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My 2008 Arizona Elk Mount

Well, after months of deliberating and research, I decided on the form I wanted to use to mount my 390″ bull from Arizona. Now the only issue was to decide what taxidermist I wanted to use. After visiting with several taxidermists and checking out their work, I made the decision…my Dad, Rockie Jacobsen. This was a once in a lifetime bull for me, and I wanted to make sure that the elk turned out exactly like I wanted. I knew my Dad could make it happen. It would require adding some girth to the neck as the form was too skinny for my liking, as well as extending the back of the form to add more shoulder. We spent Christmas at my parents house where my Dad surprised me with one of the coolest Christmas presents ever…

Pictures don’t do justice for the size of the bull or the quality of the taxidermy, but here he is!

Elk Mount Right View Detail

Here are a few more pictures….

Elk Mount Right View

Elk Mount Front View

Elk Mount Left View

Elk Mount Left View - Detail

A couple pictures from 2008….



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