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PLEASE READ: Important Message from Elk101’s Corey Jacobsen

I have been receiving several emails and messages lately regarding elk calls, specifically my Elk101 branded signature line of elk calls, and I wanted to let you know that I am no longer involved or affiliated with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls (RMHC) in any way. In fact, there are (unfortunately) multiple lawsuits currently ongoing between myself and RMHC regarding my decision to leave.

My parents – who started and ran RMHC for 25+ years – sold the business a few years ago, and the new ownership recently began moving in a direction that didn’t align with my personal vision or the standards of my business. So, at the end of 2022, I made the decision to terminate my relationship with RMHC and to no longer license my name, image and likeness or the Elk101 brand to them.

As of January 1, RMHC was no longer authorized to sell products bearing my name or the Elk101 brand. But, instead of separating amicably as I tried multiple times to do, RMHC chose instead to embroil me in an expensive lawsuit. They have even gone as far as to apply for the federal trademark rights to the Elk101 name and logo! To make matters worse, they continue to promote, sell and benefit from my name and the Elk101 brand without permission and against my demands to cease, which left me with no option but to sue RMHC for federal trademark infringement.

I am not currently putting my name on a new line of calls, nor am I currently working with another call manufacturer, but you can be certain that I fully intend to be closely involved in providing quality elk call products again in the near future.

Being involved in lawsuits regarding Elk101 is the last thing I ever envisioned having to deal with, especially against a company that my parents started and ran for nearly 3 decades. But I’ve spent the past 15 years building a reputation of honesty and integrity in the hunting industry, and continually pushing to achieve the highest level of quality possible for myself and for my business, and unfortunately, I had no choice but to stand up and defend that reputation.