Mark Cochran | | Eat. Sleep. HUNT ELK!

Mark Cochran was born and raised in the heart of Idaho’s back-country. Elk hunting was a way of life for Mark's family and they eagerly looked forward to bugling bulls and the enjoyment of hanging out with family in the great outdoors every fall. As a young boy, Mark spent countless days on the mountain, sitting around lunchtime campfires discussing the evening hunting plans. Those earliest adventures instilled a passion that continues to grow every day he is on the mountain.

A true back-country elk hunter, Mark's hunts often take him through some of the roughest terrain the west has to offer, many times over 10 miles a day with climbs of over 3000 feet in elevation. Spending multiple nights on the hill every season is a part of the hunt, and Mark's knowledge and experience with back-country gear is unparalleled. "I love the thrill of the chase, the scenery, and solitude the back-country has to offer. I believe that every minute in the back-country is a learning experience - not only about elk, but about yourself."

Mark resides in Orofino, Idaho with his wife Meagon and their three children. As a father, he now takes every opportunity to take his children to the outdoors and teach them the respect for elk and the great outdoors that his father taught him.

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