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Bulls of 2009…Cathy Tino’s Utah bull

Man, there have been some great bulls shot already this year! We’re going to start posting some pictures and stories each day from this season’s hunts from all of you! I can’t think of a better way to start it off than with this bull…

Good friend Cathy Tino drew an awesome elk tag in Utah and hunted public land to take this monster on the first morning of her hunt! Here is what she had to say about the hunt, “OK…I proved I can’t shop…shot this 7X8 a half hour into the hunt at 40 yards…one shot as he was pushing his cow past and he hunched up and tipped over! The pack out was sweet too…He scored 358 with his G-3 broken the day before fighting and he also broke his 7th point. He has a split G-2 and 10 inch bases. Can’t say I’d pass him if I had it to do over…great hunt!

He also is pretty tasty for a big bull – maybe all the acorns he was eating!”

Cathy Tino's monster Utah bull

Cathy Tino's monster Utah bull

Another view of Cathy's big bull

Another view of Cathy's big bull

Congrats Cathy!

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