Applying for Arizona Elk

Arizona is truly the land of BIG elk and there aren’t many things that can compare to the anticipation and excitement of drawing an Arizona Elk Tag. Arizona Elk Tags are available through a random draw process and the deadline for applying for these coveted tags is February 9. Arizona has a bonus point program in place for applicants who purchase a Class G hunting license. If you’re interested in applying, here are the instructions to help you get your application filled out.

To get started, go to

This is the application form. You can either print the last page and fill it out, or fill it out on the computer and then print it. It seemed easier for me to print then fill out with a blue pen. Be sure to fill in your birthdate, SSN, and check the non-resident box. Then fill in your name, address and phone number. Be sure to sign it!

If you have not purchased an Arizona license yet and would like to earn a bonus point if unsuccessful, fill out the small box below the application with your sex, weight, height, hair and eye colors, and be sure to fill in the number of years and months you have been an Arizona resident (0 for non-residents). Mark the box for a “Class G” hunting license for a NON-RESIDENT. If more than one person is applying, follow the same steps in the box(es) for Applicant B, and so on.

Be sure to enter the unit numbers you are applying for in the boxes at the top right of the page. Arizona looks at your first 2 choices when your application is drawn, so be sure to put 2 good units as your #1 and #2 choices. Hunt numbers can be found in the Arizona Hunting Regulations, or by clicking here…

There are many good units in Arizona and I’d be happy to give some recommendations if you want to e-mail me at [email protected]. I drew my first Arizona elk tag with 4 points and my last one with 3! Applications submitted by January 23 meet the correction date (meaning they will call you and give you a chance to correct any errors if they find one). Otherwise, have it in by Feb. 9. That means in at the office by that date. Apps must be mailed and must be accompanied by the correct fees up front. For elk, the tag cost is $595.00 and the license is $151.25. This amount needs sent in for each applicant. The license fee is non-refundable. The tag fee (less $7.50) is refunded if you are unsuccessful.

Good luck!


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