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350 reviews for University of Elk Hunting Online Course

  1. mikejackson361 (verified owner)

    Just called in my very first bull and got my buddy a successful kill (20 yard frontal shot, dead in 40 yards) and also gave myself a shot opportunity at a second bull for an almost double bull Day. I owe it in very very large part to Corey’s University of Elk Hunting and his podcast. In the moment, I felt like I had been there hundreds of times and had all the confidence in the world! I feel like I owe you more money Corey, $99 is an absolute steal for the information given in this course. You guys are impacting the community in a HUGE way, and I can’t thank you enough for our success so far this season. Two more tags to fill, and all the time in the world to do it!!!

  2. collins512 (verified owner)

    From as far back as I can remember, I would accompany my dad and grandfather on rifle elk hunts in Washington State. I have fond memories of that time, although in all that time my dad only killed one cow and my grandfather never tagged out. Eventually my dad switched to archery as our areas became too crowded with the “sea of orange.” We have always been “road hunters,” dressing up in full camo and scent control to go drive the roads and get out of the truck every once in a while. I have been archery hunting for 15 years with only one doe taken. I have had many close calls with elk and a few misses, but never harvested an elk. I have called in elk to my hunting partners, and as a camp we have had a few successes, but those are not common. Although I thought I knew a lot about hunting elk, after finishing this course I realize I was like most elk hunters, basing 85% of my hunt on luck. That is changing this season. I bought decent optics and have been practicing my shooting all summer. I have scouted on google earth and I am ready to pour my heart and soul into this season. And as luck would have it, I am hunting solo for the first week, in a brand new area to me. My hunt starts in three days so I plan on updating this review with photos of my success!

  3. bmccalister (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course. I did learn a lot and it reinforced what I already knew. I am hunting a new area and I am looking forward to practicing what I learned from the material. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  4. ccorrell53 (verified owner)

    Very good course I wish I would’ve thought of some of the material earlier in my hunting days a lot of it is common sense but enjoyed it and am waiting to put the lessons to use this bow season.
    Some stuff I’ve been doing in similar fashion and some stuff as I think about it I have been doing wrong. Yes it is a blessing to help others be better.
    Thanks and GOD Bless you and yours!!! Git*r*done. Chuck

  5. Greg (verified owner)

    Sorry its so long.
    Being new to hunting I was directed to this website for the basics of elk archery hunting. This course gave me the A-Z’s about hunting, it was a great help when I got my first elk down. The mobile app was clutch when it came to the gutless method, tips on calling, scouting, blood tracking and just general hunting knowledge. I had the pleasure of meeting Corey Jacobson at Cable’s last year when he did a talk. He was nice enough to have some give away goodies at the end of the talk. I won a yellow diaphragm call. As I won the call i’m thinking to myself Oh crap now I’m going to have to learn how to use it. The course gave me the tips on how to use the call and the different types of elk sounds there are. So I then began to drive my entire family crazy. During the talk there were about 60 people in the room and Corey said about 10% of the people in the room will get an elk. So to myself I’m thinking being new my odds are even lower. Corey said get the Elk 101 online course and this will have all the basics you need to put yourself in the best position to shoot an elk (plus a little luck couldn’t hurt). So I read through the course over and over and over again. So on opening day I gathered all my gear and headed out by myself. I hunted pretty much the entire month alone, but had elk all over the place and was always just out of shooting range. So after the day of hunting I would go reread elk 101 and gather tips for the next time I went out. So to tell my misfortunes on opening day I had 2 rage horns at 70 yards but was afraid to make a sound because I didn’t know what to do. They ran off anyways. I did get a nice video of them playing though. That same day as i eating lunch I had another spike come 30 yards from me. Note to self don’t put your bow more than an arm length away. So as the next weekend I had an encounter with a 5×5 about 200 yards away on the other side of a lake. Has anyone seen an elk swim???? Well I have, this elk got into the water and started swimming right at me. No he turn away but it sure was cool. I was was fortunate to hunt about 15 days in September. Again I reread my elk 101 for tips on how to get the elk closer. The next weekend I met an older gentleman who was hunting alone that graciously allowed me to hunt with him. So we were off early in the morning and by 930 he called in a nice 5×5 satellite bull at 40 yards. I was shaking in my boots. I drew back and come to find out you cant hold the arrow very hard with you finger or the knock will come off. So now I’m at full draw with a great shot at my first elk and no arrow. What felt like a week was probably only one minute, I had to let off and he ran off. Being a little discouraged about seeing so many elk and not getting a shot off. In my head, I remember what I read about archery hunting is hard and I need to keep pushing. So now its the last Friday of archery season with only two days left. A guy I knew said he’d take me to a new area. On our walk out he fell into the creek and broke his quiver and I lost two arrows, headlamp and fell down a bunch while trekking through some thick brush. Thinking to myself wow this day is starting off horrible. Getting into the area and seeing all kinds of signs I thought maybe the day was getting better. Mind you the first area I hunted the elk were silent, I would call and they would come. I bugled for my first time and wow I got a response, and more and more. There were elk all over. We continued down the ridge until we could see elk . My buddy stayed at the top of a finger calling as I chased a satellite bull down a finger. And yes he got away. So my buddy was still calling from up top and getting responses all over but as I look down the finger I saw 3 what I think are cows. My buddy comes down to me all excited to head off after the herd bull but I wanted to purse the elk below me. He went up and I went down. Did I make the right decision???? So as I got closer to the elk I saw they were spikes. I was able to get with in 40 yards of a spike. I pulled out my range finder and marked him at 40 yards. Armed with only one of my arrows, one of my buddies arrows that he so graciously loaned me and a judo tip arrow. Again shaking in my boots I drew back and fired. I was positive I hit him, but he jumped and now was quartering away from me. What do I do now???? I grabbed my buddies arrow that is 3 inches longer than mine and I take another shot. Now from what I can see the arrow is hanging out of the elk, but no its blood spurting out. So I stayed still since hes still with in sight. I then started to cow call a lot to try and get my buddies attention and the 2×2 comes with in 20 yards of me in a open burn area. Every time I was close to an elk this year I was afraid to make a sound so he/she wouldn’t run away but in Elk 101 it says be aggressive and go after the elk. I will remember that this year. My spike went about 50 yards and died. When we looked for the arrows my arrow had no blood on it and the arrow I borrowed did. So thinking back on the time I shot I used my 30 yard pin, shot right below him. If I can give new hunters a tip I learned from Elk 101 is be aggressive and try to be calm. I know I had an epic year that people have told me doesn’t usually ever happen. I just want to say a special thanks to Corey Jacobson and the entire team at Elk 101 for all the hunting tips and why didn’t you pull my name for gear drawing :).
    Good luck

  6. st_gill (verified owner)

    I grew up hunting deer and duck in Tennessee. I love my dad, but he taught me way more about the habits of fish and water than he was able to with deer. He went on a couple of elk hunts years ago in Colorado and actually shot but lost one. Ever since then, I’ve dreamed of heading to the mountains to attempt to complete what my old man wasn’t able to do. For years, I said, “one day,” but I didn’t have a clue what to do or how to do it. This course has given me the confidence and knowledge to not only head to Colorado next year but to even apply some of the lessons to my present hunting opportunities. Thanks Corey for the class. After two degrees, I can tell you it was the most interesting class I’ve ever taken.

  7. Joseph (verified owner)

    Excellent course! Their is something for every skill level elk hunter here. Many tactics that have taken years to acquire are uncovered in this course. This is a must have for every elk hunter. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. mikejackson361 (verified owner)

    I have only been actively archery hunting elk for two years now, and needless to say the learning curve has been steep. I was genuinely blown away by the amount of information in this course, the quality of the content and by how easy it was to retain the information being taught by Corey. The things taught in this course are things that I have been wondering about for a long time regarding both Elk biology and how to defeat their amazing instinct to live. Taking this course feels like someone pulling off an elk knowledge blindfold for me, and I now look at everything with a much different perspective regarding how and when to attack, woodsmanship, calling, what an elk is doing and why they are doing it. I’ve learned a ton about their habitat and what they prefer and why, how to effectively scout that habitat and then close the distance come day 1. Its crazy to me the course is only $99 to be honest, an online math class costs more and teaches much less……

  9. brentlittle2012 (verified owner)

    I’ve been hunting, fishing, trapping, and recreating in the woods my whole 41 years of life. I wish I would have learned some of this info a long time ago. I’ve always been afraid to call bulls. I’ve taken four with my bow by sneaking in on them, but always kept the calls tucked away. Every time I’ve pulled out a call or wanted to I’ve been afraid it would just hurt my chances. Now I’m going to be the one with the note on my truck stating that I use my calls way too much haha. I now understand the ins and outs of calling. I listen and practice calling to the videos almost every morning to try and get better. Hope there are no laws against bugling when driving, because it’s now outlawed in the house :).
    I can’t imagine the time spent putting the whole thing together. I debated buying the course for over a year. After reading and watching the whole thing (some modules multiple times) I would say it’s well worth the money.

  10. Christian (verified owner)

    This course is very in depth and has information useful to anyone, from the beginner all the way to experienced elk hunters. It is an invaluable tool. Get it and good luck with your next hunts.

  11. jacob.allen.bailey (verified owner)

    Wonderful course. Full of knowledge, some basic, some advanced. Good for everyone. Well worth the money

  12. Justin (verified owner)

    Thorough, easy to read, and jam packed with things you might not have even thought about needing to know. Really enjoyed the graphic breakdown of elk anatomy. Changed the way I look at shot placement as well as reinforced some of the thoughts I had on the subject. The scouting and where to hunt sections have me totally rethinking where to focus my scouting and early season hunt. Cannot wait till September to test out all this knowledge. You would not be wasting money on this program, it is great.

  13. mcclendonrealty (verified owner)

    Growing up in the South Carolina, we mostly hunt whitetail deer and turkey. I have been fortunate enough to travel west now to elk hunting a couple of times but never truly understood the habits and behaviors of elk. After spending some time reading and studying Elk101, I have been blown away. Not only does the information in this course cover everything that a elk hunter would need to know it is also organized and presented in a way that is easy to understand and also makes revisiting topics frequently a breeze. Then to top it all off you not only have the desktop version of the course but you also have access to the Elk101 app, the private Facebook page and member discounts (almost paid for the course with just 1 order, my Crispi boots). Thanks Corey for building a course so guys like me have a chance to harvest an elk on a public-do-it-yourself hunt! Hopefully it will pay off the September!

  14. jeremiah.park (verified owner)

    I thought this was Outstanding, and well worth the money. I haven’t been Elk hunting in over ten years since before I joined the Army. This season I will be headed out into the mountains again. I look forward to putting to use the tools that I learned here. I embrace, and welcome the challenge of doing this solo with the lessons that I learned. I truly want to thank you, and the many other knowledgeable people behind the scene’s that helped compile this huge project. I hope to see some of you in the field, and best of luck.

    Thank you again!!!

  15. wdlucier (verified owner)

    Im Just another good ol boy from Montana, I have always been in elk country and have not killed an elk until recently(16 plus years of trying minus 4 while i was in the Marine Corps) I could never track them down, I stumbled upon this course somehow on the internet and i could not believe how much I have learned about the amazing animals, Corey lays down a solid course to say the least. I am just amazed that someone would give out all this information, some of which is pretty common sense once you connect the dots, I have already put scouting and locating to good use during this current spring bear season, and I find myself getting more and more excited for Sept, Thanks everyone at elk 101 and the UEH. I feel I am so much more well armed for this season. You guys are the Best!

  16. Breanna (verified owner)

    This is amazing. My wife got this for me as a Christmas present and I could not stop reading it! I’ve been elk hunting all my life with mixed success. I started bow hunting about 3 years ago but never really understood calling. Corey does an excellent job explaining how to call properly and different tactics, some of which I have learned over the last couple of years but never understood why or how they were working. I would highly recommend this course to anyone especially if you have never hunted elk before. I know a lot of people that would have given anything to have this information years ago and I honestly believe that ANYONE can learn something from this course.

    Thank you To Corey and the rest of the UEH crew

  17. highmountainpursuit (verified owner)

    This course was awesome! I learned so much and made me realize a bunch of things I could have done different in situations. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and wanting to help other hunters be successful. I look forward to using everything I’ve learned on this up coming season!

  18. Kyle (verified owner)

    I have been elk hunting since I was 6 months old getting packed around on my dads shoulder (not a lot of success until I reached the ripe old age of 12 for some reason) but that was exclusively as a rifle hunter, as I have converted/transitioned into the world of archery I find myself becoming more of a student of all things elk, probably in order to shorten the learning curve that I spent decades just being immersed in as a rifle hunter and that comes as second nature for that type of late season hunting. This course has taken years off that journey, the first several bow hunting seasons were exciting, action packed and ultimately unsuccessful … this course has changed that for me and I can’t thank Corey and all the rest of the Elk101 team, and specifically the University of Elk Hunting course for helping me further my hunting knowledge and deepen my love for elk hunting.

  19. Dan (verified owner)

    Thanks Corey. I’ve been on 6 elk hunts, all amazing, no tag filled…the last being 18 years ago, so what I’d learned was certainly rusty. I’m grateful for the information and hope to put it to use fall 2018. I will need to up the conditioning for this 64 year old body, but I believe that will happen.
    This training is invaluable to any, especially the first time hunter. You have made the elk hunt more achievable for those who want to pursue it. It’s a tough hill to climb for most of us in the east…pun intended.
    The value is A+.
    Thank you,

  20. David (verified owner)

    Great Course Corey!
    I had the opportunity last year to go on a great trip into the Northern Rockies in BC. I had never bugled or called anything in before but the info in your course gave me enough knowledge to call in 2 over 380 bull elk. And this September I called in my own 6×7 elk near my home in Northeast BC. I couldn’t be happier! Great diaphragms and great course. Recommended to everyone who has questions about calling or hunting

    Thanks Again

  21. Andrew (verified owner)

    Fantastic course, Corey!! The late-season section came just in time, too. I have very little bowhunting experience, but now in my mid-30’s, aspire to in the elk woods with a bow in hand. All the chapters that relate to bowhunting are super helpful, easy to read and well articulated. I’m excited to complete the course a 2nd and 3rd time in the next year and would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their tactics. Thanks again for your transparency, Corey. This is a really a work of art! AV

  22. Keith (verified owner)

    Before I took this course I was mostly wandering around the bush, using bits of this information and bits of that, but never going out with a complete picture in mind. After taking this course I felt confident that at the very least I wasn’t going out blind and that I had a solid base to work from. Of course, experience is important so this year I went on a week long hunt with three other experienced hunters. The knowledge I gained from this course allowed me to understand the methods they were using and why they were using them. After targeting a specific bull we made three attempts from three different directions and on the last day myself and a partner put it all together. Using the bull’s feeding pattern and paying close attention to the wind, we intercepted him at 20 yards and I put my bullet through his lungs and heart. He dropped in 5 yards and I had my first bull! We used the gutless method, boned out the meat and eventually made contact with the other two and packed the meat out, finishing in the dark with headlamps, exhausted. But very happy. Thanks Corey!

  23. Nate (verified owner)

    In preparation for my first archery elk hunt this fall, I have scoured the internet looking for elk hunting content that would help me along in this adventure. The University of Elk Hunting is THE most comprehensive content I’ve seen. I didn’t know where to start or even what I needed to plan for. Corey walks you through EVERY step from planning your hunt and obtaining a tag, to knowledge of elk behavior and strategies, to calling and setups, to shot placement, elk anatomy, and quartering/deboning for pack out. Not to mention all of the great tips and encouragement along the way. I started this course with little to no knowledge and completed it with total confidence for my upcoming hunt. I fully believe that Corey is as interested in my success as he is in his own, and it shows in the course. This is a MUST HAVE course for anyone serious about elk hunting. Well done, Corey!! I can’t thank you enough!!

  24. Bernard (verified owner)

    I have hunted archery for over 40 years . I have shot moose,elk ,whitetail,mule deer and birds. I am an engineer and love to teach and learn about everything. Cory has done an excellent job with his course and I found it very well put together! I am leaving n.y. tomorrow for a hunt in colorado and my 44 foot camper is full of gear but the one thing I wont leave behind is the good tips corey instilled in me. let the wind be your friend not your foe ! thanks corey

  25. Terry (verified owner)

    I am 67 and live on the near the east coast. I have been on 3 DIY Elk hunts without bagging a Elk. I did a lot of things right but just couldn’t get the job done. With Corey’s instruction I can see where I could have been much more prepared for success. From small tips on the importance of making one’s self comfortable in camp (bringing a pillow etc) to understanding what I’m saying to the Elk when I use a call. He lays it all out in good order and simple terms everything during the hunt and after the game is down to make the hunt a success. I’ve never felt more ready to go on a archery hunt than I do now! Thanks Cory!

    Terry in NC.

  26. tod (verified owner)

    Damn….. I must admit its the most informative and complete content you can find about killing elk! Live in Eastern Oregon and hunted elk all my life. I Hunt archery seriously and believe I know how to chase, communicate, irritate, pursue and kill elk, but Corey nails it on details how to be successful. He, like me are students and we are always learning and adapting to elk. His topics and suggestions along with his experience and recommendations are exactly lined with my techniques and experiences from the battle field. His ideas are real and work!!! I read multiple paragraphs that I could have written myself….as if we were hunting partners for the last 25 years. I have pages of notes that I review every year to study up for the up coming season…a composition of my techniques and updated thoughts about how to kill an elk. Now Corey has done the exact same thing but in better detail and depth…..Nice work…..I would grade his research and knowledge an absolutely A+….. The only downside is he has shared the holy grail of information to the masses on how to kill bulls during the rut…..just makes more competent hunters out there that I now have to compete with.. I respect my knowledge as a hunter, but Corey has my upmost respect for his diligence and work as an archer!!! Nice stuff Professor!!

  27. Jason (verified owner)

    I waited 4 weeks before my next elk hunt to finally take the course. So glad I did ! learned some stuff I didn’t know about elk hunting . I’ve been on 20 elk hunts and brought home 13 bulls. If this course was available 20 years ago I know I could have harvested 19 out 0f 20 hunts ! I knew a fair amount about elk hunting , but I didn’t know this much as in ELK101 ! THANKS COREY !

  28. Chris (verified owner)

    I’m only about a third of the way through but have learned quite a bit so far. I will have to run through the course a few times with the amount of knowledge there is to digest. As a new hunter without any close mentors, this course definitely fills the void. Easily worth much more than the asking price, I can’t wait to start putting what I’ve learned into practice.

  29. James (verified owner)

    Excellent job Cory!
    My archery elk experiences have been some of the most thrilling times of my entire life… and that was with minimal successes under my belt. I first heard you on the GB podcast and was excited to hear about elk101. While I felt I had the basic concepts of archery elk down, I was desperate to take my knowledge to the next level and you, my friend, provided just such a platform.
    I found your course concise and to the point, taking me from early season through a stuffed freezer in a manner that was informative and actually rather addictive… I blew through it all in week or so. The text was written by hunters for hunters and the videos were extremely helpful and very well done.
    You have boosted my confidence to get it done this year by ten fold. As you mentioned, confidence is a key element to success, and you have taken mine to new heights!
    Thanks again for all you do Cory ( and your crew)!

  30. Brian (verified owner)

    Corey, I’ve hunted big game for most of my life; roughly 30 years. Elk hunting is hard and it should be; its what makes it sweet in the end. Your knowledge has helped me in several areas, so first thank you. Second, I’m grateful for the time and effort you’ve spent adding all of this information for all us to enjoy. Third, I’ve personally read and re-read every module at least 6 to 8 times. Some modules more so than others. Modules on thermals, scouting and finding those sweet spots has change the way I look at a mountain, even when I’m out fishing the Rocky Mountains. Finally, I was a solid hunter before UEH, now I’m more confident, sound in my approach, more confident on when to call and, more importantly, how to call when I need to challenge a bull or when to sound like a sweet cow! This course has become my “go-to” when I’m not 100% sure about a certain setup or situation. 100% worth every penny! 5 out of 5 stars!

  31. Antonio (verified owner)

    I have been hunting for about 30 years and elk hunting for the last thirteen. I started out as a rifle hunter then picked up bow hunting thirteen years ago when I moved from
    Alaska to Oregon. I have never read a more comprehensive resource of information on hunting, let alone elk hunting. I wish I had this resource available when I started as a lot of the information provided in this course took me years to learn on my own. In this course Corey covers in detail the equipment you need, where to find elk, why elk do what they do, and how to talk to them. Corey also tells you specifically how to kill elk after you get them to come into a call, what to do once your elk is down, and how to get your meat out of the mountains . Elk hunting like life requires knowledge, confidence, and persistence; this course will provide the first two; you gotta do the rest. I think you’ll enjoy this course and find the information well worth the price, I certainly did. Happy hunting.

  32. Justin (verified owner)

    This course was by far the most useful $100 that I have ever spent on anything hunting related.

  33. Jack (verified owner)

    Worth every penny, whether you’re just getting started and have been hunting for years. My brother in law just started hunting so I joined this year so we can watch the videos together after practicing with the bow, amazing how much this ended up educating me. From locating elk, to thermals, prep before season and even what to do after the harvest this product is amazing.

    Well done Corey!

  34. Daniel (verified owner)

    Wow! Where to begin. Corey let me first start by saying that your course went way beyond my expections not only in areas I was focused on learning but brought to light many areas that I had overlooked or not even considered at all. This is exactly what I needed. Not having the opportunity early in life to hone the skills as well as experience these amazing animals, your course has really filled the void for sure. Now being at a place in life where my hard word has paid off I am able to dive in and start experiencing these incredible animals. Your demeanor, expertise and methodical approach not onlly made the course clear and concise but easy to follow and understand. Having renewed my membership now for the second year I plan on doing so for years to come. The information is greatly appreciated and your course is a great tool toward future success. I found your knowledge, expertise and your generosity to share with others very compelling. The obvious time, effort, organizational skills you have that went into this course really reflects your commitment and generosity to share with others. Thanks You!

    Dan W

  35. Kyle (verified owner)

    I feel this course has improved my knowledge and answered a lot of “why” scenarios. I appreciate the start to finish layout of the course that truly encompasses everything. With this knowledge I feel like I have an organized toolbox that I can reach into and use many different tools for very different jobs. My confidence has been boosted and I feel this year will be a great success. Can’t wait to hit the mountains.

  36. Dr. Ron (verified owner)

    Thank you for sharing your knoeledge. I started elk hunting with a group a couple of years ago. My first serious attempts at hunting elk in Northern British Columbia. I was both thrilled by the experience of my friends calling elk and getting some responses but also disappointed at the seemingly haphazard approach and the lack of strategy utilized. Mostly hoping to get lucky.
    Your course has provided a whole new perspective, the knowledge I needed, and a strategy for hunting elk that I was missing. My partners are starting to shun me as I keep talking about this new knowledge. Now for executing the plan. Can’t wait to get out there.
    Thanks again.

  37. TIM (verified owner)

    You never get enough knowledge about elk. But you have shorten the long list of mistakes and hopefully will help out with my continue success. I have been lucky to draw out of state OTC tags the last 2 years there in Idaho. I am batting .500 for the four years of archery hunting elk. I’m 61 and am starting to feel the aches and pain a little more. But you have helped me by getting my strength for the hauling out the meat which I will hope to do again. I do hunt mule deer at 10,000 feet and with starting with a childhood friend we have been hunting elk in Idaho. I took us some time to find them but once on them the learning had begun. I read and watched as much as possible and it did help the second year with success. Now with your help on the calling and locating and getting them to get closer I think I will continue to be successful. I have already made options to the area that we hunt and have gotten my wife to help double up with me. The terrain is not as steep but once you get the meat on your back nothing seems to be flat. So the locating and calling, strength exercise and caring of meat has helped me to make it a little easier and to prolong my archery elk hunting adventure. Every elk hunter should join the University of Elk Hunting and like you said it will help all hunters be successful and cut short the learning process. Originally this is what I wanted to do was to shorten the process but every elk contact is different. I have been one of the lucky ones but they don’t just show up to the door step you have to work hard which I have done this year to go a litter farther out if I have too. But I sure wish I’m next to camp at the mud pond and a good size bull comes in and the wind is perfect and can let the arrow fly. But I’m dreaming and that would take the fun out of the adventure. Thanks for all the knowledge and hope we all have successful adventures.

  38. Justin (verified owner)

    I have dreamed of coming out west to hunt and plan on doing so every year if I can. I put it off because everyone seemed to be busy or said next year, well I decided I am going this year solo because I can’t wait another year. I have been watching Randy Newberg for years and one day, Corey Jacobson was hunting with him and announced this elk hunting university he had put together and I had to check it out. With a September hunt in front of me I hit the course hard and have learned a lot. The “ELK SHAPE” course was motivating to say the least, and have since been running and hitting the gym to prepare. I know this course won’t guarantee anything but it has given me CONFIDENCE, which is half the battle, and I feel that I am going into this with the knowledge of someone that has hunted elk for years. Thank you Corey…..

  39. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent course! I have been out of the game for the past 15 years after growing up in the elk woods. I thought the content was great and the advise was very transparent. I am headed out west to put some of my new found techniques into practice and have already begun to recognize the error of my ways on last year’s hunt. I plan on going through the course at least 1-2 more times before this fall. Thanks Corey for a great product!!

  40. Ryan (verified owner)

    So I’ve been elk hunting for almost 10 years now with a bow. I was a self taught hunter, and gradually increased my knowledge year by year but just couldnt get it done. The past 3 years I’ve been getting closer, but I think it’s been shear luck. I recently relocated with my Job and had a co worker tell me about Elk101, and I decided to give it a try. Freaking phenomenal, I feel like I know have what Ive been needin and looking for to finally get from just hunting to actually harvesting an Elk this year. I am so excited for the Archery season to start. This course has provided me with so much information and I’ve been ablessed to take my past experiences and have that ah ha moment. No matter what your experience level this course is going to help you out. Home run Corey, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  41. Brandon (verified owner)

    I have been bow hunting elk for the past 10 years and have harvested one raghorn, I should have had a bull every year my first four years out but missed shots, however after that my success or beginners luck wore off and I was able to get “into” them but just haven’t had the close encounters , I wanted to read Cory’s program to pick up anything that will help, and I have some new ideas on things I was doing wrong that was blowing my opportunities. Also I have never been confident with mouth reeds but with some instruction that I had never heard until the course I am able to use a reed without gagging or losing the seal. I still have to master the estrous cow call but overall can’t wait to try some calling this fall. I,am excited to try some new tactics to hopefully harvest a mature bull this year!

  42. Ross (verified owner)

    This was a terrific course, Last trip I did Elk hunting was a number of years ago with a guide and while they did a great job I can’t help but think of how much more the trip would have meant had I first taken this course, not to judge the tactics of the guide but to add a level of confidence on my part to understand why the guides would do what they did. I recall the afternoon when I ultimately shot a rag horn that the guides and my hunting partners opted for a nap, and not being a napper he had me sit on an overlook of a meadow. I later heard some bugles and got responses to my cow calls but was too nervous to move in closer and rather waited for the guide, and with the knowledge gained through this course I would have jumped at the opportunity to move in…planning a self guided trip to Idaho this September which I am gaining confidence in weekly as the trip draws nearer.

  43. Jeff (verified owner)

    I have hunted elk for 25 years without success, mostly with a rifle. I had a great friend get me into archery hunting rutting bull elk about 6 years ago… and OMG! I was hooked for life! I chased rut crazed bulls for the last 6 years, never getting the outcome I had so longed for…that very first bull elk on the ground. I purchased this course last year, and as a result, I killed my very first bull elk, a 5×4 that same year. The UEH course made a tremendous improvement in my confidence ans knowledge. Of course with the help of that very good friend, I have finally acheived the ultimate goal of being successfull in the September elk woods. So much so, that I’m renewing this year! Amazing course. Thank you!

  44. CoLynn (verified owner)

    Am glad I took the course. My father and I elk hunted once with a guide. It was an unsuccessful venture. Of the 6 Hunters in camp 1 ended up with a “legal” bull after 5 days of weather setbacks and lack of finding the elk. Could have used this knowledge then, I will hopefully be able to draw and put it to use. Now I am actually thinking more and more about a solo archery hunt. I thought about it before, but would have had no idea how to begin to even attempt to be successful. I’ve only hunted deer in western Nebraska beside that guided hunt in New Mexico.

  45. Jay (verified owner)

    I am a long time hunter who converted to bowhunting about 9 years ago at the age of 52 at the urging of my nephew. I had hunted whitetail’s exclusively and continued to do so but about 7 years ago I was introduced to hunting Elk in the rut with a bow and every other hunting experience paled in comparison. It has been a consuming passion ever since!

    Since I was a little late to the Elk bowhunting party, I began to read every article, watch every DVD, and talk to every experienced bowhunter about the sport. That journey didn’t take long to find Corey. His calling and experience and patient, honest teaching in the UEH Online Course couldn’t have come along at a better time for me. What an incredible resource for those of us who need a fast track to catch up on valuable Elk hunting techniques with an ongoing resource. I signed up as soon as I could and just renewed as I don’t want to miss out on a single piece of information that might just be the difference in sealing the deal on my next fall Elk adventure.

    I would recommend the UEH online course to anyone as I have not seen anything more up to date, relevant, thorough, and easy to understand. Thanks to Corey and to all who make this information possible.

  46. Travis (verified owner)

    Cory, thanks for your efforts to put so much information together and into an online course. From the fundamentals to advanced tactics from gear and gadgets to your process you cover a ton of USEFULL stuff. I’m a better elk hunter because of your course. Thank You!

  47. Toby (verified owner)

    We all want to be the kind of hunter who beats the odds of one elk every 9 or 10 years. How about more like bagging an elk every year? To be that kind of hunter takes decades of high quality trial and error OR an extremely generous mentor who truly understands what it’s like to work up the learning curve because he’s done it himself.

    Corey’s Elk101 is like having the elk hunting mentor you wish you had…in your pocket…no matter where or when you have a question!

    Most of us only get a one week shot at our elk per year, and after thousands of dollars of investment it’s crazy to not spend another $100 to make it all come together. Corey under-promises and over-delivers. Buy this course and receive the equivalent of 10+ years of elk hunting experience in just one season. And while you’re at it, makes some new friends through the amazing communities Corey has created for members.

  48. Jacob (verified owner)

    At first i was skeptical about buying the online course because i figured, 100 bucks.. are you kidding me to read about some tips that i could probably find somewhere else. you must be crazy? and then I thought to myself there has to be a reason so many people are buying it and I finally decided to buy it. and Ive only been elk hunting for 5 years now but as a kid who had to teach himself really his own stuff (other than simple tips from other people) and me having to find my own spots i’m really kicking myself with how i didn’t hear about this sight when it first came out! this this is easily worth every penny of the price! I just wanna thank Cory for openly giving out his wisdom he has on the game of elk hunting. By far the most help I’ve ever been given and i feel 110% more confident with this next Archery season. I realized all the mistakes i’ve made and how to fix them over the video and can’t wait for this coming September. if you’re serious about hunting Elk then this is a must read!

  49. Joseph (verified owner)

    If you just started hunting elk, have been doing it for a few years like me or have been doing it your whole life, you need to take this course. I have literally went through every chapter 3 times now and keep picking up on things I’ve missed. I’m from the Midwest so I have a huge disadvantage over you westerners when it comes to elk knowledge and just being used to the higher elevations, but this course has helped me level the playing field in most other areas. If you can put in the work to get in shape and be as deadly as possible with your weapon, Corey has put together everything else you need to make your hunt successful. I’m not saying that just taking this course is going to guarantee you will kill an elk, but if you study this guide, are consistent and work hard, it is going to extremely help. Thanks Corey for taking the time and energy to put this whole thing together. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know that hunts elk. Also if you haven’t watched Russ Meyer’s video for getting into elk shape, you should. That guy is a bad ass. I don’t even think he gets winded during his whole workout.

  50. Dave (verified owner)

    “If only this information was available when I first started elk hunting.” This comment is one we hear so often in the first few sentences of a review of Corey Jacobsen’s University of Elk Hunting. While that statement is 100% true, I believe that it is just a small description of how this information is so valuable. For the rookie or novice elk hunter, all the way through the ranks to the most experienced successful elk hunters out there, this Course provides incredible value.

    Even though I have been elk hunting for over 30 years and been fortunate to take a few nice bulls and cows along the way, what I found in the University of Elk Hunting is an unmatched level of detail, quality of information, and specific direction. I started hunting initially with a rifle, and for the last 21 years with a bow and arrow. This program is for everyone regardless of what method of take you prefer. What I value most, is that this information is available NOW.

    To reiterate, this information is available now and not just in “one-shot”…this is a “living, dynamic program”. As our individual needs change, so do what we take away from the program. For example, whether you are hunting that well-known, stand-by OTC unit or you drew that once-in-a-lifetime coveted tag, there are key takeaways in this course for me to hone my ability and be successful each year as my needs change.

    For instance, last year after I went through the whole program, I came back and focused on the “where” to hunt and the “how to” find new hunting locations utilizing the tools Corey presented and explained. I am still in this process, and with boots on the ground again this year, I am confident that I will be into elk this September. This year, as I work my way through the program, I am going to revisit and refine my hunting techniques and practice my calling. Knowing this is an area that I need to improve, and with Corey’s help and instruction, I am confident I will.

    As a dynamic program, I have the flexibility to pick and choose what I want and need to bolster my hunting experience when I have time or when it fits into my schedule. Plus, as I mentioned, it is “living” program, with Corey committed to the continual improvement and refinement of the overall program. Much like his new diaphragm elk call, the perseverance that went into the design of that call is the same methodology that goes into this program. I, for one, look forward to making this part of my hunting experience every year that I am fortunate enough to be able to pursue such an animal as the American Elk.

    Thank you Corey!

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