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Title: Private land outfitter option?
Post by: Noel.michael23 on February 21, 2021, 12:40:14 PM
I am looking at organizing a second season rifle elk hunt in Colorado for my dad and myself. He has hunted elk for a while but is starting to get older. I have only gone a few times. Iím looking for any advice on getting a hunt set up for the two of us. He is not capable of packing into a camp and packing an animal out on his back. We have done private land hunts before which work well for him because we can take a UTV up there and use that to get the animal out. Problem is they land we had access to just didnít have any elk.  Does anyone have information on what might be a good option? We donít real want to do a fully guided elk hunt where we basically tag along and pull the trigger when itís time. We want to try and hunt on our own, maybe with some tips from the landowner/outfitter, but public land DIY isnít a good option for us because of the pack in and pack out.  Thanks in advance!