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363 reviews for University of Elk Hunting Online Course

  1. candacerae.stout (verified owner)

    UEH has helped out elk hunting game tremendously!!! This last year I was lucky enough to draw another New Mexico archery elk tag. My husband and I have always been a great team, but when we put into action the things that we learned we had so many more opportunities. One thing that really helped us, what that I learned how to cow call a lot better and I was able to use that to communicate with him while I was stalking and I was able to get a bull to turn around and come back in. I am sad to say that I didn’t tag out, but the hunt was defiantly a success! Thanks Corey and the UEH team for creating this course!

  2. Shawn Foor (verified owner)

    Going on my first elk hunt in September. So much great information and cant wait to put it to the test. Would recommend to all who are interested in learning more about elk hunting

  3. Scott Piton (verified owner)

    Honestly, the course was exactly what I expected. It was also what I had hoped for. The layout and execution of the material was extensive and professionally delivered. I will no doubt be referring back to the information until it is ingrained into my brain and I’ve had a chance to apply the majority of it. You’ve done your part, now it’s time to do mine. Thanks for a great course and all the videos that only add to the knowledge gathering process as well as the confidence building. I’ll be archery hunting your home state this year so maybe we’ll run into each other.

  4. Robert Wittenberg (verified owner)

    Enjoying the course…this season will be my second. Last season I had a mentor…quite a learning experience.

  5. Edward Kissam (verified owner), I’ve been unsuccessfully bow hunting for about 8 years, now I know why. You’ve given me the knowledge and tools to be successful.
    Thank you!

  6. Steve Baldwin (verified owner)

    Finished the course last weekend and received the diaphragm calls and bugle tube today. The course was very informative for me, never thought about thermals that much but have already been on google maps planning my hunt for this fall. Same area I have hunted the same area the past 3 years seen a lot of bulls but never got close enough, now I know why!! Have the way points transferred to the Garmin (the video on the file conversion was great worked perfect). This year there are some changes to OTC licenses in southwest Colorado so I will be limited to one area which with the knowledge you have provided in this course should be just fine. Thanks again for your course September can’t come quick enough.

  7. Robert Smiley (verified owner)

    Hi Corey Donnie
    Wow I have just finished with the elk 101 online course and I am so pleased and excited to head into the elk woods with my new knowledge living in Pennsylvania I don’t a lot of time for the practices of trial and error having 3 successful rifle elk hunts in my past. My real passion is archery hunting here in pa I no longer use a gun at all I had 1 unsuccessful elk bow hunt after that experience I knew I need to know more about this if I was ever going to have a chance to be successful I now have the confidence after listening to your course several times throughly digesting each tidbit of information that you have graciously offered I thank you for this I hope to watch more of your videos in 2020. They are very motivating Bob Smiley Fombell pa

  8. TJ Stock (verified owner)

    Best money ever spent!….. Spent is the most incorrect word I could have used there.
    Best money ever invested!….. There that’s better.
    Corey, Elk101 team, this is the best thing I could have ever asked for. Thank you for all the combined years of success and failure and dedication in order to put this content together.
    Love the content and ease of use. I am able to put in a headphone at work and just listen to it over and over.
    Thank you for what you do and your love of the animals and your willingness to share it with us.

  9. Michael Bozarth (verified owner)

    I started archery hunting elk about 7 seasons ago in Nevada with cow tags, then non-resident Idaho tags in years I couldn’t draw anything, I’ve enjoyed success in 6 of those 7 years with the exception of 2018 which was my last year as a Nevada resident and I drew one of the super early bull tags, fire shut down the unit 4 days into it and that season was a disappointment but still fun. I’d shot cows in both Nevada and Idaho but couldn’t seal the deal on a bull, I’d called several in to shooting distance but just couldn’t seal the deal. Being a total elk hunting addict I decided to check out UEH to see what it had to offer. There is a lot of stuff in there that I had learned through trial and error but I found some stuff in there that filled in a lot of gaps, mostly about set-ups, closing the distance and approach tactics. 2019,60 yrs old now and an Idaho resident I was able to obtain a great capped tag in my favorite unit in Idaho and I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to get a bull, I used some of the stuff I learned from UEH and experience and was able to slip in on a nice 6 point bull and call him into 8 yards and drop him in him literally in his tracks with a frontal shot. I think that having the experience from hunting cows was extremely valuable, and i’m not afraid to shoot a cow to this day, every elk is a trophy to me. This program helped me fulfill a dream I think we all have.

  10. SCOTT JONES (verified owner)

    Wow! The course is amazing and just what a guy who hasn’t grown up or does not live in elk country needs to make the most of his days in the field as he begins to become an elk hunter. No doubt the course has saved me hundreds of $$ of needless gear, many days in the field , and given me a confidence and knowledge base to get started. I feel like I have gained knowledge that would have taken me years of hunting my vacation each year to accumulate.

    The format and content were spot on. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I WILL send you pics this fall!

  11. sevenseas8577 (verified owner)

    Its a great informative course, especially for someone just beginning the process of elk hunting. Full of very insightful and useful information. A couple things i think could help the course are perhaps going into more detail about the difference between hunting coastal Rosevelt elk and open country Rocky Mountain elk. Maybe going into more about how elk will respond to other predators like wolves being present, and a little bit about staying safe in the backcountry. Things like navigation,trauma kits, emergency plans, staying in contact etc… Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge Cory!

  12. loydbailey83 (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best elk course available.

  13. Jesse Wittry (verified owner)

    The course simply helps a person cross the line between hiking with a bow, and hunting elk.
    I grew up in elk country, but this is only my second season actually hiking with a bow, and for the last part of 2019 season, hunting elk.
    You had a lot of answers to a lot of questions that were beginning to frustrate me.
    I’m running out of days this season but when I do seal the deal, I give you a lot of the credit.
    I’ll send you a picture of my bull either this year or early next season.
    Your passion, humility, and wisdom are truly appreciated.
    I could go on for a while but…

    Thank you

  14. evolve2789 (verified owner)

    I signed up for the course last December desperate to improve my elk hunting. I did learn a great deal from the course but was concerned it was like man things they just make it sound easy. I just got home from hunting the same unit in Colorado I have for years with zero success. This year was 100% different I was in elk everyday had some great encounters with some great elk. I shot my first Bull and I can say without a doubt this course help me achieve my success. Thank you Corey and all your Sponsors that make UEH possible.

  15. epsheehy610 (verified owner)

    Great course!!! The amount of information contained in this course is unbelievable and well put together. Looking forward to putting it to use in the next few weeks.

  16. Nicholas Scholz (verified owner)

    I am a first time elk hunter and unforunately have no one to help teach me how to do things. That’s where the Elk 101 course comes in. I have learned a ton of great information that makes me feel like I will have a real chance at putting an elk on the ground this year. I have begun to learn how to call and with Cory’s easy to follow videos, I’m actually sounding pretty good. Every chapter of the course combs through the finest details of what to do and when. There is so much useful information it takes 2 to 3 times through to really absorb it but when you do you actually feel like you know something. It’s easy to navigate and Cory’s narration helps to move through the chapters pretty quickly. Great videos and information all around. I really can’t say enough about how great the course is. Also the discounts on the online store have helped me obtain the gear I need. I would be leagues behind without this course.

  17. bplueke (verified owner)

    Awesome Job Corey!
    Excellent course with years of knowledge that will help any and all hunters become more successful in there hunts to come.

  18. Levi Clarke (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome course! As Corey was going through calling and set ups I can count almost a dozen times in the last couple years of archery elk hunting (only been at it three years) that would have gotten me to the next level of releasing an arrow. I’ve had bulls anywhere from 40 to 120 yards but just needed something a little extra to get them to come all the way but had no clue what to do. I can’t wait to apply the tactics that this course offers to close the deal on that first archery bull elk! Wish I would have taken this course sooner and it more than pays for itself with the discounts you can get through the ELK101 store. Thank you so much Corey and the crew at ELK101!

  19. Steven Below (verified owner)

    Wow. It’s truly amazing how things have changes over 40 years since I first started elk hunting with a bow. The unfortunate thing is that I was not willing to put in the work then to be successful despite Keith Chastain’s (Keith is a bow maker from Denver, Colorado I used to work with. He built me my first bow; a takedown recurve) best efforts to keep me motivated. I’m older and hopefully a little more mature now and life has taught me that success is a by-product of work. So after viewing your YouTube videos and taking your outstanding course you fired-up my passion and I’ve been busting my hump the past month to get into shape for my hunt in two weeks. Looks like the weather will be hot so I may have to employ multiple strategies but I’m looking forward to putting in the effort. Hopefully I’ll be posting pics of my success in a few weeks. Until then………….

  20. Jeremy Russell (verified owner)

    Great course! A lot of great information! Knowledge is power!

  21. Danny Miller (verified owner)


  22. George McMichael (verified owner)

    I am blown away at all of the information in the course. As a complete newbie, I am about to go through the course a second time before my first ever elk hunt in less than 2 months from now. I am so thankful I signed up.
    Thank you for taking the time to put in so many details. I have already recommended it to any interested in going on an elk adventure.

    I plan to send you a picture of my bull!

  23. thereefguy5 (verified owner)

    This course was amazing. I started bow hunting last year and was extremely ignorant about thermals, calling, the whole 9 yards. All I knew was once I heard a bugle rip off across the drainage, I was hooked, and I’d probably never hunt with a rifle again. after not getting into any elk all season, wanted to learn everything I could to be successful. The knowledge I gained in this course has me confident that I will not only get into elk this year, but I am confident that I will have a good chance to fill my tag. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned throughout the years, making the learning curve for people like me a lot less painful. I recommend that everyone should become a member of the university of elk hunting.

  24. ADAM ROBERT BRANDES (verified owner)

    Best $100 I’ve ever spent. I’ve learned so much from this entire course in a short amount of time, that I’ve actually been through it twice. Everything you could ever need to know to prepare to go out west is in this course. Granted, you made need to tweak it to your needs, this sets up a very solid foundation to build on. Looking forward to my trip out west this year, and for many years to come, so I can put the knowledge I gained here to use, and continue learning with every trip. Thanks Corey!

  25. Steve Moore (verified owner)

    Invaluable information, don’t step on the mountain until you have completed Elk 101!

  26. Eddy (verified owner)

    Thanks for updating the course sense the last time I took it. I love the narration to the chapters, it makes for a added delight for my enjoyment. Have hunted elk for 50 years and you can teach a old horse new tricks. I have enjoyed the coarse and will read it several time more before this years hunt. I have always considered you as one of the real bow hunters out there doing what a good hunter does by sharing their knowledge to help the rest of us to increase our success rate by gaining knowledge of elk.

  27. Jerry Dixon (verified owner)

    Completed the course and all I can really say is “wow”! There is so much detailed information that puts a person in a great position to be confident in the elk woods. Thanks elk101 for your dedication to this passion we share.

  28. bwbunnell (verified owner)

    I finally drew a limited entry archery elk tag last year. Despite consistently filling my elk tag for the last 20 years I decided to purchase the UEH course in order to prepare as much as possible for this rare opportunity. Whether you are a beginner on the mountain or a seasoned sportsman this course will increase your odds of harvesting an animal and will prepare you in all aspects of elk hunting. I punched my tag and harvested a bull of a lifetime (for me) last year, in part due to UEH. Thanks Corey

  29. chad.purdum (verified owner)

    I signed up for this course knowing quite a bit of what was being said already as I am hungry for any knowledge to help me be successful. I really appreciate being able to look in to specific modules to quick access items that I need when I need them even when offline in the woods. The knowledge provided is extensive and well worth having. It won’t kill the elk for you, but it will help with those details such as shot placement and meat care, along with elk habitat and behavior knowledge that is key to getting better. I am very grateful to all involved who want others to be successful, instead of keeping secrets to themselves. Go out and do it, but lean on the successful ones as well.

  30. southerngritoutdoors (verified owner)

    Game Changer!!! The amount of knowledge and guidance both in writing and through the video edits is unmatched to anything else i have seen out there. Simple yet precise explanations broken down into modules/chapters allowing me to really drill down on personally weak area’s as well as additional tips and trick on areas where im more comfortable in my elk hunting skills has been a huge advantage in learning new ways to expand tactics while in the field. I fully expect to kill more elk in the future with the information provided in Elk 101.

    I highly recommend this to anyone looking to gain more elk knowledge.

    Thank you Corey for one heck of a education!

  31. imbucky (verified owner)

    In the inevitable quest to continue to learn how to become either a first time elk hunter or to try to drill down a little deeper to become a better elk hunter I found the UEH program to worth every dime I spent on it.
    This course made me understand this giant undertaking many of us love that is called elk hunting. There are so many small things I picked up throughout the course that I was like “wait a minute, did I just read that right?” and even watch the videos a few times over to make sure I fully understood what I trying to learn before the final exam somewhere in the mountains in the months to come.
    Don’t get me wrong. I was a bit skeptical to drop the “Hundo” on this as there are sooo many things that cost so much in any outdoor sports these days. Yes, one more thing….
    Honestly, let me be clear! I should have ordered this MONTHS AHEAD of Time BEFORE JULY!
    I could not believe all of the items covered, it truly is an all-inclusive program that will make YOU better for what YOU are trying to accomplish, chasing and not always being able to punch a tag on the Wapiti.
    When you have a bull screaming at 80 yards and quickly try to revisit the chapter of closing the distance in your mind it say a lot about what Corey has put together.
    Money well spent folks, congrats on a great product Corey.

  32. doug.mewis (verified owner)

    I am a novice elk hunter myself. I found this course very enlightening and it explained kind of why I was not consistently killing elk. Between this and watching Corey’s videos along with Randy Newberg’s video, I am confident with gaining a new understanding of elk behavior that I can increase my odds substantially.

  33. jeffoland (verified owner)

    I meant to give you 6 stars see my previous review.
    Thanks again
    Jeff Oland

  34. jakebouton (verified owner)

    Just completed this course for the second time. I’m sure I will go through it a third time as well. Each time I will learn and remember a little more than the last time. Great course, Thanks Corey.

  35. bowhunter44life (verified owner)

    This course is truly amazing! Has all the info that you’ll ever need. I’ve always hunted elk in a similar maner but this course sharpened my skills and I am a 100% more confident in all my abilities; from calling in elk to packing them out! Thank you Corey! I will definitely be recommending to everyone!

  36. markmonson61 (verified owner)

    Have been hunting elk for 30+ years, with some success, and wish this course would have been available when I started! Corey your course is exceptional!! Learned new ways of scouting, calling, setups. Even the simple items like clothing, shoes, and back packs. Every serious elk hunter should take this course!

  37. Bradley (verified owner)

    I am from the east and have never hunted elk before but it was always on my bucket list to hunt elk. when i began researching all of the different aspects of hunting elk i quickly became overwhelmed, then i came across the UEH program and was amazed at how much information about the drawing process, elk behavior and tactics used to hunt elk i was learning from
    this app. Fast forward ahead 8 months and I’m standing opening morning 40 yards from a nice 6×6 bull at 40 yards. Unfortunately a tree got in the way that first year but i continued to read the UEH program over the next year to pick up new tips and information. My second year hunting on public land in a very pressured unit i harvested a nice 6×5 bull opening morning and guided my brother and friend to a 310 6×6 and a cow in the first 3 days of our ten day hunt. We had 5 guys in our group both of the other guys had a shot but unfortunely they did not connect. 100% shot opportunity with 3 of 5, 60%, harvesting in a unit with 9% success rate is all thanks to the Elk 101 founders and UEH program. The memories we now share from our trip will last a lifetime and would not have been possible without the information you provided!


  38. rustingnielsen (verified owner)

    This course is the best course for hunting elk in the rut using calls!! My dad drew a limited entry muzzleloader elk permit in Utah for the 2018 season. We wanted the experience of using calls to call in the bull so we sign up for this course. I spent the summer practicing calling using the information provided in the course. We used the tactics taught in this course and couldn’t believe how well it worked! We called bulls in every day and my dad ended up shooting a trophy herd bull at 40 yards. He killed it at about 1:00 pm. I absolutely recommend the course it is worth every penny!

  39. les.annequinn (verified owner)

    I have hunted elk 6 times without success and I am gettin old at 67 and do not know how much longer I have to hunt elk. I love your course and have learned a lot about the wind and an elk nose. I have not always paid attention to wind. I will from now on I keep in good shape so I can walk the mountains and your attention to how to get in better shape is excellent. Love all chapters and my son and I will use your information to see if we can up our 10% success rate. My son has gotten 2 bulls to my 0. Thanks for your help I recommend this course to all elk hunters.

  40. dskaech (verified owner)

    This online course helped me 110% this year!

    I did my second elk hunt this year ever, and the first one on my own without another hunter helping me. my elk knowledge from year one to year two increased dramatically and I was able to get in on elk almost everyday of my hunt. The biggest advantage I gained from this course was understanding elk behavior and how to set up during calling. I would highly recommend this to any elk hunter!

  41. Stimmel.a (verified owner)

    2018 was my fourth year bow hunting for elk in southwest WA State and again nothing in the freezer. The elk101 university really educated me about things I was doing all wrong. Nobody has shared with me how to hunt deer and elk, especially with a bow. The videos are really detailed and easy to grasp. But after watching Corey and his team hunt elk in Oregon for his series also inspired me because now I see how difficult Oregon and Washington are to hunt. This year has encouraged me to continue this passion for archery elk hunting…you may be receiving an email from my wife for why I am absent for a week during the start of school for our kids! Thank you for all of your hard work into this program. God Bless

    Andrew S.

  42. Jeremy (verified owner)

    As someone from the Minnesota who had never Elk hunted, or even seen a live Elk, my opinion of this course is that is was the single most important item I purchased prior to my first Elk hunt. Onx hunt being a very close second. Specifically, I found tremendous value in the modules on Calling, Elk movements, Set-ups and the info on understanding thermals. Frankly, for a novice, everything included is well worth the investment and you should not hesitate. Here’s why I feel this way and how the course tied into my hunt.
    My Father moved to Montana from Minnesota about 4 years ago after he retired and I couldn’t be happier for him. In early 2017 we began planning for September 2018 to be our first ever Elk hunt together. I was able to get a Montana general Elk archery tag and we were pumped up! This was going to be my first Elk hunt and my Father’s third season. But after all of our planning, 3 days prior to me leaving for Montana (September 3rd), my Father (who is 65) was thrown from one of his horses and broke a few ribs and badly injured his knee and foot. He was not going to be able to hunt at all, needless to say, I was really really bummed. I had planned to follow Dad’s lead and incorporate what I had learned. Now I was going to be hunting solo. Being solo chasing Elk for my very first hunt I knew my odds of success where ridiculously low. But because of Elk 101, I felt like I at least had a basic foundation of how to start, I had paid for my tag and I really wanted to gain some experience, so I went for it.
    I day hunted in 2 different districts 7 days straight, hiked 81 miles and despite never drawing my bow, for me the trip was a great success. I had some degree of action everyday, which both my Father and I simply couldn’t believe. I was able to get eyes on 3 different Bull Elk on 3 of 7 days, with 5 and 6 point bulls under 100 yards (and as close as 48 yards). In 2 of these situations, I called the Bulls in and for various reasons couldn’t get a shot opportunity, but the experience I gained will serve me greatly. Without the course there is no chance these encounters would have happened.
    It’s worth noting that in 1 of the districts my Father had never even seen Bulls during the season and has not killed an Elk in either district in either season. So I wasn’t in a local’s honey hole. They were just the best districts closest to Dad’s home, so I could hunt the days and spend the evenings at home with him. I had never even been to the areas until the morning I showed up to hunt. I was hunting areas in the districts based on what I had learned in the course, saw on Onx and heard while location bugling. And it actually worked, I think with a two person set up or alternatively a more experienced hunter in my same situation, and an arrow likely gets sent.
    Without Elk 101 University I know there is absolutely no way I could have had the experience I did. So despite the fact that I was really intimidated after my change in circumstances, Elk 101 gave me a sliver of confidence and some basics which facilitated what was to date, the best hunting experience of my life. I can’t wait for next September. Sincerely, thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared in Elk 101!

  43. chrisandjessicadepasquale (verified owner)

    Elk 101 was a game changer for me! This is my second year hunting elk I went from knowing little to nothing to doubling the amount of elk I got into this year. I also went from never using a bugle tube to calling my first bull to within a hundred yards! The knowledge and information in this program is some of the best out their and to be able to browse at ur own pace and to watch the youtube videos especially the ones on tracking, calling and how to locate elk have been the most valuable I will continue to use this product to hone my skills and I have no doubt that this next elk season I will be successful at harvesting my very first elk! I have gone two years without filling my tag and with elk 101 I am ready to put that streak to rest…

  44. jakebouton (verified owner)

    I will give it 4.5 out of five stars. What I like most about this course is how it covers all topics (mostly specific to archery), in great detail and can be easy to bounce around if wanting to read up on something specific. I have read several books and watched countless videos online but none have covered it as well as this. One thing missing is how to get after the cows, this is where it fell shy of a perfect rating. Although, I must say that may be a bit unfair, I knew before I bought the course that it did not cover how to hunt cows. I emailed Cory and he replied back quickly and told me so. Still I learned a lot and and cant wait to get out an try again asap. I have even recommended it to a few newbs like myself. Thanks Cory!

  45. stephen.w.sanderson (verified owner)

    This was a good course, I’ve been elk hunting for 20 years and there was information I knew from my own experiences or hunting partners but I did learn some other stuff I never knew before that will help. I usually get 4 elk out of 5 years but this was maybe what I need to go 5-5.

  46. greg.gwynn (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed this course, I learned a lot. The time and detail that was put into this curriculum is outstanding. I hope that in the near future something can be composed of the same material but from multiple individuals, different perspectives on different states.
    Again, wonderful course, money well spent.

  47. darren.barthel (verified owner)

    This course will completely change your hunting experience! Before I started this course I thought I knew enough and would be fairly successful but now after taking the course realized how little I actually knew. The course is worth every penny. I was unsure about spending money at first unsure of what to expect but now I’m so glad I did and I recommend it to everyone I talk too who shares a similar interest in elk hunting. If you are on the fence on if you want to take the course or not, trust me in saying take the course! These guys are a wealth of knowledge and I guarantee this will make you a better elk hunter. When I go out now the whole crew looks to me for answers on how to seal the deal on the hunt and I just tell them to take the course to find out! Anyhow a big shout out to Corey, Randy and the rest of the elk 101 crew! Happy Hunting!

  48. rggreenhaw (verified owner)

    Being a life long lowlander, this course was very helpful.
    The thermals and diff times of day, the sanctuaries, hunting pressure in post rut helped quite a lot.
    thanks for all this.
    North Central Texas

  49. Andrew (verified owner)

    I just renewed and JUST read it all again! I depart in 3 hours for the woods for a week and while I won’t retain it all, I will retain a hell of a lot and that makes me more dangerouns in the hills! But darn, don’t I wish I had a sefless buddy swinging around behind me, 60 yards or so, helping me with set-ups. Oh well! I will do what any solo pack in guy does: Get after it. Zero excuses. Thanks for the great information!

  50. kevin.lisowski (verified owner)

    Corey and team Elk101, Between Elk 101 and the Born and Raised guys, I’m afraid you owe my wife an apology. I’m now addicted to archery elk hunting and it’s your fault. LOL. My son, three brothers and I just got back to Wisconsin from a seven day, OTC, DIY, archery elk hunt. My son and I were teamed up the second day and we had three different bulls (real bulls, not people-we saw them) bugling and chuckling. After about an hour of this, one of the bulls came in and my son shot him at 26 yards.

    Two things from the course that are absolute truths: 1) Setup / get at the same level – during the bugle fest we went from 10,200, 9,800, then about 9,200 ft so we were at their level, once that happened, the bulls all started coming in. 2) Emotion in your Calling / challenge them by interrupting their bugle – I was the designated caller that day and when I would bugle, one of the real bulls would interrupt my call. This happened at least a half dozen times. I tried to turn the table (not sure if we did the right thing), so I let out a weak sounding half bugle only so I could catch my breath, once I did the real bull bugled and then I was able to interrupt him with a challenge. This sent him into a tizzy, within 5 minutes of this, my son shot.

    Anyway, I’ll tell my wife you’re sorry. Great course, looking forward to next September already.

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