The Frontal Shot on Elk

Taking a frontal shot on an elk has been a controversial topic for many years, and for good reason. Most of the reasoning against taking the shot, however, has originated from one of two perspectives: a lack of understanding of elk anatomy or a previous bad experience with the shot.

I just finished creating a new video detailing the frontal shot on elk, and in the new video on the frontal shot, I walk through the anatomy of an elk, and explain why the frontal shot is so devastating. I also debunk some of the myths surrounding frontal shots, and show exactly where you need to aim – and hit – in order to ensure a successful shot.

The video includes detailed diagrams of an elk’s anatomy, as well as actual images of a dissected elk that highlight the thoracic opening. I’ll show how shot angles affect the outcome of frontal shots, and take a look at the obstacles and challenges associated with taking a frontal shot. I also explain why frontal shots fail, and what you need to do to ensure that you are taking the best shots on elk.

Click below to watch this new video on the Frontal Shot now: