In 1978, at the age of ten, Russ recorded his first bow kill, harvesting a rock chuck with his 25 pound Little Bear recurve. It was obvious at a young age he had a true passion for adventure, hunting, and the bow and arrow. Russ grew up at the base of the Boise foothills, which allowed for many years of hunting adventures. He was mostly self-taught and took nothing for granted while learning the skills to succeed. The many years since have included countless memories and nearly one hundred successful big game hunts with his bow; including rocky mountain elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, bear, cougar, turkey, hogs, and caribou, along with numerous small game. Some of his most memorable hunts didn’t even include an arrow on the string.

Some of Russ’ hunts have been featured on the TV show, “Behind the Rack” and the DVD “Lowland Mulies 3”, as well as “Bowhunter” magazine and “Idaho Hunter” magazine. When it comes to his favorite critters to hunt it is hands-down, the wapiti. “ The Rut” is an incredible thing. Russ has always enjoyed helping people with their success, both at the range and in the field. He loves to hear and tell hunting stories and is happy to share ideas and information with fellow hunters. His passion for the hunt still burns today and he’ll always be drawn to the woods during that special time in September.

Russ lives in Nampa, Idaho with his wife of 19 years, Carole, and their two young meat packers, Jess (10) and Luke (8). He is looking forward to many more years of memories with his family and is grateful to God for the gift of hunting.

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