mathews seems to have met several innovative points.  Although, you can sacrifice slight noise variance, if you execute all other factors; I do like the "quietest" factor. My sensei  :train: Corey Jacobsen said he tried a bunch of bows for extended periods and found home with Prime:)  I know other guys say the same about their picks.  John Eberhart picks Mathews. Many other echo the posts above about using what you have and using what works despite the name and features.  I'd love to start out shooting one of the quietest and fastest bow in the most recent technology. However, I'll probably buy the best dependable shooter deal I come across. With cost as my biggest decider, I'll walk the advice line above because I'm a sucker for the "best".

Campfire / Re: Free Gear Friday! Happy Friday
« on: April 20, 2018, 10:33:16 PM »
Congrats TheBigShow!

Thanks E101 for the good times.

Seems like fitness is a common improvement goal.  May the Lord boost our immunities and compound His strength with our fitness process.

I like @KD...'s goal of staying positive.  I resonate with that and 'am inclined to maintain positivity by creating a bullet point list, used to reference as the days go and by giving thanks along the way. So, I'll have like a trouble shooting key which references the common issues and Cory's solutions which will help filter my circumstantial issues.
Writing and talking it out helps me process my experience.  A written key will help me develop solutions to the issues that pop up.

I also plan on doing what Randy says—have 5-6 areas that look hunt-pretty.  After some extremely rough business experiences, I know the value of having at least a back up for plan B.  Flexing with circumstances is necessary, but a clear strategy to resolve the emotive response and stay solution focused while undergoing the flex is really helpful to me.

Archery / Re: Who packs a pistol?
« on: April 20, 2018, 10:12:12 PM »
After listening to Seal and Coach Chris Forrest on the EXO MTN podcast, I'll be purchasing 10mm.  He says you want velocity over caliber size of .45 & .40.  He said his wood block testing shows the need for velocity. He said the larger big revolvers will suffice as well.  He said from his testing he'd prefer 9mm over a .45.  Said, full jacket not hollow points.  Hardened lead is preferrable. 

After his story about Todd and the grizzly speed he referenced, I will not be putting my health and wellness security in bear spray. 
If I get charged, I'd rather dispatch the animal to heaven than give him some chilly and flare than a blurry smoke show.  I respect the approach to avoid and hide when in their territory, but I've seen Grizzly Man and know better to think I can bark up a big teddy.  You see guys fishing and photographing with them, I think that's absurd.
If you are man of faith, you also know spirits can control wild animals—I like to deal with that in bullets and the name the man upstairs.  And given my faith, in that order.  I think the man upstairs knew exactly what he meant when he said you'll do greater things than I.   

We used to carry the good old .44 S&W revolver and killed black bears no problem. 
Now backpacking and considering size and weight, I'm looking for a 10mm(despite it's size and weight).  I've gained loveyeyes for the Sig P220 Hunter. 

I've treed both cats and black bear with hounds and feel like my bark is big enough for them to reconsider their proximity.  I've actually treed a black bear using my voice without a hound.  Although, it was already on the run and I approached it in my truck:)—A garbage bear; even still, they don't like the noise. He did not stay treed very long:); as they do with weak treeing and/or a couple hounds on them.  Without hounds, I'm a little less confident at night and feel better at night with my gun on standby. 

In all my years hunting, I've never lit up a panther at night without hounds. I do believe cats keep their distance, but you never know what their circumstances are and I like to be pro-active-vigilant—hate to be fooled once.   

Here's the Podcast & Chris link:

Hunt Planner / Re: Top Rut
« on: April 20, 2018, 11:31:22 AM »
Thanks for the referral!

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