Toby Gangler | | Eat. Sleep. HUNT ELK!

Toby Gangler grew up hunting in the mountains of Eastern Oregon. He started tagging along with his father at the ripe old age of 4, and at 12 he took his first big game animal, a great 4x5 mule deer buck. At that point, the passion for hunting that had been instilled by his father has never left his blood. A few years later, Toby discovered what September in the high country meant and has been an obsessed archery elk hunter every since.

Calling bulls is not just a hobby to him, it is an ever changing science that he has set out to learn as much as he possibly can.

Toby's has spent the last couple of years filming his hunts for Switchback Outdoors and as he and his wife Samantha have gained experience in filming and editing their hunts, many doors have been opened and many new friends have been made.

Toby currently resides in Hermiston Oregon with his wife of 9 years Samantha. Together they are raising another generation of hunters in their 3 children, Makaila, Gracie and Gabe.

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