Bulls of 2009….Brandon Prince ID Bull

Here is an awesome bull shot on public land, DIY, in Idaho this fall. Brandon Prince arrowed this big bull at 10 yards during the first few days of archery season.

“Corey, what a season 2009 was!!!!!!!    Lots of scouting  pre season paid off big time.   Guiding fishing for a living doesn’t work well with archery hunting.   I should be working, but no one likes an over achiever.  The bull I harvested was the third bull inside 40 yards on opening morning.   10 Yards was almost too close for comfort.   He did everything wrong, I’m still haunted by the sight of him leaving his harem of cows, and throwing caution to the wind, which obviously was in my favor.   He came with conviction!   Just one more girlfriend.   100 yards, 70 yards 40 yards, twisting and tweaking his rack through the timber, determined to find this mystery cow.  20 yards, I finally drew, with the worst composure I ever  had in my short archery career.   15yards, with no intention of hanging up, 12 yards, 10yards………….perfect!   I’d be lying through my teeth if Ii didn’t admit I truly thought he was going to run over the top of me.   He went 60 yards, and many cow calls and a few bugles he layed down in front of me.   I puked several times, too much adrenaline.   No tracking, no gut wrenching worry.   Alone again.   I’d have it no other way, although I’d love to share the experience with hunting partners and friends, part of me is a bit selfish.   I made it one full day before I found myself at the counter buying a second  tag as a non resident.   I passed several other elk over the season including another decent bull in search of the second bull I called in that same  opening morning.   I hunted and called for several friends as well with a total of three misses.  My heart sank for them, as we all know,  they too will be haunted by blown opportunities.   2009………what a season, lots of bugling, lots of encounters, a grizzly encounter, wolves, all on public land DIY bow hunting.   I tell all my fishing clients and waterfowl clients as well when they inquire, and my response will always be the same.   ” Bow hunting, look do yourself a favor, don’t start.  It will ruin you, your bank account, your marriage, and most everything else.  It will consume you.  You’d be better off to start drugs…………at least you could quit drugs, you’ll never stop bow hunting if you start.”  

Brandon Prince's 2009 Idaho Bull

Brandon Prince's 2009 Idaho Bull

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