2010 Sitka Ascent 14 Pack

2010 Sitka Ascent 14 Pack

My absolute favorite pack for the past 3 years has been the Ascent 14 pack from Sitka. I was worried that the new 2010 pack would be a let-down as my 2009 model was as close to perfect as I could imagine! I received my 2010 Ascent 14 pack on Friday and I can tell you there is no let-down! Just when it seems that every detail and feature has been included, Sitka comes out with an updated product that continues to exceed expectations. The 2010 Ascent 14 pack is no exception.

Side-by-side look at the 2010 Ascent 14 vs. the 2009 Ascent 14 packs

First look will reveal a handful of obvious modifications for the 2010 pack. For starters, it is a little narrower and less “triangular” shaped. It still utilizes a similar “horse-shoe” shoulder harness, but it has been revised to be less restrictive, especially when looking uphill through binoculars. The pack still has a reinforced, waterproof bottom to keep things dry when it’s set down in wet grass, etc.

Front compartment comparison

One of the major changes is the addition of a mesh pocket on the front of the pack as well as the storage inside the front compartment. Rather than the 2 zippered compartments that the 2009 pack utilized, the 2010 pack has 2 “open” compartments to keep gear separated and easily, quickly accessible. The left compartment is also lined with a super-soft fleece material.

Comfort and fit of the pack has been increased as well, which I really didn’t think was possible. The 2009 pack was one of the most comfortable, efficient packs I have ever worn. The 2010 Ascent 14 has taken comfort and fit to another level!

The 2010 packs are available in two camo patterns: Optifade Open Country (shown) and the new Optifade Forest pattern. The Ascent 14 also comes complete with a removable rain cover that packs into a small stuff sack sewed into the corner of the main compartment.

To order the new 2010 Ascent 14 pack with FREE shipping, visit the Elk101.com Online Store! Here are a few more detailed pictures of the new, 2010 Sitka Ascent 14 pack: