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346 reviews for University of Elk Hunting Online Course

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    I am an avid whitetail hunter from Wisconsin who wanted to give elk hunting a try last fall. Naturally I thought I was a really good hunter with all my knowledge about hunting that I needed to give elk hunting a try. As I started planning for my trip to Colorado I started realizing I knew very little about “where to start” let alone “what to pack”. After a little research by listening to various Podcasts, reading articles and watching TV shows I started thinking about how little I really knew. I listened to the Podcast that Corey and Randy did and they both sold me on checking out It was one of the smartest things I did to take away a lot of the nervousness I felt about where to begin, how to pack out an elk, etc…, all found here!!! I am constantly going back watching a module or two (sometimes even at work-shhh!). It was worth every penny and I am purchasing it again, even if my wife doesn’t let me go back out west this fall! I highly recommend it to every level of hunters there is. I am a teacher/coach and I can’t emphasize enough of the importance of constantly learning more to become better at whatever it is you are pursuing. Hunting is no different. I wish someone could do something like this for whitetails like what Corey has done for the elk hunting industry. Sorry it got so long but I am passionate about hunt, especially elk hunting recently! A MUST BUY!!!

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    I personally found the Elk101 course informative because not only does it provide the best approaches to close the distance on an elk but it provides the how’s and why’s…for example it doesn’t just state “hunt the wind” but it provides an in depth approach on hunting the wind, how thermals change during each part of the day, and why the wind will make or break each hunt. Instead of either “getting lucky” or “being busted again” I now understand what I have to do to overcome the most powerful force working either for or against any hunter out west, the wind.
    The structure of Elk101 was well thought out, as it breaks down an entire hunt, from pre-hunt planning to field to freezer, into segments that can be revisited or quickly referenced. Elk hunting for many folks tends to be a week-long event that involves a lot of planning, preparation and travel — not just walking out your back door to climb into a deer stand for the evening. So being able to plan a hunt, covering all the bases, with videos to support each module, adds a lot of value to any hunter’s toolbox.
    If I were to grow this into Elk201 or Elk301, I might add sections on archery gear — how to tune a bow, broadhead types that are effective, top rifle calibers and bullets/ types and advantages of partitioned bullets while hunting…you could build limitlessly on either topic, but maybe keep it relative to elk and big game hunting. You can also never get enough on how to care for the meat, butchering techniques and even how to load it onto a pack to get the meat, hide and antlers out of the backcountry.
    I think this course is fantastic for those who have a true desire to be successful out west. Elk101 has absolutely made me a better hunter.

  3. David (verified owner)

    I would have to say that the UEH online course is the one tool that links all aspects of elk hunting together. Corey you have provided the elk hunter of all levels a resource that just keeps giving. I have elk hunted for several years, but always felt like my knowledge of this sport that I am so passionate about was missing bits and pieces. After going through your course (multiple times) I have been able to fill many gaps in my knowledge of elk hunting. The manner in which the course is laid out with all of the detail, heart, and soul is nothing short of a masterpiece. The literature is very helpful and easy to follow, but the videos and the manner in which Corey delivers his material makes you feel like your there with him. The entire course regardless of being a seasoned elk hunter or beginner is full of helpful information that will do nothing but make you a better hunter and if applied to your strategy will also make you a more successful hunter. Thank you Corey for unselfishly sharing your knowledge with the rest of us elk hunters. I will be renewing my membership and hope to, like you, help others in their quest to becoming a better elk hunter!

  4. Cindy (verified owner)

    No matter how long you have hunted or if you are just getting your feet wet, Corey has put together the most comprehensive course you have ever seen! The information and modules make this so incredible and convenient, you won’t believe it until you sign up for this course. We have been using this course for almost a year now, and YES, we will renew! The information is so consuming, you just keep going back for more. My husband and I have hunted for over thirty years and this just goes to show you that you never learn enough, we can’t thank Corey enough for this awesome course. This is a type of course that will help anyone who wants to become a better hunter and provide a way that through hunting and conservation we can all make a huge difference! We recommend this course to everyone we come in contact with! Thank you again Corey!

  5. Christian (verified owner)

    I have been hunting elk here in Idaho for 30 years and I have become fairly successful through years of learning from my mistakes. I have harvested over 20 elk with my bow through the years and this program is worth every penny you spend on it. This program helps to minimize those frustrations by giving you a wealth of knowledge to pull from when you are out in the field. If I would have had this information when I started I would have increased my success tremendously, especially in those first few years. I appreciate the honesty and the way this information has been delivered. Corey is very knowledgeable and explains the information in a way that is easy to understand and implement into your own hunts. His use of real world examples and stories is easy to relate to in way that is unmatched with other sources of information that I have reviewed. I have gained a large amount of knowledge through years of being in the field with my bow in my hand but I still have a lot to learn. I believe everyone who hunts elk should purchase this program. Even the most seasoned elk hunters will gain something from this program. I am excited that this information is now available and I will utilize this program extensively while teaching my 11 year old daughter how to become successful hunting elk. She is very excited to learn the information and she loves every minute she is on this program. She has been exercising and trying to prepare in every way for her elk hunt this fall. I am thankful for having the ability to provide this information to her now so she will have this broad base of knowledge from the beginning. Thank you for providing such an in depth program. Keep up the great work. -Christian

  6. Charles (verified owner)


    Just a long overdo thank you for all of the great info you’ve collected, compiled and shared with us!!!

    It is hands down the best collection on elk hunting I’ve ever seen! I needed this back in 1990. The first year I ever bowhunted for elk. For a transplant from Wisconsin to Montana I did okay! But, and that’s a big but. If I had all of this knowledge then. I would have killed and gotten into more and bigger bulls.

    I’ll turn 58 in June and the fire is still there inside me for the sight smell and sounds of the elk in the fall mountains. Unfortunately I’m currently at war with a severe case of Chronic Lyme disease. I’m back in Wisconsin getting help from family to deal with it.

    To be honest. Even though I signed on almost immediately upon it’s release I haven’t gone through it completely yet. Reading, even on a computer is hard for me. Since I’m not physically able to do much exercise I’ve skipped those videos for now. I really enjoyed the one on cyber scouting though. Just learning how to efficiently use Google Earth’s tools and folders was beneficial. I’m much more organized with my symbols for the little bit of turkey and whitetail hunting I can do.

    The videos with or about actual hunting techniques are not only very informative but highly entertaining. When the desire strikes for an elk hunt. I watch these and live vicariously through them.

    So even if I am never able to walk in the mountains and pursue a bugling bull ever again I’ll gladly keep renewing my membership as long s it is still offered. It’s worth every penny. And if I do get that chance I’ll be much better prepared than I was 27 years ago.

    Just one more thing. Lyme is a very serious disease. Thankfully most of elk country is still void of it and it’s carriers. But some of our brothers in the northwest. From northern California to southern British Colombia have areas where it’s possible to contract it. And anyone that travels east or to Texas for whitetail hunts is at risk. The best medicine is prevention. Use permethrin on your clothes and check for ticks daily when in infection areas. Even if you gotta get nearly naked in front of your hunting buddy. Have someone look in areas hard to see yourself. Lastly just a small section on Lyme prevention would be a nice add on to the course.

    Thanx again for a great course. Happy hunting and good luck to all this coming season!!!


  7. Jordan (verified owner)

    After two years of making the long drive home to WI with an unpunched CO OTC archery elk tag I decided to sing up for the UEH course. After reading through the information I quickly gained confidence and knowledge that would have taken years of trial and error to learn. I have renewed my membership and even given a few gift memberships to my hunting partners! They were impressed with my new found calling abilities after I called the same two bulls into their laps twice. We had the entire mountain screaming bugles at us. What an incredible experience!
    Thanks guys at ELK101 for sharing your years of hard earned experience on the mountain with beginners like me. I am looking forward to improving my elk hunting skills even more with your help!

  8. Beau (verified owner)

    Last year was my first year to venture out West and give Elk Hunting a shot. I am glad that I stumbled upon Elk University, as it compiled all of the information I was attempting to gather from hundreds of other places and put it into one, easy to follow along, course. I was lucky enough to write an article for the Journal of Mountain Hunting about my first DIY-Backcountry Elk Hunt, and since then have been asked quite a few times about how I was able to do this hunt. I continue to guide everyone towards this course, because I truly believe that it is money well-spent! The amount of time you save trying to weed through forums, articles, etc. to find valid information is invaluable in itself. From the first time elk hunter (like myself) to the experienced veteran elk hunter, I believe that there is value in this course for you! I will be renewing in the next couple of weeks!

  9. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I just wrapped up the modules and i have learned so much. I hope to put this new knowledge to use and up mine and my families success rates.

  10. Amber (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a guy who can find elk, I can literally look at google Earth and say “yep, there will be elk there” but I have the hardest time closing the distance. I got so many tips and techniques from this that I had to write them all down haha! The segment on calling bulls and specifically “hanging up” bulls is going to be worth every cent I spent on this course. Elk behavior?? I mean, sheesh, that’s the knowledge I’ve been looking for for so long! I’ve been following Corey since his first big promotion that I knew about at the nampa Rec center with Cam Haine and Andy Griggs (2011 I think??) where I was one of like 5 or so people to hit this lifesaver from 10 yds with an old unsighted kid’s bow haha! At any rate, the quality of the Elk 101 stuff keeps getting better and better and I’m truly thankful for everything! P.S. The “go-to” calling sequence is bad to the bone!

  11. Alan (verified owner)

    Wealth of knowledge here and thanks for your willingness to share with others! I’ve been elk hunting for 50 years and every venture into the elk woods is still a learning experience. I probably spent the most time on the chapter, Using Elk Calls. For some reason, I was just never able to master diaphragm calls; I just never knew what sound I was going to put out. After repeated reading, watching the videos, and continual practice, my proficiency with diaphragm calls has increased tremendously. Thanks for the learning experience!

  12. Josh (verified owner)

    Wow! This is a truly valuable tool for anyone serious about increasing their elk hunting success rate. Anyone willing to really read and study this course so they can apply it will gain a tremendous amount of knowlege about elk hunting that will pay off come fall! Thanks Corey for sharing such a wealth of great hunting information!

  13. Paul (verified owner)

    I just completed your Elk University 101 Course. I wanted to first of all thank you Corey for creating the course. I wish this course had been available when I first started elk hunting about 37 years ago. Although I have harvested a few elk thru the years, I feel confident that if this course had been available and I had completed it back when I first started elk hunting I should have been able to at least double my success thru the years. It is the most comprehensive treatise on elk hunting I have ever read and believe me over the years I’ve checked out a lot of different sources for elk hunting information. Your approach to teaching the successful strategies for hunting elk and how it relates to the understanding the life history and morphology of elk is unparalleled. However, I truly believe what really makes this approach to teaching the fundamentals of successful elk hunting strategies so unique and impactfull is your presentation of the information.

    First and probably most important, you are a really nice guy and not only a very successful elk hunter but you have been successful for a lot of years.. We (those taking your course) all want to hear what you have to say about elk and elk hunting. Your presentation of elk hunting information is very unique and very entertaining, along with being extremely informative. You provide us your own personal stories from time to time to relate the information to real life situations and success. Then you also provide the all important videos to demonstrate what is presented in text. This is not only very entertaining when presented in combination with your true life stories, but the videos also break up the areas of text and allows time to drive the various teaching points home hard. I had a tough time taking breaks from the course!!! I won’t be forgetting the information anytime soon. Bravo Corey!!!!

  14. Scott (verified owner)

    i have mostly hunted deer and bear but this September i will be going on a solo elk hunt. i feel a lot more confident now, after taking this course. i love the detailed info it provides. the cow and bugle calls and gutless field dressing is a great piece of hunting knowledge. this was one of my fears going on a solo hunt but now i cant wait. i now feel i have the right knowledge to attempt a hunt like this. oh and Randy Newburg was right when he said the course you are offering is only 99 dollars. its worth ten times that. thank you for this information i will
    email pictures from my hunt when i get back at the end of September 2017.


  15. Tim (verified owner)

    Great collection of tried and true elk hunting knowledge, organized in a way that allows the reader easy access, and goes in “order” the way preparing for an elk hunt should be done to be most efficient with time and resources. Corey is a true expert, and it shows in his course. I really enjoyed the virtual scouting section, as well as the calling sequence recommendations and tactics. While I have been hunting elk for a number of years, there was quite a bit of new/different information that I plan on using to up my success in the field. For any elk hunter, this is all solid information that will help in the field.

  16. justin (verified owner)

    UEH was amazing!!! I was just looking to gain some extra knowledge from a professional. This was above and beyond what I expected! Corey really shares with you all of his knowledge with so many real life hunting scenarios; been there, tried that, this worked, this didn’t. Along with so many if this happens, try this, type scenarios. I feel 100% my elk knowledge has been improved by this course!

  17. Joseph (verified owner)

    UEH is simply the best single source for hunting info I’ve ever seen. As a hunting newbie a couple years ago, I’ve read dozens of hunting books, magazines, and watched countless hunting videos, and this is the best compilation of hunting knowledge that I’ve come across. The lessons are detailed and thorough, but without being too lengthy or complicated. The imbedded videos provide an invaluable visual reference that a book/magazine can’t provide. Corey has a knack for making concepts easy to understand, and his knowledge is backed up by his decades of success and hard-earned elk knowledge. If you’re a hunting newbie, have a few years under your belt, or an experienced elk hunter, this course is amazing and well worth your time and money.

  18. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course! I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned through this course. I’ve only been elk hunting one time with really no idea what to look for or where to start. Corey goes over everything you could think of and more! I really enjoyed the physical fitness, locating elk modules and the processing elk chapter. Thanks Corey for a great course! Hopefully I’ll be sending you a pic of my success this next fall.

  19. Jim (verified owner)

    I found the UEH course to be the single most informative course on elk hunting I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. From planning for the hunt, to the actual hunt itself, and actions to be taken after the kill, Corey has covered “in detail” virtually everything you need to maximize your chances for success. The reading was easy to understand and entertaining, and the pictures, charts, and videos helped drive each of the tips, tricks, tools and techniques home. I’ve been big game hunting for over 40 years and I’ve been fairly successful most of those years but I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of new information I learned! I plan to re-read the information in this course several times over the next several months and practice using as many of the tips, tricks, tools and techniques that I can to ensure that I maximize my chances for success during my first bow hunt for elk this coming fall. This course is worth its weight in gold because if taken to heart, I believe there’s a very good chance of achieving success MUCH sooner than I would have otherwise (it sure demonstrated to me all of the mistakes I made and missed opportunities I had on my previous elk hunt) – and that amounts to a tremendous amount of savings and empty freezers over the years! Thanks for taking the time to put this invaluable information together Corey – I’m looking forward to this coming season!

    Jim K

  20. Douglas (verified owner)

    Great information and review! Planning my next Montana archery hunt for September 2017 and I am sure I will be going over this information again Thank you Cotey

  21. Chris (verified owner)

    I am an elk hunters front NY. I have to learn most of what I know about elk hunting from books, magazines, hunting forums and now this course. I only get 1 week a year to go out west and chase elk. I am a state land archery hunter and have gone 5 out of the last 6 years. I have been successful 3x. I purchased this course with somewhat of a skeptical attitude. Skeptical in a sense that the info would be the same as I would get with a “how to hunt elk” Google search. I was pleasantly surprised. The info has been great, and I have picked up many new tips along with gaining knowledge in areas that are sometimes left out.
    Great source for peoplexample that don’t live where the elk live.

  22. Nolan (verified owner)

    Last year a new passion was started after hearing the stories by Joe Rogan, Steve Rinella, Randy Newberg, Remi Warren and many other hunters on several podcasts. I wanted to be an elk hunter, and a bow hunter at that. I knew the task was steep, but I knew there were resources out there to help with this new adventure. The first thing that came up in my search for wisdom was Corey Jacobsen and his Elk Hunting University. Long story short, this was a great learning experience! Well worth the money and time. I can’t wait to apply all these concepts and skills in the field. Thanks Corey for putting this awesome resource together, and also that you share it with your fellow hunters!

  23. Michael (verified owner)

    The wife and I went through the course together and then did a WILDERNESS drop-in archery hunt in Colorado on our own. We were both first-year archery elk hunters and were calling in bulls by the third day. The course taught us where to look for them, what they eat, where they sleep, how they like to travel, how to read the wind, when to call and what calls to make in particular situations. It would take 20 years of hanging out at an archery range listening to old coots tell half-truths to learn all the stuff we learned in Cory’s class. Well done.

  24. JJ (verified owner)

    This an amazing course. I have been hunting big game for most of my 71 years. I have researched many animal species extensively ( especially dangerous game ) before going on a hunt. I have had to go to multiple sources and spent an enormous amount of time to get just a fraction of what you put together in one easy and very entertaining as well as informative presentation. I bought this product too soon before the elk season to have time to go through it. Recently, I took the time to go through it in detail and I look forward to going through it several more times before next elk season. I can easily say that the first time through it, I have more than doubled my knowledge of this most complex hunt. Thanks for sharing this knowledge at a very reasonable price.

  25. Al (verified owner)

    Great course. Very informative. You should to a sequel oriented much more toward rifle hunting.

  26. Toby (verified owner)

    Thanks for this Great Info, Excited for next fall!!!

  27. Kim (verified owner)

    This course is Outstanding and worth every penny. Many Elk hunters are Deer hunters. We have always said that good deer hunting skills will get you 80% of the way there with Elk hunting. The remaining 20% (which determines whether you actually harvest a Bull) is based on luck or skill. In 5 years of bow hunting (after a few stints at rifle), my son shot a 4×4 and I have shot a cow. We tried a drop camp in Idaho for the first time this year. Turns out the Outfitter was a dud, but the good news is that I was drawn back 4 times in one day! Those opportunities only happened due to your course. In fact, the only reason i didn’t shoot is because i wasn’t disciplined in following all of your course! Although i had the opportunity to team hunt, i chose to solo. Had i been team hunting i am convinced i would have connected with any one of those opportunities. Thank you so much! Loving my new boots!

  28. Stewart (verified owner)

    The University of ELK Hunting is an INCREDIBLE RESOURCE, packed with years of in the field experience. The knowledge within the modules and chapters will shorten the learning curve dramatically. New Elk hunters, sign up now! Seasoned Elk hunters will benefit as well to increase the odds and build upon past hunting experience. The course is very in depth containing a full wrap of content matter which will “take you by the hand” toward becoming the Elk hunter you aim to become. Hunters like Corey Jacobsen who have taken the time to invest in your future success by sharing the knowledge it takes to become successful in Elk country should never be taken for granted because it is rare and highly respectable. Imagine the amount of time and effort (years of experience) that it has taken to build this course. Consider your success rate, hunts that are still ahead of you, as well as all the experiences of prior Elk hunts you may have had. Corey Jacobsen is one in a million. The entire “crew” that contributed to assist Corey with the production of this course, greatly appreciated. As an ELK Hunter The University of ELK Hunting is priceless. To fully understand the excitement you have to enroll. Elk hunting is tough, it is hard, and to be successful it would be wise to attain council from this program. Breaking down the subject into “bite size” pieces from start to finish will certainly reduce the confusion faced by hunters looking to expand their range and clarify issues for those trying to figure out how to get started. There are so many great Elk hunters out on the mountain. Every once in a while you come across one that goes the extra mile.

  29. Brian (verified owner)

    Brand new to the world of elk, and hunting in general, and I feel after this course, I’m bypassing a lot of the hard learned lessons. The depth of knowledge and information is immense, well worth the price tag. I can’t wait to get out there next year and apply this knowledge.
    Thank you Corey!

  30. JUSTIN (verified owner)

    I spent the last 8 years reading publications from Eastman’s, Lubach, Robb, and other assorted articles from magazines and the internet. I have yet to read a basic fundamental and intructional publication until now. What Corey lays out for us is a solid and basic manual to be successful on the pursuit of elk. Not only did I learn alot from the chapters and their underlying video instruction segments, but I used the methods to be successful. I feel though as you definitely left out the part about when elk shut up and how to tackle that problem. So here it goes, Corey let everyone know to get high, be patient, cover ground, and glass glass glass. Once you find any elk at this point the rest is up to you. If you read the section on setting up, and using the terrain features to your advantage, you can still be successful. Just remember after week 3 of archery season, alot of us may or may not, depending on the area, be struggling to get any response from the elk due to hunting pressure. I experienced this for the second time. They hear ya bugle or cow call it’s bye bye. But overall I have to give this course 5 stars, because it was more informative than anything I have come across. So read, do your homework, and get your boots dirty.

    Things I would definitely love to see is an option to purchase the publication permanently. And for the guys who already made the initial investment, give some type of break.

    Thanks for the knowledge. And in case you were wondering, I was successful.

    Justin from Pa.

  31. James (verified owner)

    This is a crash course in Elk Hunting with plenty of current information on the Basics, but also information for the experienced Elk Hunter. I would say that the information is more likely to be of interest to the Archery Hunter than the Rifle Hunter. The section on Obtaining an Elk License is up to date and would take hundreds of hours to obtain from individual State Game and Park agencies. Plus, Corey explains their draw systems in a more concise and understandable fashion than they do themselves – go to the Wyoming Game and Parks website and see for yourself – talk about confusing! I also found the section on Shot Selection to be thought provoking and extremely helpful. Plenty of original thought and information presented. Lastly, the videos on the Gutless method of skinning and quartering and Elk are invaluable. I have read just about everything there is to read on Elk Hunting in the last 5 years, and this is as good as it gets. Well worth the price of admission.

  32. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great course for elk hunters of all ages and experience levels. Was a fantastic refresher course for me (plus a few new tips on calling 🙂 Was able to use some of this new knowledge to harvest an awesome 6×6 in the Wind River Range of Wyoming earlier this month. Thanks Corey for sharing your wealth of knowledge and excitement with this site and course!!! Keep up the great work!

  33. bill (verified owner)

    your course was great and very helpful, hope to use all the information for years to come, thanks for all your hard work in doing this course, it sure has been a big help to an old Illinois boy that only makes it out west to hunt elk a couple weeks a year. thank you, Bill

  34. Harry (verified owner)

    Corey, thank you for your passion and dedication to the awesome sport of elk hunting. I have not hunted elk for 10 years and the course was so refreshing in so many ways. I have raised my children now and am very much looking forward to getting back to elk hunting. I have harvested elk with my rifle in the past and now am excited to do so with my bow. Thank you for focusing on the archery aspect of the sport and the associated challenges that go along with bow hunting.
    I appreciate your honesty about the challenges and reality of the pursue of these magnificent animals. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about elk hunting.

  35. Rocky (verified owner)

    Coming from Arkansas where glassing and chasing big game is obsolete to minimal at best I was on a steep learning curve for my upcoming Idaho Elk Hunt. I signed up for your course in hopes of learning something that would help me in my pursuit. Little did I know how much it would assist me in my hunt. Using what I learned through this course i was able to harvest a very nice 5×5 bull. Biggest part that helped was understanding thermals and making sure you are on the same level as the bull your chasing. Several chapters in this course was a great help in my bucket list accomplishment. Thanks for offering this information to the layman who never attempted but always wanted to chase screaming elk.

  36. Robert (verified owner)

    Let me say this. Leave some time to do this course. It is very in depth and it does take quite a bit of time. That being said, I feel that this course was well worth my money. As an East Coaster, I have very little knowledge about Western Elk hunting. I went for the first time last year and caught the elk bug. Now, after taking this course, I feel more confident about elk hunting, realized what I did wrong in the past and I feel that I have become a better elk hunter because of this course (at least on the knowledge side). I highly recommend this course, especially the calling section.

  37. Doug (verified owner)

    Well worth the money, even if it was 4x the price. I spent anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours a couple times a week reading through the entire course for the last 3 months. I kept notes as I read and pack them with me in the backcountry. I have read over them a few times already this season. All this knowledge cannot be gained anywhere else, and could take a lifetime in the field. Truly awesome! Thanks Corey.

  38. Jason (verified owner)


  39. Rory (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly impressed with the level of detail and professionalism that is included in this course! I can’t begin to express my thanks to Corey for the wealth of knowledge that he has and that he is willing to share with everyone. I am relatively new to the elk hunting world, therefore I have not punched many tags but I can’t say that I haven’t been successful. With the information within this course, I am confident that myself and my hunting partner will definitely exponentially more successful in the years to come! Hopefully that success starts this fall! Thanks again Corey!

  40. Lucas (verified owner)

    Corey, you nailed it. Complete A to Z road map on how to be a more successful elk hunter. The content was well organized and fit for purpose both to an experienced and novice elk hunter. Look forward to Elk 201

  41. Allen (verified owner)

    Great course! I actually leave for my first Elk hunt in less than a week. For me, any new adventure, hunting or otherwise, is a mix of excitement and fear of the unknown. After completing Elk 101 I feel I have a far greater amount of knowledge of what I am in for. I’m much more prepared now than I would have been without Elk 101. Excellent !

  42. Allen (verified owner)

    The amount of elk knowledge throughout this course is incredible! I am fairly new to hunting and was severely lacking in confidence and elk knowledge. This was definitely worth it and then some. I highly recommend this course to anyone and highly encourage anyone fairly new to hunting to do this course. This course is filled with confidence boosters and tons and tons of elk knowledge.

  43. Douglas (verified owner)

    been elk hunting for a lot of years and some of the stuff you learn is never enough thank you very much it was some of the best imfo I have ever read WOW very good all new and old hunters should go to this school again THANK YOU Corey.

  44. John (verified owner)

    Corey, thank you for all your time, effort and passion for this project. Its rare that folks that care so much and want to share their hard earned knowledge. I have no doubt that whatever my elk season has in store for me, I am going into the elk mountians better prepared than ever.

  45. Brady (verified owner)

    Fantastic course! Too many positives to list but this course has really helped me make sense of my successes and failures (mostly failures) in the past as well as given me a ton of confidence on how to handle different situations in the future. Much appreciated, Corey!

  46. Joshua (verified owner)

    This course is well worth the money. There is so much information shared it is unreal. Anyone looking to get into elk hunting and wants to achieve success or even those who have been elk hunting for years can greatly benefit from the information shared in this course. Every aspect of what is necessary for a successful elk hunt is covered. I personally will go over these chapters again and again and try to soak in all the information because it is very rare to get this kind of knowledge from other hunters, let alone such well known and successful hunters as Corey Jacobsen.

  47. Shawn (verified owner)

    A long time whitetail bow hunter, I have my first opportunity this September. A friend sent me the link of a video of Corey taking an elk which gave me my introduction. Once I saw what this course offered, I knew I needed to look at it. I was blown away with all the information. An incredible course and value to increase my opportunity any percentage amount which I feel is much higher. It still feels daunting, but I’m excited with the knowledge I now have. Thank you and I plan to share photos!

  48. daniel (verified owner)

    Headed out on my first elk hunt in two weeks, this course provided great exposure on several elk hunting topics totally foreign to my rookie self. My confidence in those areas is much higher after making it through this course. Thanks a bunch Corey you’re the man!

  49. brandon (verified owner)

    Worth every penny learned so much cant wait to use some of what I learned in the woods

  50. stephen (verified owner)

    As simple as some of the topics might seem I did not have anyone to take me hunting or teach me anything about it. Thank you Cory for sharing openly you passion, wisdom, and tactics of elk hunting. I know that more success in the elk woods means more hunters with conserve and protect our hunting rights and traditions for years to come.

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