Planning an Out of State Elk Hunt

Planning an Out of State Elk Hunt

Hunting out of state comes down to one issue in my opinion: KNOWLEDGE! Out of State success will greatly teeter in your favor with more knowledge pertaining to the species, area, habits and rules.

Knowledge comes in many forms in today’s world. Whether through forums, magazines, biologists, friends or people who have previously hunted either the area or species, you have to filter information to gain the knowledge you’re looking for. Dig deep into specifics of the hunt or species and ask questions that will have an effect on the outcome of your hunt. For example, there are often other hunts going on in the same area or unit. Maybe they are antlerless hunts, youth gun hunts, etc., but these factors can have an effect on the outcome of your hunt, especially if they are not planned for.

Personally, I prefer information from someone who has been in the area for the specific hunt I am going on. The hunting world is small – put out feelers to your friends and people you know. The odds are that you can find someone who knows something about the hunt or species you are choosing.

Lastly, when it comes to hunting out of state, expect the unexpected! There is no feeling in the world that is worse than being out of state and not having what you need. In my case, I generally try to go as light as possible and leave many things out depending on the hunt. What I have learned, however, is that even if I don’t think a particular piece of gear is beneficial for the hunt, I bring it anyway. Many times, the gear I didn’t think I needed was what I end up needing most and contributes most to my success. You can always leave it in the truck, but the majority of the time you can’t go home to get it.

Good luck, out of state hunting can be one of the most rewarding adventures you will embark on. Just gather as much knowledge as you can find and aim steady!