New Elk Hunting Project, and a Favor….

New Elk Hunting Project, and a Favor….

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In the previous #PROJECTSUCCESS email I sent out, I mentioned I had been working on a huge elk hunting project, and that I was excited to share it with you soon. Well, I am about 10 days away from officially unveiling the project, and I absolutely can’t wait!

I am putting the final touches on the project, and after 9 months of dedicated work, it feels so good to be this close to having it completed. I have literally had my head down and focused solely on this project, which is why you haven’t seen as many informative emails from me over the past month or so. But that’s about to change!

8c. throw cow call behindYou’ll probably remember the original #PROJECTSUCCESS survey I sent out several months ago. I sent it out to collect as much information as I could from a wide array of elk hunters to find out what was keeping 90% of them from being successful. I was also able to tap into the knowledge of successful elk hunters as well, and draw some incredible insight from their experience. The results from the survey were absolutely amazing, and I’ve been scouring through those results – and the accompanying questions – and implementing all of that info into this project.

Ultimately, my goal with #PROJECTSUCCESS – and with this new project – is to find a way to help other elk hunters become more successful. It’s the reason I created 8 years ago. I probably don’t need to remind you that the average success rate for DIY, OTC elk hunters is down around 10%. Honestly, averages don’t matter to me. I know what aspiring to be average leads to, and it isn’t consistent success. Average simply isn’t good enough for me, and I know it isn’t good enough for you either!

Before I’m able to finalize this new project and share it with you though, I need to ask you for a favor…

I want to make certain I have all of the bases covered and be sure that I’m including every last elk hunting detail possible. So, could you help me out by answering one more elk hunting question for me? It’ll only take a few seconds, I promise.

This is the question: What is the one thing you want to learn – or improve upon – when it comes to being a better elk hunter?

Please leave your response in the comments area below.

I have poured through nearly 10,000 elk hunting questions that were sent in with the original #PROJECTSUCCESS survey, but I want to make sure I haven’t left anything out.

The new project is huge, and the level of detail that you’re going to find in it is going to blow your mind….you are absolutely going to love it. Well, you should. You helped create it! I’ve eluded to a few of the details in previous emails, but I can promise you there is nothing else like in the elk hunting world. If you are at all interested in becoming a more consistently successful elk hunter, you will find this project absolutely essential!

5a. IMG_2310I knew when I started working on this project about a year ago, that I would need some backing to get it off the ground and produce something at the high level of quality which I envisioned it should be at. When I presented the idea to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), they loved it. So much, in fact, that they stepped up as the sole sponsor of the project. And I can’t wait for them to help me get it out to their 200,000+ members.

But, before they do, you’re going to get first crack at checking it out. Like I said, I’m finalizing all of the moving parts, and will be ready to share it in 10-12 days. You will be the first to see it, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Again, if you can answer the following question, it will be a great help to me. To say thank you for helping me out, I’ll randomly pick 20 people from the comments to send my favorite diaphragm elk call to. Then you can put last week’s article on using diaphragm elk calls to the test! 🙂

Here’s the question again: What is the one thing you want to learn – or improve upon – when it comes to being a better elk hunter?

Thanks again, and stay tuned for more details on the project coming next week!