Get psyched up about drawing an elk tag!

Screaming bulls all around. This can’t be really happening. Your every heart beat is felt as it tries to burst from your chest. You cant breath. Off in the very near distance brush is breaking, and hooves are pounding the ground, closer, and closer. The intense, up close and personal challenge bugle makes you close your eyes take a deep breath, and gather your composure.

Now, much more calm, you can see antler tips coming toward you. He is a monster, the one you’ve waited your whole life to take. At this very moment you feel very small and defenseless holding a bow. All the practice and preparation pays off when your brain kicks into auto pilot, forcing you to draw the bow, aim, and shoot, all just at the right time. Big bull down, high fives all around, and then , just then, with a small tear in your eye, you wonder where exactly that giant set of horns are going to fit inside your house………..None of this can happen if you don’t hit the books and find a unit or two to submit your applications for special hunts!