2010 Sitka Bivy 45 Pack Review

I’ll start off by saying this…WOW! My camera batteries almost went dead trying to get pictures of ALL the features! 🙂 For extended hunts in the backcountry, a good bivy pack is worth its weight in gold. And since we’re on the topic of weight, the Bivy 45 peaks the scales at 6.0#, well within the limitations of qualifying for lightweight status. Overall, the pack is incredibly comfortable and versatile. It can be packed down for use on day hunts in the backcountry, and can expand to over 4500 ci, more than enough room for 5-6 days away from the truck. I mentioned features…this pack is LOADED with them. There are quite a few noticeable changes over the 2009 Bivy 45. Below is a view of them side-by-side. Overall design is a little more trim…slightly longer and narrower than the 2009 model. The lid design is very similar with 2 zipper pockets on top and another inside the lid. Just like the 2009 model, the lid easily comes unattached to allow for extension, then re-attaches to the extended body. The buckles have been updated and are much easier to work with 2 fingers, even with gloves on. A mesh pouch was added to the front of the pack and is a great place to stuff layers as the temps climb throughout the day. Also new for2010 is the “D-Loop” lashing system across the face of the pack. With multiple slots for anchoring, and adjust-ability on both sides, there are endless options for securing your gear.

To keep all the various straps from dangling and getting caught up in zippers and brush, Sitka has incorporated a simple, elastic band to efficiently secure loose ends. A full length zipper on the left side of the pack gives easy access to the pack’s main compartment and is a great place for storing a spotting scope. The front storage area of the pack is divided into two separate sections, separated by a zipper that allows you to access the opposite section from the inside. The left section is heavily padded with a soft fleece lining for protecting delicate items. The packs main compartment is large enough for all your bivy gear and is hydration ready, with a separate mesh, zippered pocket for holding your water bladder. As mentioned before, the top portion of the main compartment pulls up, greatly expanding your carrying capacity. Re-attaching the removable lid onto the expanded section gives you complete functionality, and makes this pack versatile as a daypack, over-night bivy, or extended backcountry pack. The back of the pack is designed with ample padding, making sure you are comfortable, even with the heaviest loads. Ventilation up the middle reduces sweat and the rigid, lumbar design of the pack keeps it from directly contacting your back for added comfort and ventilation. A full-width zipper across the bottom of the pack allows for easy access into the packs main compartment. A separating liner in the bottom of the main compartment also allows you to store quick-access gear in the bottom. Just below this zipper is another zippered pocket which is home to the awesome meat-packing cover, as well as the new-for-2010 rain fly. Below are a couple of views showing the meat cover and rain fly attached. Lastly, my favorite addition to the 2010 pack…a much needed bow/rifle holder. This system is revolutionary and simple. A cabled “holster” fits the butt of a rifle or bottom cam of a bow, and can be adjusted to sit higher or lower on the pack, depending on your needs. A strap at the top of the pack secures the rifle or bow to the side, and the multiple lashing straps on the pack can be used to snug the weapon as needed. With the addition of ALL of these high-end features, in conjunction with the quality and features of 2009, the Sitka Bivy 45 is sure to be a success as it meets the needs of even the most hardcore, backcountry hunters and hikers!

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