2013 State-by-State Elk Hunting Application Guide

2013 State-by-State Elk Hunting Application Guide

In addition to general, over-the-counter elk hunts, most western states also provide “limited” or controlled elk hunting opportunities. These hunts typically provide a higher quality hunting experience and offer better chances at hunting during better seasons, in areas with more game, or in areas with opportunities for larger animals.

This application guide is meant to be a supplemental summary of the top 10 western states offering Limited Elk Hunting Opportunities through state-ran draw processes. The intent of this overview is to familiarize hunters with the basics of each state’s draw process, but hunters should always consult the state’s hunting regulations for full details and regulations.

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NOTE: Individual State information will be updated as it becomes available from the state’s Game and Fish Departments. Some information is currently unavailable awaiting these updates.

Application deadlines are subject to change and are for reference only.

Apps Due Jan. 31, 2013

Apps Due Mar. 15, 2013

Apps Due March 20, 2013

Apps Due May 15, 2013

Apps Due Feb. 12, 2013

Apps Due April 2, 2013

Apps Due June 5, 2013

Apps Due Mar. 4, 2013

Apps Due mid-April, 2013

Apps Due May 26, 2013