Being in Elk Country Shape is a Year-long Commitment

As we get older it is more difficult to stay in shape, which is why it is so important to get in a routine and stick with it. Staying in tip-top shape is a year round commitment! It is easier to get in the routine and stay on it at all times, rather than trying to fire up every July and get in quick shape for hunting season. My personal preference is the P90X program. You will see this infomercial on TV and believe me, it works. This program comes complete with 13+ DVD’s and a nutrition guide. Exercise is one thing, but in my opinion eating a nutritional diet is 70% of the battle. A good diet will help your body maintain, and it gives you the energy needed to sustain and recover. Perhaps the most effective way to be in hunting season shape is to put on a loaded pack frame and head out for several hours a day and several days a week. This is not reality so I just try to be in the best shape that I possibly can all year long. There is a trail near my house that I try to hike a couple of times a week. It probably climbs 1500 feet in elevation and takes 30-45 minutes. I will supplement the cardio days on the P90X program with these workouts.

This program also focuses a lot on flexibility. Flexibility is very important for preventing injuries while we are pushing ourselves to the extreme. I am the least flexible person out there; this program forces me to do my stretches. It also focuses on your entire body. Not just the legs or arms or chest, but everything. It even has a yoga video! If you have not tried yoga you must try it at least once…Yoga Sucks! If you have ever seen anyone doing yoga it looks like it is no big deal. It is very difficult, and it does help with flexibility and strength.

Another great tip I can give is to research performance supplements. There are supplements out there that will increase your workouts and take your performance to the next level. One of our sponsors, Wilderness Athlete, incorporates some of these supplements into their products. Supplements do work!

Whatever you choose to do to stay in shape make it fun and try to include the entire family. My kids enjoy working out with us. We make it a fun time for the entire family. Good luck and I hope to see you on the mountain.


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