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359 reviews for University of Elk Hunting Online Course

  1. Christopher (verified owner)

    I am a complete novice when it comes to elk, but not to backcountry hunting and hiking. Corey has done a fantastic job of assembling and organizing piles of elk hunting advice and information. This is the kind of resource that you ‘ll learn something new each time through. People spend lots of money on elk hunting on tag fees and gear, but its all wasted if you don’t know how to hunt them. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase.

  2. Roger (verified owner)

    I started hunting elk about 20 years ago. I had little direction and zero knowledge. I stumbled around in the woods sitting wallows or following bugles but didn’t really know what to do once I got there. I had a couple of close calls but never killed anything. I’m just starting to get back into it now that my kids are out of diapers and my career has advanced. After reading through the course so many of my experiences hunting elk are coming back to me. I wish I knew all of this then, it makes so much more sense. There were several encounters I had that I really didn’t know the next step…now I do. I’m going to be out there this September with a bow in hand and it will be my first archery hunt in ten years. I’m really looking forward to applying this knowledge.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    Great job of putting everything together into on package. It takes years of learning on our own to discover every thing included in this series of modules. Understanding Elk behavior is what I struggle with the most and I think I benefited from this greatly. I also like the fact that you addressed the effort involved in reaching the elk as well as getting them out of the woods, I lost many an elk hunting buddy after they found out how much work is involved after the harvest. Kudos to you Corey and all that helped make this happen!!!

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    I have read a few books on elk hunting that were written by pros, and still they haven’t been any where near as informative as you Corey. I’ve tried my luck for 2 years in a row, but see where I’ve failed now:( I hope to see you in the mountains some day! I feel like I could go call in any bull! That’s confidence coming from a 100% unsuccessful hunter. Thanks for your time spent putting together the best course that will ever be written

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Cory has changed the world of elk hunting! If you haven’t signed up for the course you are way behind in the game.
    Well worth the cost!

  6. Brock (verified owner)

    Great job on the coarse. It is the most complete guide to all things elk hunting. I learned a lot and feel my confidence has increased. Thank you

  7. Glenn (verified owner)

    While I have not hunted for many years, i will be retiring soon and I am preparing to go from eastern hunting grounds to western. I found this course to be more than all inclusive and the detail unsurpassed. From the well explained wording to the videos and demonstrations and comparisons, I honestly feel that if one were to apply everything in this course, than there is no reason not to be successful. It covers every detail of every aspect and every angle, that a hunter needs. Sure there may be more stuff out there, but one does not need everything if one has enough, and that is what this course gives. There are so many tidbits and insights, that change basic knowledge to great from good.
    What I would suggest is take the course now. Come back in a month and breeze through it again, covering the things that you forgot or didn’t understand, than do that the next month, because really this isn’t a course about learning something, but rather understanding something. When the light bulb finally turns on, you will know it.
    Thank you Corey for the insight to make the effort, to share a lifetime of success and failure, which resulted in this exceptional Elk Hunting course.

  8. Dave (verified owner)

    Corey, Fantastic job with the information in this course. I have just completed my first time through the course and will be going back through it many times. I have been archery hunting for 28 years and have been lucky enough to enjoy close to 50% success rate but had I had this course back when I started I am confident that my success rate would be 75% or more. I’m 58 years old and this course has motivated me to work on every aspect of elk hunting, especially conditioning and calling. Thank you so much for the tremendous effort it must have taken to put this course together, I LOVE IT! Dave Morris, Eugene, Or.

  9. Scott (verified owner)

    After 2 years of not filling my elk tag, I was ready to get more serious about hunting. This course is the most complete source of elk information I have found. It has even left me wanting to switch over to archery just so I can hunt during the rut every year and call in elk!

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    Great resource of information from a very experienced elk hunter. Neatly set up and nice that you can review it whenever you’d like for a year. I’ll be graduating university a few times this summer and probably some refresher through the fall! A+ Corey & crew, well done. Great investment for the serious elk hunter

  11. Dirk Durham (verified owner)

    I wish I would have had this course 27 years ago when I first started bowhunting elk!!!!! The amount of detail and sheer volume of information in this course is staggering. And in the same token, that huge amount of information is organized into 1 neat package. I’d like to also add; you don’t have to be a novice to benefit from this course. There are many elk hunting hacks that a seasoned vet can really appreciate.

  12. Erik (verified owner)

    This is a treasure trove of information about elk and elk hunting from an incredibly skilled, experienced and ethical hunter. Well worth the purchase price. I have done some elk (rifle) hunting prior to going through the course but I learned a ton! I am looking forward to getting into bowhunting for elk!

  13. Dan (verified owner)

    Corey, I am so glad I signed up for the course. I can’t believe how much I have learned. You really have a gift for teaching. Thank you! Easily the best elk hunting resource I have found.

  14. Jesse (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for elk season now!! Corey thanks for sharing what you know. This is an amazing collection of elk hunting knowledge, every hunter can benefit from reading this.

  15. Cindy (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been hunting elk for over 30 years, after a few days of this course we found out we don’t know anything compared to what we are learning on this course! We recommend this course to anyone who would ever venture into the elk woods. This is one awesome course and hope many others take advantage of this! It is so unbelievable that Corey would take the time to share this incredible knowledge with so many! Thank you for a job well done! Dave and Cindy Denton

  16. Kelsey (verified owner)

    I’ve been slowly going through the modules since it came online. The information here is invaluable. The time Corey spent to put this all together is unbelievable. I feel like a serious elk hunter will benefit greatly from this resource. There is always something more to learn, always something to improve upon. This course will ensure that someone who is serious about elk hunting and improving themselves will not get complacent. Thanks Corey for your time and dedication.

  17. Dan (verified owner)

    Corey, outstanding job on putting this course together. It would have been great to have this 25 years ago when I started elk hunting. We didn’t have Google Earth and GPS’s like today back then, but the map reading training would have helped. You have provided a wealth of knowledge that I can now apply to my hunts. Well worth the course tuition. The videos are excellent and provide the show and tell that I learn from. Thank you.

  18. Dale (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical when I saw this course, after all I’m 62 and have been hunting and chasing the Wapiti for quite a while. Most hunters get a bit “pride full’ in their methods of hunting and are sometimes unwilling to hear how somebody else does things, especially as you get older! But I thought, “What the heck I might learn something”.
    I have finished the modules and conclude that this course was the most informational source for elk hunters at any age. As I completed each chapter I found myself reminiscing on elk encounters I had, both successful and not. And I learned the reason why some setups worked while others failed. All through the course Cory explained in great detail what I did right and what I did wrong in each of those scenarios.
    Was the information learned worth the $$ spent? Absolutely!! Would I recommend the course to someone else? Ask my two hunting buddies…
    Thanks Cory for your help and educating this ole guy!!

  19. Cody (verified owner)

    Corey, it really is awesome how much passion you have for elk hunting, and its very contagious. Thank you very much for the time spent in putting this together. You should be very proud. I’ve told every body I know that spends time in the hills about this information,and am happy to do it. Can’t wait to send pics of this year’s hopeful success. . Thank you again

  20. Kelly (verified owner)

    The way I look at it you never can have to much knowledge when it comes to elk hunting. Great job Corey I am enjoying this so very much. As others have said so worth the money. There are things in here that I have never thought of or about.

  21. Travis (verified owner)

    I’m a self taught elk hunter for the most part. (I have read other books and hunted with old wise men). Taking the experiences I have had myself in the field along with Corey’s will make me a dangerous man in the Elk woods this season. Thank you Corey for taking the time to put together this course. If I could change one thing about the course it would be narration of the chapters. I learn well by listening to words spoke rathern then reading them myself. I can not speak for everyone that is just a personal preference and in no way is meant to degrade or take away from this wonderful course. Have a get year chasing Cervus canadensis.

  22. Royle (verified owner)

    Great info in this course, It’s almost overwhelming! Very well done!

  23. Mitch (verified owner)

    I’ve been on 4 elk hunts and wanted to learn more to get into that group that is consistently successful rather than randomly successful. I highly recommend this course as it covers so much information from scouting to physical prep, to hunting strategies to breaking down and packing out your elk. Nice to get all this information in one place and have it not only in print form but complimented by video – awesome job! Thanks Corey!

  24. Steven (verified owner)

    Corey, This is great stuff. I can’t get over how much time you must have spent. (tell me how many man hours were involved) I could not take a guess. I have learned so much and each time I read more, I find myself going back to the already read articles and pick up on things I missed. I will be hunting elk for the first time this fall and know this will help me to prepare myself. Again, great work.

  25. S (verified owner)

    Great course! Thanks Corey!

  26. Nick (verified owner)

    Corey, Wow! this course is amazing! It has answered a lot of the questions that have been swimming around in my head and then some! If you are a beginner all the way to a vet at elk hunting YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS COURSE! Even the vets will learn a few things from this course! Hands down this is amazing! my hat is off to you and your team Corey! I look forward to putting what I have learned in this course to work in the Idaho backcountry this September!

  27. Mike (verified owner)

    An absolute gold mine of elk hunting information. Took up archery elk hunting 8 years ago and have had some success. I’ve done a lot of skipping around in the course and continue to find helpful nuggets of information. About the only thing I haven’t seen in here is how to process one up and put in the freezer. Worth every cent. Well done guys!

  28. Travis (verified owner)

    This was awesome! I’ve been through it once and will be going back through it a second time more slowly and pointedly focusing on the holes in my knowledge. The elk knowledge and video on scouting using google earth was worth the price of admission on its own! One piece of feedback that would be really helpful would be to show specifically, in the video, how to leave evidence of sex attached to a hind quarter. Nothing I’ve been able to find anywhere actually shows clearly how to leave testicles attached to a quarter. They always say, “we’re going to do that on the other side:)”.

  29. Jon (verified owner)

    Thank you for offering this incredible course. This will be my first year Elk hunting and I wanted to do it right. I purchased the DVD last year and started with that. This course is very addicting, I don’t want to log out!

  30. Jon (verified owner)

    Great class, I’ve been fortunate to kill a few Bulls, some of them I felt was just Divine intervention. Going through the modules somethings just start popping and lights just start going off. It wasn’t Divine intervention, nor a one off. The rhyme and reason for those successful set ups that worked become ultra clear and you realize it wasn’t a one off.

    Well done Corey, probably the best material I have seen yet on elk hunting.

  31. Todd (verified owner)

    Barely got into and can’t put down. I’m hooked. Great job and phenomenal detail. Thank you.

  32. steve (verified owner)

    Just finished modules 1 thru 4 great info. Can’t wait to proceed with the other modules. I’m a life long hunter, but 2014 and again in 2015 i hunted elk for the first time in forty years, I’m 73 and now retired so i have more time. Love your approach to explaining your thoughts. Thanks again, Steve

  33. Anthony Spencer (verified owner)

    I am still devouring all this elk hunting bliss. When I think back to all the mistakes I made as I learned to hunt elk I can’t help but think about how much time a course like this would shave off the learning curve!! Every aspect of elk hunting is covered in this program. I can’t wait to get thru the whole thing. I know it will improve my game.

  34. Michael (verified owner)

    Wow, went through Module 12 last night, and then went through it again – great stuff. Will be reading and rereading each Module and chapter!

  35. Todd (verified owner)

    Corey, Great Course. This is my second year of Elk hunting. The information that you have given in this course is going to greatly advance everyone elk hunting knowledge. Awesome. It is now time to start putting all this information to work! Corey thank again for putting in the time & effort to help us all be better western hunter!

  36. delbert (verified owner)

    Go ahead and get off fence and order. Most comprehensive elk hunting information I have ever seen assembled in one place. Love the video’s that support the articles. Hard to read about how to blow an elk call and have a clue what the article is talking about, but with the videos it is easy to understand. Also with all the specials involved right now, they are almost giving you this course for free, plus many other discounts. Just do it you won’t regret it.

  37. Gary (verified owner)

    Love it! Just getting into the Elk and Potatoes of it!!!!

  38. Brian (verified owner)

    I have been elk hunting since I was 12 and have done countless hours of research. I still learned from this course. Corey never ceases to amaze me.

  39. Ryan (verified owner)

    I’ve been elk hunting for a while now and I’ve had a few opportunities, but haven’t been able to close the deal. This course is well worth the money. This course has something for everyone, but if your a new elk hunter this is a must buy. The detail Corey goes into is crazy. Thanks Corey this will absolutely make me a better elk hunter

  40. Angelo (verified owner)

    Talk about a wealth of knowledge. I by no means think I’m a novice Hunter but the information Corey has put together is priceless. I can honestly sit back and read and relate to issues I’ve had from setup, scouting, calling, overal tactics that I need to fix. The nice part about this is I trust Corey. He’s a no time to waste kind of guy and he doesn’t have time to push this information off to people unless it’s important and factual. So do the right thing. Press the purchase now. And get to reading cuz it’s ALOT of info.

  41. kris (verified owner)

    Just got done with Module #1. This is awesome. You have given me tons to think about and a realistic approach for a solo elk hunter!

  42. Steve (verified owner)

    Hi Corey, I just watched and read Module 9- Calling Elk. I couldn’t agree more with everything that you say and demonstrate in this module. I am a firm believer that understanding how to convey “emotion” in your calls is so much more important than trying to understand or speak a specific language to elk. You are absolutely spot on when you say that “how” you say it with a call means so much more than “what” you say. Aspiring elk callers should take this to heart since learning how to put emotion into their calling will make all the difference in their elk calling success!

    I can’t wait to go through the other modules but wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the content and concise information that you provided in this module on elk calling.

    Steve Chappell
    Chappell Guide Service

  43. Greg (verified owner)

    Absolutely unreal how much thought and detail has went into making this masterpiece of elk hunting knowledge!!!!

  44. Mark Skousen (verified owner)

    I am blown away by the depth and variety of content this course offers. I have been hunting elk for over 30 years and I am like a kid in the candy store as I click through the modules and chapters. Can’t wait to put some of this learning into practice this fall. Is it September yet?

  45. Toby Gangler (verified owner)

    This course is hands-down the most in-depth and complete guide to elk hunting ever put together…period! Bravo Corey!

  46. Tony Mudd (verified owner)

    28 years ago I started bow hunting elk. “How-to” materials were basically non-existent. The UEH Online Course is the most comprehensive “How to Hunt Elk” material to hit the elk hunting world. Whether you are a beginner or have chased elk for many years, this course will help you punch those tags sooner and more frequently. I wish I had this 28 years ago, but I’m thankful I have it now! Thanks Corey!

  47. Randy Newberg (verified owner)

    I’ve been elk hunting for 25 years and I still have so much to learn. What Corey has provided here filled in many of the missing pieces. All elk hunters, from beginner to experienced, now have a HUGE headstart down the path of elk hunting knowledge. I only wish this had been available years ago. Thanks for the great information!

  48. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a great tool for anyone. This course is very in depth with excellent real world examples. Good work Corey!

  49. Clint (verified owner)

    As I was working through the modules, my wife asked me if it was good. My comment was, “I wish I had access to something like this when I first started out elk hunting!” But as I’ve gotten deeper into the modules, I’ve picked up things even a veteran elk hunter can gleen from too. Corey has left no stone unturned with this project!

  50. jongabrio (verified owner)

    If you’re a novice elk hunter or even a seasoned veteran elk hunter, this course has something to offer and is well worth the money!

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