Corey’s 2023 Elk Call Recommendations

September is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started practicing with your elk calls yet, there’s no better time than right now!

As you’ve likely heard, Corey Jacobsen is no longer affiliated with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, which gave him a chance to test every single diaphragm elk call you can imagine, as well as several open-reed cow calls and bugle tubes. And he’s created a short, unbiased video demonstrating the calls that stood out to him as the best of the best.



Aside from testing calls from multiple manufacturers, Corey also reached out to each of the manufacturers he is recommending, and several of them have agreed to offer a discount if you order calls directly from them. Here is a list of discounts available at the manufacturer’s websites when using the promo code “ELK101“:


And below is a list of Corey’s Top Recommended Elk Calls taken from the video above, with links and associated discount codes:



#1. Phelps “Pink” AMP diaphragm (use promo code “ELK101” to save 15%!)

#2. Born and Raised Call Co. “September” diaphragm (use promo code “ELK101” to save 20%!)

#3. Riven “Tremor” diaphragm

Honorable Mentions:

*Slayer “Endure” diaphragm
*Born and Raised Call Co. “Committed” diaphragm
*Phelps “Grey” AMP diaphragm



#1. Phelps Mini-X (use promo code “ELK101” to save 15%)

#2. Slayer Cow External Call (use promo code “ELK101 to save 25%)



#1. Mile High Note Game Calls “Antagonizer” grunt tube (use promo code “ELK101” to save 10%)

#2. Born and Raised Call Co. “The Bomb” bugle tube (use promo code “ELK101” to save 20%)

#3. Slayer “Swagger” bugle tube (use promo code “ELK101” to save 25%)


Honorable Mention:

We realize this bugle tube may not be for everyone, but it is so unique – and it sounds SO GOOD – that we had to at least share it. RIVEN is a new elk call company that is being headed up by World Elk Calling Champion, Beau Brooks, and they recently released their “Cambium” wooden bugle tube. Yes, you heard that right – a wooden bugle tube.

The Cambium wood tube is incredibly tough, fairly lightweight, and produces the most authentic and natural elk sounds we’ve ever heard. The only downside…is the price. Again, this tube isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested in checking it out, here is the link:


DISCLAIMER: and Corey Jacobsen receive no commission or kick-back from the sale or promotion of any of these elk calls. They are being recommended based 100% on Corey’s findings as he tested over 70 diaphragm calls in preparation for the 2023 World Elk Calling Championships – and more importantly – the 2023 Elk Season!