New Elk Calls!

It’s almost here…elk season starts in less than 2 weeks! Elk calls play a major part in our elk season and I can’t wait to hear the bulls start firing off! I’ve been a huge proponent of the “palate plate” diaphragm calls since they came out back in the early 90’s. They’re easy to use, consistant, and last a long time (3-4 seasons if cared for properly). My favorite all around diaphragm has always been the Raging Bull (brown) diaphragm by Bugling Bull Game Calls. I use it for both bugling and cow calls. I tried a couple new diaphragms at the Arizona Elk Society clinic a couple weeks ago, however, and I’ll definitely be adding them to my call pouch this fall as well.

Good friend and elk guru, Steve Chappell, of Chappell Guide Service, teamed up with Bugling Bull Game Calls this spring and created 3 new diaphragm elk calls utilizing the palate plate frame – The Steve Chappell Signature Series Extreme Elk Diaphragms. These calls can be ordered at Steve’s website (with free shipping!) or at Bugling Bulls website

Here’s a brief description of each of the new diaphragms:

“Estrus Excited” Diaphragm Elk Call (Orange)
This call is designed and tuned for amazing, tone accurate cow calling. Built with a single latex, it is very easy to blow right out of the package. Producing realistic, 3-dimensional calls, you can make high pitched excited sounds as well as the deeper, raspy estrus sounds. Also excellent for sweet, mellow mews and amazing control.

The Closer” Diaphragm Elk Call (Burgundy)
This call is designed for bugling and cow calling with excellent realism. Double latex with a “Y” cut in the second reed, it produces 3-dimensional, full spectrum bugles and chuckles with ease. Very durable for heavy bugling and producing sweet, tone accurate cow & calf calls. A great all-around diaphragm call, it has excellent tonal quality and easy to blow and control.

“The Challenge” Diaphragm Elk Call (Blue)
This call is designed for bugling as well as cow/calf sounds. Single latex tuned slightly higher than the Estrus reed. Very easy to attain high pitched bugles and chuckles with great control, it also produces great 3-dimensional cow/calf sounds. Slightly higher-pitched tone than the Estrus reed, it produces loud or soft calls with ease.

Here’s what Steve Chappell has to say about his new, Signature Series elk calls:
“Each of these calls was designed and produced for perfect tonal quality, ease of use, and durability. I teamed up with Bugling Bull Game Calls Owner, and World Champion Elk Caller, Rockie Jacobsen, to produce these calls. Rockie is the original inventor of the “Palate Plate” mouth call. He is an incredible call maker. These calls were made to my exact specifications and are spot on for tonal quality. They have an amazing “elky” tone to them. I am 100% pleased with these calls and you will be too!”