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346 reviews for University of Elk Hunting Online Course

  1. Rick (verified owner)

    Finally a comprehensive encyclopedia of information on western elk hunting from a well-schooled hunter. Thank you Professor Jacobson for sharing your passion and knowledge on a subject that many of us live for. As a veteran and student of elk hunting, I am always eager to learn from others that are successful. This University class gets an A+ on content, organization of the material, explanation and examples of the material using videos, as well as the simplistic step by step instructions on what to do in different scenarios. I believe a nickname is in order “Elk Professor”! We only have a limited number of sunrises to hunt elk and you have shortened the learning curve. Well done and thanks for sharing you knowledge and making us all better elk hunters.

  2. Bob (verified owner)

    Wow! Very thorough, detailed, universally helpful to any elk hunter. Insightful and a complete guide to all aspects of elk hunting. I’m loving it!!

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    Excellent information here! Really makes me look back at all the times when I couldn’t quite seal the deal for one reason or another. Looking forward to putting this knowledge to use in the field this upcoming season! Thanks Corey!

  4. James (verified owner)

    Great course. I learned a few things and it really tied all the things I’ve learned over the years from experience together. Corey does a great job of keeping it simple and breaking it down into easy to understand steps.

  5. Travis (verified owner)

    Corey, terrific job on a great tool. Great layout, easy to use and awesome videos. I’ve made it about half way through the course and I’ve learned something in every module. You are not telling us the same stuff, just in a different way, you are teaching us exactly how you do things. I know I’ll be a better elk hunt this September because of this course! Thank you!

  6. Luke (verified owner)

    This fall I’ll be headed West for my first archery elk hunt. Corey does an excellent job of making everything easy to ready and understandable even for a flatlander such as myself.

    Of all the $ I’ve spent in equipment and gear for this fall’s hunt I feel this purchase will be the most beneficial. I now feel confident even though never physically hearing a bull bugle in person myself and my hunting partner will have increased our odds by an infinite amount. From start to finish everything was extremely interesting and the way it’s presented is second to none, he’s got a lifetime customer.

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    This is a great course and I appreciate all the hard work Corey did to bring this about!! I’ve hunted Elk since the late 60’s . Life is short and nothing touches my spirit and soul like bow hunting for Elk in September with my longbow. I want to be a more successful hunter and I highly recommend this to all !! Thank you .

  8. SHAWN (verified owner)

    By far the best tranning that I have come a crossed. In returning from a very long time out of the woods. I feel that this course is getting me back up to speed faster than I could have ever imagined. Elk101 has made this return to Hunting very easy and enjoyable. I drew a bull elk tag in unit 44 (Idaho) and feel this wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge I obtained from this course. Thank you Corey for putting together.

  9. Ronald (verified owner)

    Excellent information for all levels of hunter experience. A one-stop shop for elk hunting information. Thanks for the effort it took to compile this information.

  10. Trent (verified owner)

    Fantastic information for any elk hunters. I feel any questions I needed to know we’re answered somewhere along the line plus more. Recommend it to anyone!!

  11. Michael (verified owner)

    This is great! Have gone through a number of the chapter multiple time now and will continue to do so – well worth the “tuition”!

  12. Roehl (verified owner)

    Whether you are new to elk hunting, or want to extend your knowledge, Cory Jacobsen provides extremely valuable information to make elk hunters become very educated and confidence before heading into the elk woods. This course teaches you non-resident points/tag information, elk behavior, map scouting, and gear information. I recommend taking this course if you have an elk hunt planned in the future, as it can help better your success.

  13. John (verified owner)

    I’ve been hunting elk for over 45 years, the only problem is that I’m a flat lander who does not get to spend near enough time in the elk woods scouting or hunting. I will have to say, this course is one of the best if not #1 hunting investments I’ve made through out my elk hunting lifetime. As I read the text and watch the video segments of the course, I reflect back on past hunts and failed attempts on elk and come to relies why my attempts and efforts were not successful. I’m looking forward to putting this program to work in the woods. Cory, thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge of elk and elk hunting with other hunters. John

  14. Brent (verified owner)

    I’m just a beginner to western hunting but this course has a wealth of knowledge that I’m sure will pay dividends when I head out west this fall. This course provides tons more information than I have been able to find up to this point. Thanks Corey!

  15. colter (verified owner)

    It was very thorough. I am glad that I got it.

  16. Thomas (verified owner)

    I am from south Louisiana and I can only dedicate 10 days a year, at this point, to traveling to hunt elk. I have hunted elk on two different occasions to this point. Following my second trip I started to develop a bit of an understanding of how I thought things worked in the elk woods. When I began reading the course I was immediately extremely disappointed because I already possessed the knowledge Corey was sharing. Especially given the $100 price tag. But, since I had paid for the course I figured I’d be stupid for not continuing to read. The further along I moved into the course the more valuable it became. Corey portrays a high level of confidence in his delivery of the course. This level of confidence transferred into me and is giving me an extreme increase in my confidence. In my very meager elk hunting experience it is already very apparent that confidence as well as mental fortitude are a very important components of successfully hunting elk. To further display my approval of the course, let me say I am also pleased with the level of detail shared in this course. Corey has 30 yrs of elk hunting experience, he mentions that his dad guided elk hunters. This adds to his experience level as I’m sure his dad has coached him along the way. As I finished some of the later modules I actually thought to myself, that I would have paid more for the course had I known how valuable it would be. I have read several other elk hunting books prior to purchasing this course and watch hunting shows religiously. I also talk my head off every chance I get with experienced elk hunters. There is nothing I have come across that explains elk hunting better than this course. It basically provides a blue print for success. Which, again increases confidence. I’m sold. Thanks Corey, I’m am excited to give it another go this season with all the new knowledge I have gained from this course.

  17. Keith (verified owner)

    Excellent work, Corey! I’m enjoying the course very much, this stuff has been my missing link!

  18. Kyle (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the online course. I particularly enjoyed the online scouting (Google Earth) portion and the emphasis on wind and thermals and how they affect your tactics. I’ve been through the entire course once and will now go back through each portion a couple more times. I’m sure I’ll pick up even more info each time through.

  19. Donald (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW. What a great knowledge base. I like being able to return to the course and review the modules when ever I want.
    Very easy to navigate and use. could not be happier with the course.

  20. Chris (verified owner)

    Hey Corey,
    Your work and resultant course is really outstanding. As a life-long hunter and retired guide, I see this as a most valuable tool for the experienced as well as the novice. Each section is so well put together and through that diligent study will prepare anyone for a great hunting experience!
    IF YOU’RE A PART TIME HUNTER IN SEARCH OF A FULL TIME ELK… this course can tip the scales in your favor!
    Fabulous work Corey, Thanks

  21. Matthew (verified owner)

    As a new elk hunter, I didn’t know how much I don’t know. I am sure that the University of Elk Hunting has dramatically shortened my learning curve. This has been money well spent and I plan on coming back after the season to answer any questions that may have come up during the course of the hunt.

  22. Curtis (verified owner)

    So much information, you’re gonna need to take notes. All the information is broken down really well to cover every detail from getting tags to cleaning the animal. I would recommend to anyone who is even thinking about hunting elk.

  23. Jason (verified owner)

    Great information

  24. Richard (verified owner)

    I am terribly busy with a wife and two kids and running a business, so I have only made it through half of the course thus far. That said, it has answered more questions and filled in more gaps than I could have imagined. I don’t have a lot of time to spend finding this information all over the web, or reading stacks of books. Corey has condensed his years of experience and extracted the useful information and organized it in such a way that you can get the info you need, in very short order. I can’t recommend it enough! Thank you Corey and elk101 staff, I suspect you have given me the key to success this year on my hunt.

  25. Armin (verified owner)

    Great course! Well worth it. This info will definitely put more meat in students freezers this fall and more antlers on the walls.

  26. Ronald (verified owner)

    The information in this course is outstanding. I crashed through this course in a matter of days the first time and now I am going through it again to gleen even more information from the pages and videos. With 30 years of elk hunting under my belt I’ve learned so much that I now realize that in all those years the elk I’ve taken have been more luck than skill and knowledge. Truly worth the investment and I would recommend it to any elk hunter from novice to experienced. Thanks Corey!

  27. Morgan (verified owner)

    First of all I would like to thank Corey for taking the time putting this course together. I have been hunting elk in the public lands of Utah for 14 years now. I love it and am always trying to find ways to improve which is the reason I bought the course. I don’t think $99 is much to invest into educating ones self on any subject. I am loving this course and am studying it as much as I can. While much of the course is for the beginner (never hurts to be reminded of the basics) I have learned so much and the more I study the more I get out of it. I honestly believe this course can help me become a better hunter in general but specifically better elk hunter. Because I hunt the general season I seldom use a call because…. well it’s common knowledge that they don’t work. This course has inspired me to buy the right calls and practice with them and I plan on using the this season. I would and have encourage any hunter of any experience level to buy and study this course.

  28. Angelo (verified owner)

    From someone that’s hunted there entire life and is farely successful this information just solidified and opened my box to new ideas to think about. This honestly is for everyone and at any level of expertise. I really need and want to thank Corey for taking the time he did to put everything together and still make it enjoyable to go through. There is a lot of information and while sitting down and running through it all in one day might be ones desire I enjoyed the breaks and how he broke it up into chapters and modules. Dissecting the course to pieces and grabbing every bit of knowledge and experience from Corey’s was great! I have learned a lot from this and will be coming back to it regularly to grab little bits that I found VERY important like the Google scouting and elk calling chapters…two thumbs up and again thanks!

  29. Steven (verified owner)

    Simply the most complete source for information available to all elk hunters. Whether a first-time elk hunter or a seasoned vet, the information and detail Corey has put together is outstanding. He covers every aspect of the hunt start to finish and everything in between. This is a resource I will come back to time and again. Scouting, calling, tactics, field dressing……it’s all here.

  30. Philip (verified owner)

    This course is the best. I am a first year elk hunter from out East and this course is jam packed full of information. Top notch stuff.

  31. william (verified owner)

    Having never hunted elk before, I found this class very helpful. It answered many questions that I had pertaining to scouting and finding elk. Overall, the course was great.

  32. Matthew (verified owner)

    This is a great course for the entertainment factor alone. The collection of knowledge in this course is top notch I would recommend this to anybody that hunts elk no matter their experience level.

  33. John (verified owner)

    Great stuff all around. My focus was on locating, tactics and calling but this is a great resource for every elk hunter. Thanks Corey for all the work you put into this. Well worth the cost.

  34. Michael (verified owner)

    Looks like a lot of good content from some expert opinions. Can’t wait to dig into more of the material!

  35. Jack (verified owner)

    Corey thank you for putting this wealth of knowledge in one location. The information is very clear and concise. Being from the east I only get one week a year to be in elk county. All of the elk hunting knowledge I have obtained over the last 12 years has been through trial and error and through as much as i could read across the internet. There have been way more errors than success. I only wish i had this information when I started my quest for a DIY archery elk. I am positive it would have accelerated the learning curve and lead me to success much sooner. Thank you again!

  36. Brett (verified owner)

    Great course! I want an audio version to listen to in my truck on the way to Idaho! Thanks for all the work you put into this Corey.

  37. Aaron (verified owner)

    Thank you Corey for taking the time to create this course. I am a beginner with my second attempt at otc archery approaching this fall. A friend recommended this course to me, and after reading the reviews I purchased the course, to which I was very satisfied with the material. Thanks again.

  38. Dave (verified owner)

    Outstanding course and well worth the money spent, IMO. Very professionally done and covers everything you can possibly need.

  39. Paul (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal course. As an East Coast hunter for most of my life I’ve harvested a lot of whitetails. This year will be my first Western Archery Elk hunt and I’m in the learning mode. This course is detailed, well presented and has loaded me up with tools for success in the coming year. I’m hunting with an outfitter this year and I’ll be well armed with the knowledge necessary to make his job a lot easier. The following year will be a drop camp. Worth every penny I spent and then some. Appreciate the opportunity to learn from others rather than making my own mistakes and learning the hard way. Here’s to a punched tag.

  40. Calvin (verified owner)

    Fantastic course! I have learned a lot from the course and I think it will help me get my first elk this fall!

  41. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great course for every level of elk hunter. Corey, a big thanks for the time and effort you put into this project – taking your years of accumulated knowledge and making it easy to understand from start to finish. For someone relatively new to elk hunting, figuring out how to get started was overwhelming – from licensing, to gear, the scouting, what to do if you are successful and more. You’ve managed to put it all in one place. Thanks again!!

  42. Curtis (verified owner)

    As a flat land deer hunter from WI who has always dreamed of chasing elk I was excited for the debut of this course. I have been elk hunting 2 years and have had decent success finding elk but getting close and knowing how to call them in has been troublesome. After scouring through thousands of articles, forums, books, magazines, dvds, etc I felt a little more prepared. Than I saw that his course was coming out. I purchased the course the first day it was available and have read through it 3 times already and half way through a 4th. All I can say is WOW!! All the information from countless hours of research on my own is now in 1 place! I learn something new every time I read a module. Corey does a great job writing the information in a way that makes sense and really motivates you to want to get out on the mountain. You can tell that Corey really wants you to be successful in your pursuit of elk and is not just looking to make a quick buck. I would recommend this course to ANYONE who is looking to better themselves as an elk hunter. Another cool thing Corey does is he doesn’t sugar coat it that elk hunting is hard but he makes you feel like it is possible to go out and get an elk which was a HUGE bonus for me reading through the course. GREAT JOB COREY!!

  43. Jason (verified owner)

    Great course. Provides you with information that would take years of hunting to learn. Not just about hunting, but what you need to make it more comfortable as well, which is often times the biggest challenge. However, this course is not going to automatically make you successful. Ultimately, that’s going to be determined by how much effort you put in during the off season, and how bad you want it!

  44. Cody (verified owner)

    Corey did an amazing job on this course. I have to say it was well worth the money. I will be working my way back through the course many more times as September approaches. I am really excited to work some of his tips and tactics into my elk hunting strategy. I have been bow hunting for 10 years and I have experienced both success and failure. The information I gained in this course has allowed me to analyze my past hunts and truly understand the things that I have experienced in the elk woods, the things that made me successful, as well as the things that went wrong.

    My favorite part of this course is the awesome job Corey did on the elk anatomy and shot placement overlays. The first bull I ever shot, I hit right at the top of the pocket right behind the shoulder (right where I had always heard was the place to aim). The shot looked perfect but it turns out this is far from the ideal place to hit an elk with a bow. I learned the hard way just how tough elk are, and how important it is to understand their anatomy. Loosing that bull made me sick, afterwards I spent a lot of time looking for diagrams showing the vitals of an elk with no luck. It wasn’t until I successfully harvested a bull and was able to dissect him myself that I really started to see just how the vitals were arranged, I wish I had access to this years ago. I also enjoyed the diagrams for the frontal shot. I have personally never taken a frontal shot, but I feel confident now that if the shot presented itself that I could execute it.

    My hat’s off to Corey and all his work making such good information accessible.

  45. Richard (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course material and the ability to go back through and ‘re-blue’ myself on certain aspects as I prepare for my hunt. A thought out review will always have a sustain and an improve:

    Sustain- The various medias and perspectives used to present the lessons are eye opening. From the video Google Earth tutorials to drone footage of tactics to the “what elk see” first person perspective of an elk and then harvest videos of the methods in real world scenarios. Novel instruction methods for sure and incredibly useful!!

    Improve- I would like to see a bit more focus on the generally available tags and time periods of 2nd and 3rd Rifle Seasons, or the post-rut as presented. The archery and calling training material is unmatched. A heavier dose of how/where to find elk in that late Oct/early Nov time period and some more material on hunting tactics (solo/group) during those times would be about the only thing I can think of to expand what is an already extensive University ‘course listing’.


  46. Timothy (verified owner)

    I refrained from writing a review until I had read through the material a couple times. I have been hunting elk now for 29 years and have had some very good success, not at first but gradually getting better each year until I was confident enough in my approach that each time I go out I expect to be successful. All I can say is that I wish I had access to the information that you have shared with the world years ago! Everyone from a first timer coming out to hunt elk and a seasoned elk veteran can learn something from this course…

  47. David (verified owner)

    Just finished the course AWESOME thank you for putting it out there. Plan on reading it again and practice my calling.

  48. Yana (verified owner)

    This is a must for ANY elk hunter! It doesn’t matter if you are planning your first hunt or a seasoned vet.

  49. David (verified owner)

    I believe this course has something to offer for every type of elk hunter. Corey does a great job at breaking things down to the bare basics for the freshman elk hunter or reinforcing tactics to the seasoned elk hunter. Corey does not leave one aspect of what a successful encompasses from scouting, calling, and packing your elk out. I love the fact that he uses actual hunting videos to reinforce the topics he is covering. As a seasoned hunter I believe the money i spent on this course, I believe it was worth every penny because it drove home the tactics I like to use do work, and I learned something new on how to use google earth to its fullest potential in helping me plan my hunts. Thanks for the great course Corey.

  50. Brian (verified owner)

    If your just a beginner and wanting to learn how to elk hunt and everything about them, a individual that has been doing this for a while and had a little success, or a seasoned elk hunter and have taken many animals…There is something in these Courses that each and every one of us can take from it and use it to the best of our ability. Corey breaks down and simplifies with great articulation on every single aspect of UEH and probably the most Comprehensive material you’ll ever find on Elk hunting. Fabulous job Corey!!

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