Elk101.com Side-by-Side Elk Call Comparison

Elk101.com Side-by-Side Elk Call Comparison

Side-by-Side Elk Call ComparisonThe Side-by-Side Elk Call Comparison is now live and can be viewed by clicking here. We selected a

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few of the top selling and most popular elk calls in 3 different categories: diaphragm-style mouth calls, grunt tubes,and open-reed style cow calls. Due to the fact that there are literally hundreds of options when it comes to elk calls, we weren’t able to compare all of them. We will be doing a Part 2 to this test, and welcome your recommendations and comments for the next round.

We’ve tried to keep the test as unbiased as possible, but realize that every mouth is different, and user preference from hunter to hunter is not always going to be the same. This test was designed to be able to compare the sounds, as well as the usability, of each of the calls to assist you in selecting the calls that are right for you.

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