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Welcome, and THANK YOU for signing up for the University of Elk Hunting ONLINE COURSE! The course is packed full of elk hunting information and content, aimed at helping you become a more successful elk hunter, regardless of your previous elk hunting experience. If you are ready to begin, simply click on the "GET STARTED" link below. Or, you can scroll down a little farther on the page and navigate directly to specific topics you are most interested in. Before you get started though, I want to give you a quick overview of how to properly navigate the course.

The University of Elk Hunting ONLINE COURSE consists of over 130,000 words, 60+ video components, and hundreds of images and diagrams! Due to the large volume of content, the course is broken up into Modules and Chapters. Modules are like "Sections", and each "Section" is further separated into Chapters. There are a total of 17 Modules, and within those 17 Modules, there are a total of 54 Chapters. At the bottom of each page within the ONLINE COURSE, you will find easy navigational buttons to take you from Chapter to Chapter, or Module to Module. You will also be able to "Return to Home" and come back to this page at any time.

I would strongly urge you to take notes throughout the course. There is going to be way too much information to remember it all, so jot down some of the things that stand out to you as you go through the course.

Also, I would love your feedback. There is a link below to leave a review of the course, and if you feel the course is beneficial, I'd love to have you help spread the word and let your elk hunting friends know about it!

Again, thank you for signing up. Good luck, and enjoy!

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MODULE 1: "Planning Your Elk Hunt"

MODULE 2: "Scouting For Elk"

MODULE 3: "Physical Conditioning"

MODULE 4: "Elk Hunting Gear"

MODULE 5: "Using Elk Calls"

MODULE 6: "Elk Hunting Knowledge"

MODULE 7: "Locating Elk"

MODULE 8: "Setting Up On Elk"

MODULE 9: "Calling Elk"

MODULE 10: "Miscellaneous Elk Hunting Strategies"

MODULE 11: "Common Elk Hunting Challenges"

MODULE 12: "Tracking And Bloodtrailing"

MODULE 13: "Field Care Of Elk Meat"

MODULE 14: "Packing Your Elk"

NEW! MODULE 15: "Post-Rut & Late Season Elk Hunting"


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