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323 reviews for University of Elk Hunting Online Course

  1. Jonathon Jackson (verified owner)

    This year I was drawn not only for my first ever Elk hunt, but also my first ever archery hunt. I’ve only hunted whitetail with a gun or crossbow up until this year so I felt very unprepared. I was skeptical of this course at first but after going through the modules I felt WAY more confident despite the low success rate of harvesting an elk that we often hear about. Using the E-Scouting tactics Corey goes over, and finally getting boots on the ground, it took only 3 days to put myself in a position for a shot. After 20 minutes of stalking, I was able to sneak in on a 5×6 herd bull once his herd moved out of range at which point I dropped him with a 45 yard shot. The shot was high and I clipped a nerve in his neck but I contribute that to my adrenaline running way high and not being able to steady the shot. The guys I was hunting with have been elk hunting every year since the 80’s and they couldn’t believe what happened. They called it beginners luck. I’ll recommend this class to anyone because there is so much information provided that you are bound to learn something new. Thanks Corey.

  2. nick cox (verified owner)

    This course has grown my confidence in learning on how to get the job done in archery season. The bugle call is probably one of the hardest things for me, already so much better.

  3. Robert Holland (verified owner)

    YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS. I have moderate experience and success with deer and bear hunting. No experience with elk hunting. For some reason I got interested in the later. Read the course pretty much from start to finish in 1 setting and practiced calling while driving to and from work for a few months. Due to Covid, license complexity and family responsibilities I could not put together a elk hunting trip for this year. I then decided that major satisfaction would come with calling in a bull to within archery range and taking a video. I went to a state with elk. It took me a few days to find them. On my first hunt, I got answers to my calls right off. I followed Elk101 guidelines to the letter. Thirty minutes into the hunt I had a bull moving towards me. He arrived at 40 minutes into the hunt. Wonderful image of the bull looking around for the cow (me) that was calling him. With another hunter and a setup it would have been high probability for success. He eventually saw and did not like me. After he left, I checked my camera – battery dead 1 minute before he arrived. Corey’s background and engineering training make him a great instructor.

  4. Adam Benike (verified owner)

    Corey is very articulate, detailed and a proven leader in the “Elk experience”. I took time to listen and watch ELK 101 and I have become a better hunter for it. If you are an avid Elk hunter, rookie like me or a seasoned vet, you will learn from this course. Well done, thanks Corey and team. Keep up the great work!

  5. Daniel Eliason (verified owner)

    I have so appreciated this course! As a Canadian, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t translate to where I hunt. When I saw the first few modules about choosing units and tags etc. I thought that maybe the case… I’m so grateful that I was wrong! The wealth of knowledge in this course is SO helpful! I have hunted for about 20 years and have been hunting elk for the last 5 years in the Rockies of BC, and still learned SO much from this course! I highly recommend it!

  6. Wallace McAbee (verified owner)

    I loved this course! Helped move me from a seasoned deer hunter and outdoorsman from Georgia and prepare me for success. My son lives in Denver and we are both trying to become elk hunters together – great Father and Son time. Adding Randy Newburg a big plus. Only suggestion would be to add more content for rifle hunters for post-rut and late seasons. Corey and Randy are great coaches. Plan to watch many times. Thanks again! Wallace McAbee

  7. David Kalanick (verified owner)

    I should have joined earlier. I have hunted elk for 20 years public land. I learned a lot the hard way. This course will save you some of the hardships. The scouting section is extremely helpful. I got the course to help me master diaphragm calls and setup strategies when a elk is coming in or you are going after. I am improving and that’s what counts. The 101 3 pack red green white reeds where a game changer for me. This course will save you more than it’s cost. The more you understand Elk the closer you are to achieve success!

  8. Jeffrey Kammerzell (verified owner)

    Lots of great information, going to take some time digesting. Look forward to using the tutorials for polishing up my cow calling & bugling.

  9. Richard Howard (verified owner)

    Comprehensive elk knowledge! Thanks! I’ve hunted elk several years but learned many new nuggets of information in every chapter. I have tried to use diaphragm calls for years and was never able to make so much as a squeak. Watching Corey’s tutorials gave me the confidence to try one more time! Now I can make reasonable elk sounds and now I practice on my 2.5 hour round trip commute! Can’t wait to hone this new skill out in the field in a few short weeks!

  10. MARK BROWNING (verified owner)

    I thought it was good, I’m going to go through it a couple of times. Knowing I’m going to be going through it a couple of times about half way through it I quit watching the videos. I wanted an overall picture of everything. I’m going to go back and watch just the videos then make a third run and read and watch everything I think I need to see twice.

    There are a couple of changes I would make:
    1. It would be nice to copy and past, not sure what you used to create the pages but I cannot copy from the text then past into Word for my own personal cheat sheet.
    2. Maybe have a page that includes all the videos so we don’t have to search each module for them.


  11. Donald Pratt (verified owner)

    Hi, Corey, First of all thankyou for making this course available! The information in this course is invaluable! you have given a lifetime of Elk Hunting knowledge to everyone who wants to learn to hunt Elk! That’s Amazing! I consider my self to be a very knowledgeable Whitetail hunter with over 50+ years of hunting them in different states and being successful. But I don’t think I would have the Patience or the amount of time sitting to put together all the information like you have done in this Elk hunting course! Bless you! This is what I new that I needed to help me to be more successful in harvesting an Elk! It’s Like all that I know about Deer that makes me successful! But now for Elk! It’s what I have been looking for for years but could never find. The real heart of Elk hunting and pursuing Elk! You have a great Passion-Don’t lose it! I took my time going through the course an was amazed by what I was learning about elk. You really need to really know your Animal that your hunting to really be successful. And knowledge of your quarry can definitely make you a better hunter! Again -Thankyou for a Awesome Course! Donald Pratt, Houston TX. By the way Me and my daughter will be heading to your home state in September during the Rut with my Muzzleloader in hand in Any Weapons in the Middlefork Zone! Happy Hunting!

  12. Paul Fiege (verified owner)

    WOW! So much information and at a wonderful price. Thank you Corey for your willingness to share. I have been watching and listening to Elk Talk podcast and your pal Randy. I am so glad I came to UEH you bring all your rabbit holes together in one nice canyon of information. I agree with Lonnie, if you can put a scroll on the audio controls that would be great, I had to pause and resume quite a bit. I think I saw a grouse out my window.

  13. Douglas Hartman (verified owner)

    Corey, great job putting this course together. I’ve gone through this material several times and always pick up something that I missed the previous time. I especially needed help reading maps and this course really helped me do that. Thanks again!

  14. kevin smith (verified owner)

    I think this course is a good start to getting past that 10% group. I picked up a lot of good tips and can”t

    Picked up a lot of good tips taking this course. Hopefully it will get me past that 10% group!

  15. John Christensen (verified owner)

    5 STARS!!!! An in-depth and must have course for every elk hunter whether new or seasoned hunter.

  16. lonnie phillips (verified owner)

    Great information. Just got it and could not get away from the computer for HOURS. Wish I would’ve had this before I went out to CO last year for my first Elk hunt. Only one suggestion for improvement, if possible. The start/stop button for the audio that corresponds with the text is at the top of the page. If you are like me and prefer to read and hear at the same time, you have to scroll back up to stop if you want to repeat, and then scroll back down. If the tech guys could make a traveling audio control button that would be good. Lonnie

  17. Rob Crane (verified owner)

    Quality product and instruction

  18. Dan Woodall (verified owner)

    Really good and useful information in this course. Highly recommend.

  19. Samuel (verified owner)

    I signed up for this course 4 years ago and depending on the definition of success it was a great year.
    I got on elk, and saw a lot because I learned where to look. I did not harvest that year do to a bad two man set up.
    I didn’t lose hope and have harvested the past two year thanks to my new elk knowledge because of this course

  20. Aaron Pudlicki (verified owner)

    AWESOME info Thanks! Happy Hunting

  21. JOHN MATLOCK (verified owner)

    Wow, what a great course! I have dreams now how I am going to use the information and become a successful elk hunter.

  22. Caleb Bailey (verified owner)

    Lots of great information. Highly recommend even for a longtime hunter

  23. Don Anderson (verified owner)

    I just renewed my Membership in the UEH. After completing the course last year, my hunting success was drastically improved. I had archery hunted elk for over 40 years with only one successful hunt. I am always an OTC DYI hunter, but unfortunately was caught up in the same old rut of most of the unsuccessful elk hunters (no pun intended). After multiple committed reviews of the information contained in the UEH course, and careful application of the tools and techniques last season, I was able to pull a nice 6×6 into 17 yards while my son-in-law launched an arrow to harvest a great bull. Thank you Cory and your other contributors for the opportunity to learn more!! This was time and money well invested.

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